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BACKGROUND: I have enjoyed having the opportunity to meet so many other Civil War enthusiasts using modern technology via the Internet.. In addition, I have been able to make friends here that are very knowledgable in certain areas that I wish were closeby to pass a question on to them. So in order to help others here, I'm starting a Civil War bulletin board that I will post questions that have been posed to me. Perhaps you will be arriving with something to offer those in need...........
SO, if you have an answer to questions raised, please e-mail us....

UPDATE! BECAUSE OF THE HUGE VOLUME OF REQUESTS I AM RECEIVING, I am no longer able to act as "go between" on all the posts here. So, from now on, I will be adding the e-mail address of those with questions; please feel free to contact them directly. I also get hundreds of requests and only add those I believe will raise interest and/or get a quick responds.. Thanks for understanding! Just copy me with your answer:

408) My great grandfather, Eldolph Lorry, fought in the Civil War in NH 14th Regiment, Company E. I am trying to find more information about him, specifically where he was born. I know he came from Canada around 1860 and enlisted in 1862. I, also, heard that he was at Ford's Theater when President Lincoln was killed. This I'm not sure of. If you have any information about the 14th Regiment and my great grandfather, I would like to hear from you. Thank you, Mary Tyler

407) I'm trying to find out what happened to a slave, Marshal Thomas, aged about 16, who enlisted in Company "I" 3rd Arkansas Volunteers, possibly @ Hannibal, MO. Can you direct me to any sources to help my search? Merrilyn Parham Hannibal, MO

406) I came across your site and loved the work put into it. I had a question. I joined and can pull up all the civil war muster rolls from NARA for my great great great grandfather. James W Minton he served with the Union army company "A" 15th Cavalry Kentucky. He mustered in August 11, 1862 Paducah with his three Minton brothers. They all mustered out in Oct 6, 1863 but not him. By his name is a small letter (a) I found all the records on footnote and between May- June 1863 it says he was absent " On Scout" Then on June 29 1863 it says he was captured at the battle of Spring Creek Tennessee. and taken to Richmond Virginia as a prisoner of war. Then exchanged Nov 2 1863 and mustered out. In your papers of the activities of the 15th Kentucky Cavalry. It says they mainly stayed in Paducah Kentucky.but Scout from Fort Heiman (companies) A & D were out May 26-Junes 2 1863 to Spring Creek Tenn June 29 Lexington Tenn. I know this was him. As I have the record that says captured by the rebels at Spring Creek Tenn. Anyway I have been tracing Indian heritage do you know if these scouts in the 15 Cavalry were Indian troops? Hope to hear from you Mary Little

405) I have been doing some research on a confederate ancestor of mine, D. F. Boswell of the 13th Mississippi Infantry Regiment. He was wounded at the battle of gettysburg, and placed in a Union hospital at Adam PA. He was a patient until his death on Oct 8, 1863. My question is how can I find records of his stay and death in this hospital? Thank you for your time. Respectfully, Edward Boswell

404) Hello, I live in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. I discovered a headstone of a soldier from Kentucky buried here in Bridgewater. The soldiers info is as follows: Captain William Dexter Mitchell Born 7/31/1841 Killed 3/10/1865 Killed at the battle of Monroes Crossroads, NC. He is buried next to his mother Catharine Warren. What is interesting is how he became a member of a Kentucky regiment. His mother died when he was a young boy based on the date of his mothers death. I would like to discover more about this young soldier but I am not sure where to go to look any further than what I already have done. I sent in request to the National Archives & they do not have any info. Perhaps you may be able to offer some assistance. Thank you, Jim Manning -- click here to see photo of Captain William Dexter Mitchell final resting place

403) Hi from California -- I am having trouble locating information on the history of my gr-gr-grandfather's (Charles Riley Matney) Confederate unit from TX in the Civil War. From the TX State Library, I obtained and transcribed my gr-gr-grandfather's 1901 Pension Application, which describes his service with Company F, Waller's TX Cavalry. I have found a couple of different regiment numbers to which this unit was attached and would like to get a complete timeline of its service. In case it is helpful to your site, I am pasting my transcription of C.R. Matney's 1901 pension application below. Many thanks, Teri Freedman

402) I am trying to find some history on the unit my great grandfather was in in the Civil War.. Company A - Regiment 48th. Gibson Guards - Glascock County, Ga. Joseph R. Howell was his name...he served the entire war as did his brother, William W. Howell. His younger brother James J. Howell died in Lynchburg, Virgiania. Thanks so much, Jean Chavis

401) Hello, I live in Bridgewater, Massachusetts. I discovered a headstone of a soldier from Kentucky buried here in Bridgewater. The soldiers info is as follows: Captain William Dexter Born 7/31/1841 Killed 3/10/1865 Killed at the battle of Monroes Crossroads, NC. He is buried next to his mother Catharine Warren. What is interesting is how he became a member of a Kentucky regiment. His mother died when he was a young boy based on the date of his mothers death. I would like to discover more about this young soldier but I am not sure where to go to look any further than what I already have done. I sent in request to the National Archives & they do not have any info. Perhaps you may be able to offer some assistance. Thank you, Jim Manning

400) My name is Mary Tyler. My great grandfather, Eldolph Lorry, fought in the Civil War in NH 14th Regiment, Company E. I am trying to find more information about him, specifically where he was born. I know he came from Canada around 1860 and enlisted in 1862. I, also, heard that he was at Ford's Theater when President Lincoln was killed. This I'm not sure of. If you have any information about the 14th Regiment and my great grandfather, I would like to hear from you.

399) Do you have information about the occupation by Union troops of Accomack and Northampton counties during the Civil War? Any information about the killing of Private Noah Patrick near Drummondtown ,Accomack county on December 30 1863.He was a member of the First Maryland Regiment Eastern Shore Volunteers Infantry. (Captains William H. Comegys and James L. Clendening.)Thank you. James Bundick 215 877 1613

398) I am looking for information on the above regiment. I have my grandmother's certificate of membership in the DOC and her father, Bernard Levy, is named as serving in this unit. I have not been able to identify which La. 3rd is the right one. I searched several websites and lists tonight and it is now 5 a.m. Can you help point me in the correct direction. Thanks, Lillie Ray Levy

397) I was in the Regimental Band with Lace...39th Illinois Vol.Infantry...looking for a photo...have no image of my GG Grandfather. Some called Myrex "Uncle Mike" because he was in his 50's. Email Fred Gibson

396) "Hello I am hoping that you can help point me in the right direction. My ggggGrandfather J.B. Christenbury was a soldier in the NC 56th co.K I have several letters he wrote during his four years in service. I am currntly working on a project to illustrate the contents of the letters and need help with finding resources. I need to know what exactly the soldiers and equipment looked like. I do not have any photos or likenesses of my ancestor. Any help would be much appreciated Thank you for your time Clayton Thomas"

395) 38th North Carolina Regiment Volunteer Infantry - at happened to the 38th North Carolina Infantry for they were very much involved in the battle of Chancellorsville. My great, great grandfather was wounded at that battle and died a few days later of his wounds. That is Company K! Thank you very much. MaryAnn Man

394) Dear Sir My name is Mark Hughes and I live in Temora NSW Australia. I am an American Civil war enthusiast and own a quantity of original equipment etc. including two muster rolls of the 37th Mass. I am interested in trying to purchase the book mentioned on your site about the history of the 37th by James Bowen. I have become very interested in this regiment since discovering that it was involved in so many significant battles. I would appreciate any information you may be able to provide and I would especially be interested in any images of the regiment that may exist. Yours Sincerely Mark Hughes

393) I am interested in obtaining more information on the following: October 15, 1864 Federal expedition from Bernard's Mills to Murfree's Station, VA, and skirmish (16th) at the Blackwater, as the Yankees continue to destroy precious and limited Confederate supplies, including bacon and 4 barrels of apple brandy. 10/15-17/1864. Can you please provide details. Is this a book? Or an article? Thanks for explaining further. Email: Beverly Sterling

392) Looking for all information concerning 40th Mississippi Infantry, Company G. My great-great grandfather was George W. Sowell, born in Mississippi but living in Texas when the Civil War started, but returned to Mississippi to join. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Mel Collins

391) I'm looking for the burial place of my great great grandfather, Sergeant Wilson L. Crawford, from Carroll County, Georgia Company H 41 Regiment, who was killed at Murpheysboro Tennessee on December 20, 1862. Can you help? Nancy Zeigler

390) I heard a chant at the end of a re-enactnebt at Ft. Adams RI last Sunday. The troop were supposed to be from Tennessee. It was "In the Lord's name for the mission"??? Anyone have more info. P. Mackin Massachusetts

389) Hi, I have a original historical book of the 1st world war, its a compilation of the 'The Illustrated War News', a london magazine of 100 years ago. The book contains the magazines of 73 to 84 and it´s in very good conditions. you can see the pictures and a detailed description in the attached file. Description: This book compile part of the colection of the original magazines published in London whit this description: ¨LONDON: Published Weekly at the office 172 strand, in the parish of St. Clement Danes, in the country of London by the Ilustrated London News and Sketch Ltd. 172, Strand, aforesaid; and printed by The Ilustrated London News and Sketch Ltd.. Milford Lane. W.C¨ This book contais from December 1915 to March 1916. I´m from Argentine and I´m interested in sell it, please contact me to this Emal and make me an offer if you are interested in acquiring this historical war book. Yours sincerely...........................................................................................Julian

388) I ran across a soldier buried in Camp Nelson Cemetery that served, according to records, with the 22nd TX Infantry, Co I. Do you have any record of that unit? Mary Jo

387) Good Morning, Sir. I am seeking information on the 3rd NC Infantry, State Troops. My ggg grandfather, Andrew Jackson Hobbs from Onslow Co. served with this unit. I am trying to determine where he may be buried. He was KIA on 17 Sep. ’62 at Sharpsburg. His unit was 3rd Reg. Co. E, Ripleys’s Brigade(Brig. Gen R.S. Ripley). His unit commander was Col. William L. DeRosset. Any information you can share would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Norman Horne.

386) Dear Sir, I have recently found your website showing many of the last GAR members in Rhode Island. We have been working to identify a group of gentlemen that were said to have been of the JC Nichols Post #19, Rockland (Scituate), Rhode Island. We only have identified 3 of about 35! I wonder if you could provide us with any direction? We have been unable to locate virtually any information re: JC Nichols Post. Is there a way to learn of whom it was named, when it was formed and disbanded? We know that the Post building was destroyed in about 1920 when the village of Rockland was destroyed to create the Scituate Reservior to supply water for the city of Providence. We do have a handful of names of officers who applied for funds for flowers for deceased graves. But there seems to be little info other than this with our town library or Preservation Society. Since you seem to have accumulated much info re: RI GAR, could you provide us with any direction? Thank you for your consideration. Sincerely, Brenda Hopkins

385) I have a hand-written Muster Roll from H Company, First Regiment of the Michigan Sharpshooters dated May 1864. It is on white (ivory now) paper, approx 30 wide by 21 high and is pretty good condition...99% legible with some tattering along the edges and where it had be folded and refolded. The names on the pay record and other data are clearly readable. Most of these soldiers were from the Detroit area and other cities in Michigan. Significant are about two dozen names killed or missing in action in the battle at Petersburg, Va on June 13, 1864. I inherited this document from my grandfather but since he had no connection with the civil war, I do not know how he came into possession of this obviously authentic record. I wish to donate this with the only provision that I be provided with a estimate of its value for tax deductible purposes. Please forward this to any organization that would have an interest. Thank you, Harvey Leva 1720 Maple Ave. #1050 Evanston, IL 60201 847-733-1940

384) Hi: I am trying to find out if you have any information about a Joseph Coad in the 3rd Maine Infantry. He was mustered in Aug. 10, 1863 and was transferred to the 17th Maine on June 4, 1864. He died at the Carver Hospital on June 15, 1864. Thanks, Cindy Beane

383) We are looking for the family of civil war soldier: Miner H. Crawford Fort Simmons May 6Th 1860 Company H 33rd NY Volunteer Infantry and Company A 9Th NY Artillery Do you have any information that could be helpful to us. We thought possibly you may know how to locate the family members of civil war soldiers. We have some of his letters. Yours truly, Judy & Robair

382) Dusting off an old research project, I tried punching in a Google search for Albert Thornton of the 83rd Ohio and saw your announcement about the theft of Albert Thornton's Commission from a collection of his equipment. I have not heard anything about this document but the news did catch my eye. Was the commission ever recovered?!?! I obtained a photograph of Albert Thornton from EBay awhile back and have been researching Albert and his family tree. Building material to go with the CDV and make a coffee table scrapbook out of it. I had some thought of trying to enhance the value of the CDV while also practicing my genealogy skills. If you still have the collection mentioned, would you be interested in a copy of my research? It would be a very nice addition to my scrapbook to maybe get some JPEGs of the items in your collection to enhance my work as well. Alan Downing

381) Dear "jreb" in Vermont: Greetings --I am Rick Lank, living along the Old National Road in Middletown Maryland. In my capacity as president of a non-profit involved in living history and education, I am gathering up stories and documentation about the specifics of troop movement in Middletown (outside of Frederick) during the Civil War. Obviously this town was in a pivotal position along the Old National Road (now Alt US 40) to see skirmishes during the Battle of South Mountain and Antietam, when the town became one big field hospital. We work in a residence known as the "Nancy Crouse House," which is the site where a 17-year old ardent Union supporter by that name stood up to Confederate cavalry (in September of 1862) who demanded at gunpoint that she take down her US flag, which the Rebels called "that damned Yankee rag." Some historians actually believe that Nancy was the true "Barbara Fritchie" as she had a pistol put to her head and had her flag torn from her body (which she had wrapped herself in). During an upcoming Heritage Days festival that Crouse incident will be re-enacted. But we are working to weave together a much more intricate story of whom was here and when. We are also trying recreate a picture of how the town actually looked at that time -- there are references to hotels and taverns now gone, for instance, that were here in 1862 -- generals, journalists, spies, and others would have congregated at such places -- perhaps soldier's journals and letters would help us paint a picture of this place as they experienced it. According to your website the 13th Vermont was here in Middletown from the 4th through the 8th of 1863, pursuing Lee's army after Gettysburg. (They were mustered out shortly after.) Can you help furnish us with any other details of that stay? Any official orders or any letters from troops stationed in Middletown back home to Vermont? Thanks for looking into this... we appreciate your assistance and guidance. With sincere thanks, THE FOREST GLEN COMMONWEALTH (a 501-c-3 org) Rick Lank, President 301-371-9852 fax 301-371-9854 Rick Lank is an organizer of "Grace Under Fire: Williamsport & the Retreat from Gettysburg" -- an event taking place this coming October 8th and 9th. Includes activities in Williamsport, at Saint James School and on Falling Waters Road (MD). 1-866-588-6503

380) Hi, I'm interested in finding out as much as possible about the activities of the 51st Pennsylvania Militia (from muster-in to muster-out!) that served from July to September 1863. Many thanks, Ruthanne

379) I am a grandson of Major General John B. Scott of the Kansas Home Guard. During the battle at Mine Creek he commanded the Iola Brigade at Mine Creek. I have read several history accounts of grandfathers war efforts during the Civil War and now when 150 year celebration is forthcoming I cannot find the stories. Please help. Bill Linde Chif Petty Officer United States Navy Retired.

378) Could you advise me where I could find information about my father's Regiment - the 9th from Massachusetts. He signed up when he was quite young and was accepted when he augmented his weight by filling his pockets with metal. He was born in 1888. He stayed in with his friends from the South End of Boston waiting for some action. He was a mounted bugler. He didn't re-enlist finally, only to see his group go off to war. He talked about some of them getting gassed; but I thought they saw action in the Spanish American War. Most of the history of the 9th seems to be of the Civil War. Thank you for any help you can give me. Mary Hadfield, NH

377) Hello - I'm looking for books which might reference the NJ 23rd Regiment, Company E , specifically reference to my great grandfather Benjamin Reeve Haines & his brother Aaron Wells Haines, both of Pemberton, Burlington Co, NJ. Benjamin's Declaration for Original Invalid Pension states, "...Benjamin R. Haines who was enrolled on the 26 day of August, 1862, in company E of the 23rd regiment of the NJ Volunteers commanded by _(blank)_ and was honorably discharged at Beverly ?? on the 27 day of June, the service & in the line of duty at Salem Church in the state of Va C on or about the 3rd of May, 1863, he received a shell wound in the left hip, by explosion of a shell near him, while under fire from enemy, and he was carried to the rear by Aaron W. Haines (his brother - my note) and Frank Welsh, both Cm E, of which company he was then Act 2nd Lieut.; also on or about the 6 day of May 1863, at or near Fredericksburg in the state of Virginia, he contracted malarial fever, resulting in chronic diarrhea and bloody piles, from which he has suffered more or less ever since." I wondered whether the book, "History of Kearny's 1st NJ Brigade Voluteers from 1861 to 1865" by Camille Baquet might conain the names of Benjamin or Aaron Haines in the index, or whether you know of any other materials that might mention them. Thank you very much! Nancy Peregrine The "Lost Coast" of N CA

376) Hi, I stumbled upon your website and am looking for information on my grandfather, John Henry Lunceford, b. 1846 in Delaplane, Va and served with Mosby's Rangers while he, John Henry, was about 17 years old. It may seem strange that someone serving in the Civil War would have a grandchild still living (I think), but my father Wallace Bennett Lunceford was born in 1886, being the youngest of John Henry's 9 children; then I came along in 1949 when my father was 63 years old. His first wife had died in 1942 and he remarried in 1944 to a younger woman. Anyway, my grandfather is bured in the Westminster Presbyterian Church Cemetery, Delaplane, and it is engraved on his tombstone his participation in Company B of Mosby's Rangers. Just wondering if you have any information... Thanks, Patricia L. Renner Alexandria, VA

375) My name is Kenney Landers and im looking for information on ( CO B FLOURNAYS REGT TEXAS INFANTRY CSA.) I found the grave site of Joseph H Baker and it had this unit name on his grave stone . I was trying to look it up on internet and it took me to this site. If you have any info or know were I can find this info I sure would appreciate it. Thank you very much.

374) Ron, I am trying to help a friend with any information regarding a flag she has found in her great grandparents belongings. it appears to be an american flag : three rows of stripes, (red, white and blue) & 7 stars ( circular pattern) with 7.GA sewn into it. Is this something you have any knowledge about or is there somewhere or someone I can be reffered to? Thanks, Kenneth

373) Im Trying to find my great great grandfather who was in 4th Ky Infrantry Co. F he was a private. Unforunatly he was a blue belly but I still like to see his service records and how being from southern Ky. he came to fighting for the Yankees. He is buried at New Liberty in Cave ridge Ky. I know he was injured but some how there got to be more info please help me,and who was his commander. thanks alot As you can see by my E-Mail what side Im on. Ha Ha. JP Smith

372) My great grand father lived in Centreville, N.J. after the Civil War and before moving to New York City. Was there a Soldier's home in the vicinity? His name was Friedrick Haeberlin and he fought with the 30th New Battery, Light Artillelry. Oral family history said he was with a German speaking unit that were body guards for General Grant. I could not find any record of this but years ago when I was at Gettysburg with my mother she thought that service was with a New Jersey group. Is this at all possible? Thank you so much for any information you may have. Mary Westerback

371) I am looking for information on the Witt Hotel located in Gettysburg, PA. It was owned by a family member of mine whose last name of course is Witt. I was near one of the battle fields and was host to many towns people to watch the battle from its roof. The only other informatio I have is that its building is located near the observation tower. George Neat

370) I'm working on a historical research paper on the 10th Mississippi Infantry and was wondering if there was any information that you could point me in the direction of, especially in reference to the Ben Bullard Rifles. Auri-Christopher C. Jones

369) Hi. My name is Janet...I need some info on a skirmish that might have happened in Hillsboro (used to be Hillsborough) Kentucky on Oct. 8 1961. I can't find much on it. I don't know if it's valid or not and would like to know more. IT's listed in Dyers Compendium, and a random article I found, and noted on some sites...but I can't find much more than that. Thank you for your time. My email is Janet Crawford. Thanks so much!!!

368) I am interested in finding a picture of the 32nd Massachusetts volunteer regiment flag from the civil war. Thank you for any help you can give. Everett Stone Jr.

367) Somehow Lt.Stevens brought home a pair of brass CS cavalry spurs, and they have been given to me, by his grandson. I have his service record but would like to find out how he got the spurs. Anyone have any info regarding an engagement where Confederate Cavalry engaged the 6th Mass Vol Inf . during 1861, or possibly later when he served in Louisiana with the 50th Mass. Vol . Inf. I Would really appreciate help on this one, these spurs are very special. Jen Adams

366) Dear Sir: My ancestor, Thomas Wishart joined the military, Co. B, 26th Illinois Infantry at Freeport and served until his death at Gayoso Hospital, Memphis on November 21, 1863. His complete military record says he died of disease, but I've been unable to find a burial place for him. I've been told he was probably buried outside the Gayoso in Memphis until after the war, when he was probably moved to the National Cemetery in Memphis. If so, his name must have gotten lost because he doesn't seem to be listed among the known burials listed there. Is there any place I should check to try to find his final resting place? Great site, by the way. Thank you for any assistance you may be able to provide. Mary Campbell Ballard

365) Greetings, Am trying to contact Avery W. Willis III who is a fellow high school classmate of mine at Ingraham High School in Seattle, WA. His name/email is on your website under the : North Carolina 29th Infantry with his e-mail on the line just above the paragraph for: North Carolina 30th Infantry. I sent an email to Avery through this spot and it came back. He evidently isn't on any longer. Could you please let me know how to contact him. I have been searching many information websites and do have an address for him in Thousand Oaks CA but not in Greensboro NC. Thank you for any help. Sincerely, Michal Botting - in high school my name was Micki Tracy. "Know Yourself Thru Growing" Michal Botting

364) What a wonderful website you have. Thank you for all the hard work and time you have put into it's development. However, I am looking for information on the Ohio 110th ( specifically Company D). My ggg Grandfather, John McNamee, was the oldest member of the entire Ohio 110th enlisting at the ripe age of 53. Of course, I would love to find a picture. Also I have looked through hundreds of Civil War web sites looking for more information on Taylor Hospital on Johnson's Island in Sandusky, OH. John McNamee, was moved to the Company D 6th Regiment of the Veteran Rerserve Corp, and served out his remaining time as a guard on the Island - his pension records are not real clear - A guard at the hospital or at a prison on the island? I am not sure. Well, I know I am rambling so any information you can help me with or a pointer in the right direction will be more than greatly appreciated. Julia McNamee-Stillwell Hampton, VA

363) Welcome All. Hope you're enjoying the site. Ron

362) I am looking for info on Yerger's Regt. Was it a part of Wood's 1st Mississippi Cavalry at one time? I find it hard to find anything on Yerger's Regt. Did it at any time fight with or near the 12th Kentucky Cav? I have a relative who claimed on his pension for that he was in the 12th. His pension was denied but I have found him in Yerger's group. Any help would be very much appreciated! Any place with info on Yerger would be wonderful!! June May

361) Not able to find out if there are any reenactments in my area. I have just returned from duty in Iraq as a Kiowa Warrior pilot with the 1-17th Cavalry in Ft. Bragg, NC. I have just PCSd to Ft. Campbell, KY. I Live in Clarksville TN. My son and I are interested in going to some big reenactments, for some Boy Scout training, much like i did when I was in the scouts. I would really appreciate some assistance with finding some places to go. Thanks to all. Perry

360) Sirs, I am curious as to the amount of information that is available about Coppens' "Zous"....... I DO know that they wore baggy RED trousers with black leather jambiers at the top of white leggin's. I am also curious to know if there is on display anywhere one of their fezzes. I had the privilege of belonging to Compagne D of this unit of reenactors and while they had the elan and contempt for officers other than their own down to a "T"....they could not seem to measure up to the standards that Coppens set for his men...strict obedience to orders, marching style perfect. Also.....Do you have any information regarding DeGornay's Battaillon des Zouaves who were awarded the four mountain howitzers they'd captured by Gen. Longstreet and became an artillery unit rather than an infantry unit? Au revoir mes amis, Je suis votre servant humble, Don Davis, "Sgt TwoBit", fmrly 1st Louisiana Zouaves, Co.D, CSA (dissolved) Eureka, Occupied Humboldt County Alta(Upper)Cal'a.

359) Dear Sirs, I have traced a relative to Company G, 1st Regimental Cavalry, 2nd Brigade, Texas State Troops as an ordanance Sgt, 2nd Class. They were assigned to patrol the beaches of Galveston. I know they were mounted from a diary. Did they see any action? What did their your uniforms look like? Who were the commanding officers? Thanks, in advance Brian Finch

358) Hello My name is Tom Jensen and I have a relative that fought with the 17th Wisconsin Regiment Infantry, Company F. He was drafted at Highland Wisconsin and went to Camp Randall in Madison, Wisconsin. The Wisconsin 17th infantry was assigned on 5-5-1864 to the Third Brigade, Third Division of the Seventeenth Army Corps of the Army of Tennessee, of Sherman's Army. I'm looking for a picture of Nelson Anderson (Nels) and one of Andrew Anderson of the same Regiment and Company. Would also like to know if there is a picture of the 17th Wisconsin Regiment Infantry, Company F and or any other information on these two solders. I have a copy of the records found in Iowa County WI VA office. Very interested Tom Jensen of Friendship, Wisconsin

357) I am a 30 year historical researcher and am working on a book of Confederate Partisan Rangers. I am trying to obtain any histories or information available on Florida Partisan Ranger units. If you can help, it would be greatly appreciated. Jim Gray

356) I have a plate from the 7th miss Artillery, it is about 2x3 in size with crossed cannon on it. It is dated 1863. I am trying to find out anything about this Artillery unit. I baught the plate in NY state. I was not sure how that it would have gotten this far north!! if you have any Information pleases let me know, I have a lot of questions and not answers. barry hoffman

355) Ron, I was visiting your site for the first time. I have a question if you have pictured or no where I can get a picture of my great-great grandfather's Regimental Colors also their National Colors. He was in the 2nd Excelsior 71ST Infantry Regiment of New York. He was mortally wounded at Gettysburg and later died there of his wounds. I visited his grave there. Also his son served in the 2nd NJ Infantry Regiment. He was there but in a lesser role as you know. I know I can find his colors in the state library. I'm a American History buff mostly Civil War and a historic flag collector. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Clay Bataille

354) I recenlty found a cival war era flask, whiskey flask, it is engraved: Col. Geo th Baylor 2nd Texas Calvary . **I can't guarantee it reads: Geo Th, it is in cursive and hard to make out. Do you have any info about this individual, as far as dates of service or anything at all ? This has started a new line of interest for me as a collector. Thank you for your time... Pam Lanza P.O. 307 Tiona, PA 16352

353) I am trying to locate my Great-Great Grandfather, John Wesley (Pvt John W.) Williams who served in the 1st MS Cav. Reserves. I haven't had any success finding his unit or their history so when I saw this website I decided to take a chance that you might be able to help me. I found this information in "For Dixie Land I'll Take My Stand!" by H. Grady Howell, Jr. I was told that he enlisted 16 Apr 1864 in Shubuta, Clarke County, MS, in Company H, First Cav Rserves , Campt Richard McGriff's Co, McNair's Battalion. Roll of POWs date 17 May 1865, lists Pvt J.W. Williams of the above military organization, a resident of Wayne County, MS. I am a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Mary Curtis Chapter 17th VA Regiment, Alexandria VA. Looking forward to hearing from you or anyone that might be able to advise me of how to get the information I need to document and learn more about my Confederate Ancestor. Thank you! Jan Pearson Coxey

352) I am seeking information on Dr.John L. Alston who was a surgeon in the 9th Texas Infantry.He enlisted May 5,1862. He apparently was captured during the battle of Perryville.At a Union Hospital he performed the only successful splenectomy, recorded during the Civil War, on Pvt.Walden of the 9th Tennessee.After that he was exchanged since he was a POW at the time of the surgery.I'm interested in Knowing:1.Texas County of enlistment,2. Descendants.3. Post War career.Thanks,
Robert J.Turner III, M.D.

351) hi-- My family found this letterit says:"Henry Fisher Blackwell (from Caton, Texas) was taken prisoner at the fall of Arkansas Post and sent to Camp Chase, Ohio. He was a Lieutenant, the officers in that battle were sent to Camp Chase and the privates to Camp Douglass, Chicago, Illinois. Uncle Creed Engledow was a private. ( neither lived to come home) I would like to know just where this battle was and if parts of it remain. Thank You Lema Blackwell Rees

350) My great-great-great-great uncle Was James R Collins (aka Eli). He had his leg shot to the Battle of Peachtree Creek. We were told that his leg bone is in the Smithsonian Institution War Museum in Washing, DC. Can you help me find out if this is true or how I migh be able to find out on my own. Thank you for any help that you might be able to give me. Marlene Williamson

349) Hello Would you know if there was any use of a ballot box at Civil War Camp Meigs Readville Mass.? friend Ken Hendricksen

348) I am tracing the movements of Co. E, 63rd Pa. Vol. Infantry at Gettysburg. They were part of Gen. Graham's brigade at the Peach Orchard. As the brigade "disintegrated" when Gen. Graham was wounded and captured, did the 63rd reorganize on July 2nd or 3rd, or did it's individual soldiers simply wander away and join with other units until it was reconstituted for the march south. In other words, did the 63rd fight again as a unit at Gettysburg?

347) Hello, I hope that you can help me.I am trieing to get a photo of a Captain Joseph Norton from Orr's rifle comapny E as I am trieing to put a book together for my son for Christmas. He is a reenactor here in Nevada for this group.I also wanted to get your book for him.It is ALL he wants for Christmas. I would appreciate ANY help that you can give me in this matter.My mailing address is P.O Box 1844 Minden Nevada 89423. Can you autograph your book for him???His name is Robert. Thank you for your time in this matter.Marian Callison

346) Just wondering if you could help me with a small problem? I am a member of the 3rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment and was going to have my wife make a Uniform Jacket for me, But i am unable to find out from anyone here as to the color, Should it be the Light Grey or The Dark? if you have any info i could sure use it... Selby C Pace Jr 2nd Lt Commander 3Rd Arkansas Infantry Regiment El Dorado, Arkansas 71730

345) Ron, Just discovered and enjoyed your website. Saw the MTB in Raleigh in the mid-70's and have always been a fan. Toy passed way too early. CSA ramblings - In about three years, we have been fortunate to connect our ancestor with the 11th VA Infantry as a company cook the last 13 months of the war. Had some trouble because he was listed as JL Goff instead of the "Jeptha Lewis" we were looking for. Do you have any insight into how he "escaped" military service given the amount of activity that was going on Lynchburg at the time. He was 37 when he was conscripted. We are also curious as to when he may have actually reported for duty with his unit - are you aware whether or not conscripts were sent to Richmond to conscript camp, or would you guess he was sent directly to the 11th who were deployed to NC to liberate New Bern before being summoned by Lee to get back to VA just before the end? We have the 11th VA regimental history but would like to know when Jeptha may have hooked up with them. Rambling Two: You mentioned a Mosby connection. In my grandmother's personal effects we ran across an old(6-2-1916) newspaper clipping of a poem entitled "Mosby's Men." Don't know the family connection - her people were from the portion of VA that became WVA. If you would be interested, I would be happy to send along a copy. Good reading, "But fate can never take from fame the deeds of Mosby's men." Yours, Dave Goff.

344) Hi, Do you know what the battle flag looked like for the 3rd Cavalry - 41st NC State Troops? What insignia or honors were on it? Who now has it? Thanks. Sam Henderson

343) I'm Looking for information on a Camp Branch, Cass Co., MO. My 3rd Great Grand Father was there in 1858 as he and his wife, Mary Ann Devine-Hutson had a little girl as being reported being born there 13 Sept, 1858. Her name was Jamina Angelina Hutson. I'm trying to find proof of this. Plus I am trying to find Mary Ann Devine-Hutson parents. She was born _______, Washington Co. Kent. James Gideon Hutson my 3rd Great Grand Father was born 4Nov. 1836 in __________, Roane CO., Tenn. to William & Elizabeth Effa Ryan-Hutson. He was enlisted into Co. C, 27th, MO, INF on 17 May 1861 and was taken prisoner on 19 Sept. 1861 at the Battle of Lexington. Was parolled out on 26th Sept 1861. Then he enlisted and was in the Battles of Gettysburg, Battles of Lexington, Prairieneda, AK, Big Blue West Point, Pleasent Mine Creek, Little Rock, ARK. Would you see if you can find anything on him and anything about these battles so I can put them in his book? This if for my Family Tree. Thanks Very Much for your Appreciated Time. Romans12:12 "Be joyful in hope, patient in affiction, and faithful in prayer." MAY THE LORD KEEP YOU AND ALWAYS BE WITH YOU. GOD BLESS Sherri L. Hale

342) My paternal great grandfather, Joseph Dietrich, was a Civil War veteran. "He enlisted on the 28th day of December, 1859, and was assigned to regiment of the Artillery Detachment, U. S. Military Academy, West Point, New York (information from records with heading: War Department: Adjutant General's Office, Washington, DC 18 April 1884)." He re-enlisted 10 February 1864 in same organization and was discharged 10 Feb 1867 by expiration of service. From the state of Minnesota, Adjutant General's office, I received the following information: Private of Captain Charles Griffiths, Co. "D", at the 5th Regiment, U. S. Artillery. Enlisted 28 Dec 1859 to serve 5 years and was discharged 9 Feb 1864 in consequence of re-enlistment. Joseph Dietrich, a private of the U.S. Academy Detachment of Cavalry re-enlisted on 10 Feb 1864 to serve three years and was discharged in consequence of expiration of enlistments of time of service at West Point this 10th day of February 1867. Was engaged in the following battles: Tadd's Tavern, Grove Church, Laurel Hill, Bull Run, Spottsylvania Court House, Fort Anna (in front of Petersburg), Neldern Railroad, Hatcher's Run, Bourdan Plan Road, Quaker Road, Appomatox Court House. Can you point me to information on the unit(s) with which my great-grandfather served? He was a member of McKelvies Garrison Post, St. Cloud, MN and received a pension of $12.00 a month. Thank you. Diane Dietrich Brown

341) I am looking for information pertaining to Dr. Alexander Marcus Spencer, from Missouri, who worked in in several "Small Pox" Wards for the Confederate Army. He was last noted as being in General Bedford Forrest's personal Escort, as the last Confederate Army to surrender. This took place in Alabama. Is there any records for "Medical Personnel of the Confederacy", I don't think he was a surgical doctor, more a family practice type doctor. Thanking you in advance...Tom Hough

340) Looking for information on Company K, 3rd Tennessee (Liard's Mounted Infantry)- roster, unit history etc. Calvin Nicholson Palestine, Texas SCV Camp 1012 Teague, Texas

339) Ron where can I find the info on who built the Block House At Tilton Georgia? and the location of said Block House in reference to the railroad that existed at that time. I'm in possession of info of the water tank and the railroad bridge across the creek that the Bloch House was built to protect. I would like to know the location the block house using the water tank and the bridge as reference. Can you shed any light on the where-a-bout of said building? Thanks Bob

338) My great-great grandfather was William Henry Harrison Montgomery of Portsmouth, Ohio. During the Civil War, he served with an regiment that I believe was an Ohio unit. He and his brothers Homer and Ellis Montgomery were all raised in Portsmouth, survived the war, and returned to Portsmouth to live out their lives. William Henry Harrison Montgomery ( he went by "Harrison") died in Portsmouth around 1914. I am trying to find out what regiment he belonged to during the war, and also possibly find out what units his brothers belonged to. I have an original wartime photograph taken in 1863 (according to family records) of Harrison and Homer together in uniform. Judging by their uniforms and weapons, they were probably infantry soldiers. Both are wearing the wide brimmed campaign hat with one side of the brim turned up and both are holding the Springfield rifled musket. Any help you could provide me in determining the regiments and service dates of these men would be greatly appreciated. I am: Scott W. Vincent 15814 Echo Canyon Houston, TX 77084

337) Pvt/Sargent Robert J. Beard Arkansas Co. I 3 Arkansas Infantry enrolled in Quachita Co., Ark. lived in Franklin Co. Arkansas. Had two sons T.J. or Thomas Jefferson, and Robert Beard., 2nd or 3rd wife Malinda/Mahulda Lynch Beard. Any information would be appreciated. Nina J. Strahm

336) I don't know if you can help me but here goes. I have a old advertising brochure from " The Pioneer Press" in Little Rock Arkansas. They were trying to sell copies of civil was painting ( drawings) in book form. The one I have has the battle of Bull Run, on the back side and was framed some time in around 1929 to 1933. I'm looking of someone that may have some history about this company and hopefully about the brochure. Maybe a solid date when theses brochure were in use. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks David R. Royer Chelsea Michigan

335) my 4th great grandfather fought for oklahoma as a rebel, 2nd Lt. James Richmond Cole, in 2nd k co. 1st regiment choctaw and chickasaw mounted rifles...but cant find any documents of oklahoma regiments? u have any?..can u send proof?...would be appreciated . Blue Balls

334) I am looking for the closest SCV Camp to Clinton NC. I hope you can help me. Patricia Steedly

333) Ron, I received your book in the mail today, thanks so very much for the inscription and the information on the Grizzards of Northampton Co. NC. As it turns out William J. Grizzard is my great, great grandfather. Although I have a question, You and the 4th cavalry book I purchased list him as a private. I knew of a 18"x12" oval photo of him and am in the process of having it copied. Nothing is apparent on his sleeves. My aunt has an old "tin" or metal photo which appears to be the same showing three stripes (V like) on his it possible he could have advanced to a sergeant? Just wondering. Once again thanks, for the info. and anything else you care to offer in response to my dilemma. Russ Darper

332) Howdy I'm trying to find out if the Norfolk had any mountain howitzers and if they did where were they used? Richard Marty

331) Tuesday, September 16, 2003. I'm would to locate a fellow reenactor. His name is Jamie and we met at the Manassas 2002 event (he borrowed our wagon to leave early) He said he worked with the Hunley team and if we ever get down there we should look him up. We'll be there for the burial in April. Please email mike at:

330) I would like to find out if my ancestor H. I. M. Kennon, sometimes given as Henry Isham Kennon was a chaplain. One source says that he served for a time in the early part of the civil war with the 15th Alabama, but the rosters that I have located do not show him or any chaplain. Can you suggest a way to find out about this? E. Cogdell

329) Dear Sir, I have struggled for a long time trying to locate information on my great-great-grandfather who fought at Fort Sumter under Major Anderson. All I have to go on is a photo copy of a portion from a newspaper account that my grandmother had. It reads: MAN WHO FIRES FIRST SHOT IN WAR IS DYING (photo inserted) George W. Simmons, former West Hoboken resident, fired shot from Ft. Sumter. The article goes on to say "he is dying from wounds received at Fort Sumter. His doctor has abandoned all hope for his recovery", etc. "When the Civil War broke out he was stationed at Fort Sumter under Major Robert Anderson (or a similar last name) as chief gunner and bears the distinction of being the (illegible) fired the first shot on the Union side during that war. He always felt... (Grandma didn't save the rest). He was 78 when the article was written and was about 23 when he joined the army (he was born November 22, 1837 in Troy, New York). We have a photo of him in his uniform and my brother has the rifle he used. It has Eli Whitney stamped on it. ???? This is just about all I have to go on. If you could suggest ways I could locate information on him I would be so grateful. I live in Charleston, S.C. but the people at Fort Sumter and Moultrie are unable to give me even the names of the units that were stationed under any major there. I do know Major Anderson left Fort Sumter on the steamship Baltic for New York on April 14, 1861 but alas, I am unable to find a manifest of passengers. Thank you for taking the time to read this and please consider lending some advise. Lori

328) Good evening. I am looking for information on the 17th Texas Cavalry who served under George Fleming Moore. My g-g-grandfather served in this Brigade, and I would like to find out more about him. His name was Henry George Wilfong, originally from Catawba County, NC. Any help would be appreciated. You may send any info to, Rebecca Wood

327) I'm looking for a for a relative of my wife who we believe mustered into the 25th. Do you have any suggestions on how we can find the original muster list list for that regiment. Thanks, Dennis L. Owens

326) Dear Ron, We are trying to determine who are the unknown CSA solders who are buried in our family cemetery in Marion, AL. They were not left in Howard College Hospital, but left with relatives to care until their death. The family feels they were wounded in the Battle of Selma. We know that Forrest went to Marion to regroup before heading north- we do know that Chalmers' Brigade and Roddy's Brigade were crossing the Cahaba River at two different points and one group was engaged in a battle at Fikes Ferry. I am trying to locate a list of the members of these brigades and who surrendered at Selma, then who was left to surrender at Pond Spring. The cemetery is north of Marion - but probably had no official name- It is now known as the Mt Nebo/Rinehart Cemetery. Any information or directions would be helpful. With regards, Janice Nichols Heacock Descendent of members of Alabama 4th and 40th Infantry

325) I am looking to find some reenactments in the St. Louis area in the next few months.In the surrounding counties and even in Illinois would be fine. Is there a site that might list these? O r do you know ? Maybe a publication? Thanks so much. Ann Carrol

324) Hi, I am interested in any info on the Texas 5th (Cavalry) Mounted Volunteers. especially for the year 1861 and from where they mustered,etc.,and especially Co "B" Any help is greatly appreciated. Ruth Corsaw

323) Hi! Can you please tell me who the Union army soldier from Henderson county N.C. who produced rifles used by the Confederate army during the Civil war. Thank You - Don Rice

322) In 1863 there were a number of Henry Rifles which were issued to 8 company's of the Maine Calvary. These companys were assigned to the 1st District of Columbia Calvary and eventually were ordered south to fight in battles from Richmond to the Stanton River Bridge. I own a Henry rifle that was issued to a soldier in the Maine Calvary or the 1st District of Columbia Calvary. The serial # is 3275. I am looking for information that would lead me to the soldier that was issued this rifle! Thanks, Pat

321) I was wondering if you might have any information on Brigadier General John S. Williams' family. Any information would be appreciated. Thank You,

320) any help or information that may be had on the randolph hornets from Randolph county north carolina would be appreciated. thanks

319) Hello ~ I am the descendant of Lt Edward Pointer who served as a Sgt and Lt for Co H that was recruited from Onondaga. Edward Pointer arrived from England in 1859 and in 1860 was living with James and Mary Smith also from England next to the Gallups from England, in Marcellus NY Onondaga County. He served in the Civil War and is found in the 1900 census at Bath NY (Steuben Co), where he is buried as a soldier in Bath National Cemetery. He was married to ? and had children (3 or more), one of whom was Anna Elizabeth Pointer White 1858-1939 (wife of Charles Wm White 1847-1923 born Ludlowville NY to James and Mary Scott White; Charles had brothers, Michael and twin bros, Franklin/Francis. At any rate Charles Wm White and Anna Elizabeth Pointer had 3 children: Andrew; Raymond; and Anna Louise White 1899-1976 who married William Hymes Teeter 1883-1965 and they had 17 children, of whom one was my father. I have a website at: Within the Teeter family tree, there is info and a tree for the White and Pointer families. I would like to have more info on Edward Pointer. Is there a way that I can get more on Edward perhaps by way of his military record. Would there be a death certificate for the year 1906 at Steuben Co NY... Any advice is most welcome. Thank you. Laurie S Dunham (Pointer descendant)

318) Dear Friend, I am trying to find records for a Marsden J. Vellines 2 sgt, Co. E, 9 Reg't Virginia Infantry. He was wounded on July 3, 1863 at the battle of Gettysburg. However I cannot find him listed anywhere on the net. I have a pay stub that shows him listed in the infantry, however I do not know if this was a cavalry unit or the regular infantry. Any help to find some records would be appreciated. Sincerely, Diane Agee

317) Hi my name is Sylvia Augustine-Lutz and I am trying to trace my husbands genealogy. I am having trouble with finding anything out about his Geat Grandfather "William R Lovell". He was in the ninth Minnesota B Co Infantry, He joined in 1862 and was captured at Guntown in 1864. He survived that and Died in Sherburne MN in 1945. In the one and only piece of info I got on him was the fact that he was a Prisoner at Andersonville and they spelt His last name as "Lovelle" and not "Lovell" I was wondering if you have any other information on him as to where he got Discharged and when. Or anything else that would help me in my searches for him. I cannot even get him on any censuses. I think maybe I am not very good at finding things on the P.C. Thank you for taking the time out to read my e-mail even if you cannot help me yours sincerly Sylvia Augustine-Lutz

316) Hi, I've been working on my family history. I've been told I had a great, great Uncle that died in Libby Prison during the Civil War. Is there any way to find out about the prisoners? Like their full names or if there's a certain place they might have been buried? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cathie Chambers

315) Thanks a bunch ! You should be proud of your service to those of us who search. Barnett Williams Nashville, TN ps-- Can you lead me somewhere to get something on the Alabama 46th Infantry? GG Grandaddy (E.M. Williams) was there. pss-- Have you ever heard of the 7th Georgia (Merrell) ? another G-G Grandad (TJ Dawesey) was there(for 2 yrs) then he switched sides to the Blue which brings me to : psss-- I can't find anything on Thomas Jefferson Dawsey (7th Ga > Union) in the US Army who's records, I thought, would be better ?!?? Just know he did it mid war in Chattanooga and was discharged in New Orleans. Mary Lynn Williams

314) I am trying to locate a muster roll for the Original Unit of the Ashville Guards-formed in Ashville Alabama, I think then was assigned to the 10th "Alabama Infantry-Company A". I am trying to locate my GGrandfather, I have checked at the Library in Ashville, but there was only a Folder Cover with nothing in it. Is it possible there is a place on the Computer that I could find the Muster Roll for "Ashville Guards" ( Alabama-Civil War)? Thanks, Patricia Balluh.

313) I am looking for photos and information on the 4th Ohio volunteer infantry regiment. Specificly there national colors and there regimental flag. I can't find a good photo anywhere. We are civil war reenactors and are looking to have them replicated and are in need of good pictures. And also good sources of unit history for this regiment. Shawn Farkas 937-987-0468 Thank you for your time

312) In a book entitled Life in Rebel Prisons by Henry M. Cline published by Logan County Historical Society, Ohio there is a reference to Ohio Militia called the Squirrel Hunters, organized in the fall of 1862 to protect the city of Cincinnati, Ohio ordered by Gov. David Tod. The group numbered 16,000 and they supplied their own weapons and had no uniforms or drill. They never were in a battle and was officially thanked and discharged. This is the first reference we've come across to this unit. Do you have any information about this group? Length of service known to be months, years? Was there a unit name, insignia, colors or name of organizational leader? Would there be a roster? Appreciate anything you can forward to me regarding the Squirrel Hunters. Thanks, Karen

311) Hi Ron, Whilst my question does not relate directly to the Civil War it does have loose connections. I live in Liverpool England and am carrying out family history research. My research via the UK 1901 cenus shows that my maternal grandfather, William Heaps, is listed as being a private in the 57th Irish Porters Railway based in Orford near Warrington, which is roughly 20 miles from Liverpool.Further resarch showed that this regiment is a National Guard unit from New York state which fought during the Civil War. I would be greatful if you could shed any light as to why a UK citizen should be enlisted in an American regiment and why that regiment should be based in the UK during this period? Is then regiment still in existence? Many thanks in anticipation of your trouble. Kind regards Frank Frank Forrester BA

310) My grand father was Ebenezer Gibson Barrineau b.1838 d 1907, looking for burial site. He was Pvt.Co.E.10th Regiment Battery Island 9-5-1861. He was then in Co.E of Tenth Regiment of S.C. Muster July 19 1861 at Whites Bridge. He was then placed in Co.C of the 25th Regiment of Captain Thomas J China in 1863. He was captured at Towne Creek, N.C. during Feb.1865. He was then sent to Point Lookout, Maryland Prison. He was released in June after taking the oath. This was furnished me from the National Archives in Washington. His obituary was headed New Zion, S.C., dated March.25, 1907.
Ii have been looking for his burial site for the past 30 years. Thank You, His grandson- Harry Barrineau 1814 Chesnutt Avenue, Tifton, GA 31794

309) I have read that A P Hills's daughter (Russie) died in Ashland, Va but I cannot find out where she is buried. I live in the area and wonder if she is buried there or maybe in Culpepper where Hill is from. Thanks, RoseMary

308) I am trying to find out where two of my 3rd great grandfather's are buried at. I don't think anyone else knows, or they don't want to help me. I don't know what else to do. Sherwood (Sherod) B. (prob. Bradley) Tew, enlisted as a private 11 March 1862 at the age of 47. Enlisted in Company G, 51st Infantry Regiment North Carolina on 1 April 1862. Died of disease on 28 April 1862. The second is John Brown, (Duplin County) enlisted Company E, 30th Regiment, NC Troops. He was wounded in the face at or near Spotsylvania Court House, Virginia on 12 May 1864. He was hospitalized in Richmond, Va. Where he died 24 May 1864. He was 41 years old. If you can't help me that's cool, but please let me know anything you possibly can about their Regiments or where I can find out more. Rev. Joseph E. Tew

307) My name is William Dantzler Pace, my realatives during the civil war severed with the Autuga Rifles Co, 6th Alabama regiment. Their last names were Dantzler& Whetstone, if anyone knows anything about this regiment or these Confederate veterans. Please contact me. Thank you William Dantzler Pace.

306) To whom it may concern: I have been researching my family history and have come across the story regarding the Shelton Laurel massacre in NC in 1863. I am the gr gr gr granddaughter of Martin Shelton who settled in that valley. I am seeking information on the men killed in this massacre. I have four names, but have read that there were thirteen killed there. I am looking for my gr gr grandfather who I believe may have been one of those men. If anyone has information regarding this incident I would greatly appreciate knowing it. Please email me: Sharon Vining or at Sharon

305) Dear Ron., Thanks again for your help but the dates do not equate. My GG Grandfather Benjamin H. Lanier was born in Duplin County, NC in 1839 and he had a son my G Grandfather Owen Q. Lanier born in 1847. He had a son Robert Hayes Lanier born in Duplin County NC in 1879 my Grandfather. As I spoke to you on the phone I appreciate your help and if you could give more advice on how to find Benjamin H. my sincere appreciation to you. Incidentally I lived in Richmond, VA for 20 years and moved to Lenior, NC in 1980. Thanks, Larry Former Captain Lawrence E. Lanier 12th.SF US Army Vietnam <--Folks, email Larry now if you can help him!

304) Can you tell me where to begin looking for information about the Choctaw and Chickasaw Mounted Rifles Unit from Oklahoma. Can you give me any information regarding this unit? You can e-mail me at Thank you. my gg grandfather was in this unit. patrick moore or

303) Looking for any info on my great grandfather's Civil War Experience, Sgt. James Marion Rooker, Co. G. 46th Mississippi Infantry. From Smith Co., Miss. Defended Vicksburg, participate in 100 days war leading to fall of Atlanta, Battle of Franklin, Battle of Nashville, Captured at Nashville, imprisoned Camp Douglas, IL. Clyde Rooker

302) I am trying to fine someone who can tell me something about a hospital at Orange Court House, Orange County, VA. My great-grandfather's brother died there and I would like to know where he is buried. His name was Patrick Faircloth from Sampson Co. NC. Company C, 54TH Infantry Regiment, NC. Died in September 1863. I wrote to Washington but only got papers to get his war records, which I already have. But didn't tell where his body is. Faye

301) Greetings! I am great grandson of Jacob Freed 11th wva. Co. C Although I have information on him and the regiment I would like to know two things on my research I can not find pictures of regimental flags or of the moument. If they are any were to be found your help would be greatly appeciated. Respectfuly yours Gene Raybuck proud descendent and civil reenactor. EUGENE G. RAYBUCK


300) Hi. Can you help me find a picture of my Great-Great-Great Grandfather, John Stewart Cromwell? Thanks!! Shelia (Cromwell) Lyon John Stewart Cromwell was born March 31, 1827. He was the son of Isaac Cromwell and Margaret Lucinda Wiley. He was married to Elizabeth Jane Jones on December 21, 1848 in Lafayette County, Mississippi. John Stewart Cromwell was enlisted into the Confederate States Army by Col. Burnett on March 15, 1862 in Grenada, Mississippi as Private for Company A, 29th Regiment Mississippi Infantry. He was transferred on June 29, 1862 to Company C, 1st Battalion Mississippi Sharp Shooters, CSA, in Tupelo, Mississippi which subsequently became Company C, 9th Battalion Mississippi Sharp Shooters. He left sick at Glasgow, Kentucky on September 12, 1862. In November and December of 1862, he was absent in a Parole Camp. He joined his company again in January of 1863 and served until April 16, 1864 when he was granted a 30-day Furlough. He rejoined his company and was killed in the Battle of Pickett's Mill near New Hope Church, Georgia on May 27, 1864. Shelia Lyon

299) I am trying to put together a character for reinactments, were there any units from territorial Oklahoma or Nebraska that were involved in the war in the south--Vicksburg East?? Vernetha Garriott


297) My GGgrandfather and his brother were both in the 60th Infantry Regiment of Virginia. I would like to know why no one has the company listed. Did it change to another company or merge with another company? Any information would be greatly appreciated about this company. Take care Leslie Banister

296) Have been trying to find information on the 29th Regiment without success. In particular, am interested to know when/how/where unit was formed. My great great grand father, Henry Jasper Burchett, was a member of the regiment at one time, before joining the 1st Tennessee Cavalry. Any information that you may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. --- Mike

295) I am a decendant of Orrin G Colby ( My grear-great uncle) from Hill NH. His niece, Pauline, is my grandmother. He was born in Nov of 1845 and enlisted with the 12th in Sept of '62. Dr. Childs was the man who bore him and also the one who mustered him in at the tender age of 16 1/2. I have a reunion photograph of Co. D 12th New Hampshire taken around 1888 in which he appears. He also looks just like my dad did at the same age, which is how I was drawn to the picture in a "junk" store in Plymoth, NH in 1998. So far I have identified 22 of the men ( out of 39 ). Best dollar I ever spent. I also own Richard Musgrove's "Casey's" signed when he became a Capt in the USV. I understand that his granddaughter has written a book called "MUSTERED" from the letters and diaries of the 12th. Since I no longer live in Bristol, NH I have been unable to locate a copy of this anywhere. Can you help me? Any leads that you can supply me would be appreciated. Tim Rounds 2814 Waterlick Road Lynchburg, VA 24502 434 238-0945 Any help you can give me would be appreciated. I have originals of the 1st; 8th; 16-17th-18th NHV if you need something researched. Thanks for your time. YOS Tim Rounds

294) Last year when we moved in this house we cleaned out the shed and shoved in an obscure place when found an old photo of a military unit. It is a very large unit. This is what it says on the photo as best as I can make it out. 11th or maybe 117 infantry USA Camp Sevin(?) S.C. 2-9-1918 Col. Birhly (?) Commanding on the other side it says Pedin. then has an e with a circle around it Photo Greenville, SC Now call me silly if you would like but I really want to know about this photo I would love to find out some of the men's names and see if I could find their families. If this were my ancestors it would be priceless to me. As it is we cleaned it up best we could and it is hanging in our living room. My husband and I felt these men served our country and the photo should not be shoved in an obscure place. It has some water damage and we are afraid to take it out of the frame. I have looked for this camp but haven't been able to find it. Got any suggestions? I know it is a long shot to find someone who would treasure this photo but stranger things have happened! I would appreciate any help. Sherry

293) Would like more information on the 26 NC infantry. Am searching for a list of names and hometowns of each person. I can be reached at T. Benfield Thank you for any information.

292) Dear Ron, I am interested in finding a well documented listing of the CSA medical personnel. I am specifically interested in finding any Cherokee Indians, probably within their own units which were probably from Alabamba, Mississippi,Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, and Tennesee. If you know of such material please let me know. If you should be in possession of such a document please let me know if their are any Henry's listed. Thank you, Meryl DeGeer

291) Can you tell me how and where to get information on William Henry Harrison, my gg grandfather, who fought in the Civil War? I have been told that he fought under Marmaduke in the battles of Wilson Creek and Pea Ridge Arkansas. I know he was married at the time of his enlistment and probably had some children. I think he might have enlisted somewhere around Cove Creek, Arkansas as some of the family lived in that area. I believe his wife's name may have been either Lucinda or Nancy. Maiden name Copeland, Coplan or some similar name. He was probably in his thirties when he enlisted. If you can be of any help as to how I can find information on him it will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Alta

290) I have been trying to trace the Civil War trail of DAVID LAWSON RENTFRO (also spelled Renfro and Rentfrow) of the 10th Arkansas...Shiloh & Siege of Port Hudson. His mil. info. has l intriguing bit of information...his name a list of Union prisoners taken to New Orleans May 29, 1863. Port Hudson did not surrender till July 8/9. Two theories...he deserted or he was taken prisoner in the battle on May 27. As the fight was particularly busy in area assigned to the 10th Arkansas he might have been taken prisoner especially if on picket duty. Specifically I am looking for a way to identify the names of the transports used to take confederate prisoners to new orleans and how to locate information on them and the methods of transportation from NO to the stage on the exchange route. What was the process......held at military prisons along the way?What happened to them after they returned home? How long did it take? What were conditions under which they were held? He was only confederate brother of William Lindsey(my ggg grandfather), Calvin, Marion,John and Stephen Renfro. Have some information on battles in which the 3rd and 6th Tennessee Infantry fought...found in pension files of various members of this company (Union). Nancy

289) In our family, there is a diary written by a prisoner at Andersonville. There are a few other prisoners identified by numbers. Is there a searchable database where we can locate the names of those prisoners? Mary Eleanor Harris

288) Hi, I am looking for Jordan Dykes. I don't know if Edward's Regiment, Rouark's Company was a part of the Louisiana Confederate Army or the Mississippi side. I was wondering if you knew. I have searched the net and libraries and can't find anything. Thanks for any information you might have. Paul Ingram

287) Have you ever heard of Giddens' Co. NC Detailed and pational Men Unit. I can't find anything on them. I think they were either Sampson Co. Johnston Co. Wayne Co. or Duplin Co. somewhere around there. I can't find a thing on them. Thank you for your help. Donna Sherron

286) Can you tell me what type of trousers the Tigers wore when first formed? The mattress ticking apparently came along later. Thank you...Matt Janowsky

285) Hello, I am an amateur writer with a sincere interest in the Civil War. Currenly, I would like to write a relatively short narrative on the battle surrounding Fort Wagner, South Carolina. It is my intent to focus primarily on the 54th Massachusetts' involvement in the engagement. I was wondering what I might do to find historically correct information. I know a lot of websites post contradictory information. I've found sites saying that a particular strip of land was 25 yards across, and other sites saying it was 200 yards! (I would say that's a big discrepancy!) If you have any suggestions, I would be most appreciative! Thanks! Sincerely, Kate Kirschenheiter

284) Ronald, thanks again for the info on Capt. Thomas Hughes. You mentioned you would try to find where he is buried. Any luck? If not, thanks anyway, I realize what a huge task it is to find these guys. I have enough to write my column as is and maybe someone will come forward who knows more. Tucson is full of history buffs. If I find out anymore I will let you know. Thanks again for your help. Bonnie Henry

283) I am writing a small piece on the Morgan horse and came out with the fact that the First Vermont Cavalry were mounted exclusively on Morgans and that only 200 of the unit's 1,200 horses survived the Civil War. Any way to back that up? What were the casualties (KIA, MIA, Wounded) of the men of the First? Any help is much appreciated. Peter Miller

282) I am hoping you can help. I currently reside in Canton, MA in a building that is reportedly the former Canton City Hospital during the Civil War. Do you have any recommendations on how I can find out if it was? Thank you Susan Burke

281) I am trying to locate any relative to Capt. A. F. Burns, 3rd Mo. Cav. who was a prisoner at Johnson's Island. I have a CSA $20 bill with his autograph that was apparently given to one of my CSA Relatives also Prisoner at Johnson's Island. He was from the Kentucky Brigade. Thanks Paul

280) Ron, my husband and I are interested in the civil war, but mostly interested in the movement tnat took place in our area. We have several grandfathers that were involved. Do you have any information in your book about the camp sites, skirmishes/battles that took place in Ozark,Howell, Douglas,Texas and Christian Counties of Missouri? We have purchased several books on the civil war and are surprised to find very little about this area. Would you know the location of Flag Pond, southern Howell County? Thanks for your time and information. Linda Wheat

279) Hello, I'm doing research for a book. Do you know about this: It looks to me like many of the Unionists from the NC mountains who fought with the Yankees were in the 2nd NC Regiment of the Mounted Volunteer Cavalry. Is this true, and why? Another question, In what Northern regiment would a Madison County Unionist be most likely to end up? I guess he'd be in one that was relatively close by, say in Tennessee, VA, or Kentucky. Was there a general trend as to where they would go to hook up? Thanks, Tom McKinley Ball

278) Wednesday, April 24, 2002. I am the great grandaughter of Orrin Blake Webber who was one of the 27th Maine Volunteer group and I donated his Medal of Honor to the Medal of Honor Society in Charleston SC last month. They were delighted to receive it as the medal is the oldest one that they have. My grandfather received it in 1863. What I am trying to find out is the fact we have a picture of him wearing another medal which is very similar but not the Medal of Honor and I would like to find out what the medal is as we only have the picture of this medal and I have no idea what happened to it. Do you have any idea where I might find out this information and if so I would appreciate it if you would E mail me at

277) I would like to correspond with a descendant of a Confederate soldier. I am from Pennsylvania (please don't hold that against me!) and I have been a Civil War enthusiast since I was in Junior High. I hope to travel to all the Southern Battlefield sites someday, especially in Virginia, and I would love to be able to talk with native Southerners who may have an ancestor who fought for the Confederacy. Can you help me? Please contact Janet M. Russell now!

276) I am currently trying to research a Georgia Confederate artillery battery in preparation for writing a unit history. The unit in question is the Cherokee Light Artillery, also known as Capt. Max Van Den Corput's Battery, Georgia Light Artillery, and Capt. John Yeiser's Battery. They were from Rome, Georgia. In particular, I'm trying to find a lead on diaries from men in the unit, in order to gain detail on the "human dimension" unavailable from official information. I'm having a really hard time on this one. Any ideas on sources? Your suggestions are most appreciated. Sincerely, Garry Fisher (email now)

275) I know that in the State Capital building in Iowa there are the flags of units that served in the Civil war from Iowa they were hanging on wall polls there in the 1960s I saw them my self. I was wondering if someone could find the flag that my great Grandfather mustered in with (Company E.Thirtyfourth Iowa Infantry and then transferred to Company D Thirtyfourth Consolidated Battalion and transferred again to theThirtyeight Consolidated Battalion If there is one? I sure would be proud to have a picture of that flag. Would some kind soul get me a picture of my Great grandfathers units that he served under?One or all three of these flags would be great if only I could see what they look like. Sure hope someone will answer me on this request for I value his service in that tragic war. Please respond to Ken McFerrin and thank you for your efforts.

274) I`m looking for information about the 25th Virginia Cavalry. Specifically, Co. B, 27th Battalion Virginia Mounted Rifles. I believe this company was also known by several other names: Captain S.P. Larmer`s Co., Trigg`s Battalion Partisan Rangers, and Company B, 25th Regiment Virginia Cavalry. What types of information are available? Any information or insight would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Steve Oglesby

273) I am researching the role of photographers and journalists' influence of northern and southern views of the Civil War. I have gathered information on Mathew Brady, but need primary resources from journalist. Any ideas or tips? Thanks, Spence

272) Sunday, March 24, 2002 Am trying to locate in Ohio where my great-grandfather(Thomas Benton Yager/Yeager) was born and raised. I know he enlisted in the army at Wapakonetta, Ohio at age 21 in Sept. of 1861. He took training at Camp Dennison and his unit was the 54th OVI. He was in the Battle of Shiloh and the Battle of Corinth. I have found out that the 54th was made up of men from nine Ohio counties. They are Allen, Auglaize, Butler, Cuyahoga, Fayette, Greene, Hamilton, Logan, and Preble. Would there be records of the citizens from these counties that enlisted in the military? Also, would names of parents be listed from these counties? I have no idea who his parents were or where they were from. I do know, also, that he deserted in November of 1862. I am told by relatives that his parents were upset with him for doing this. I think he covered his tracks very well. He married a girl from north Mississippi and far as I know he never went back home. I was raised in west Tennessee and have relatives all over west Tennessee and north Mississippi. I now live near Athens, Georgia. Thank you for your time and hope to hear from you soon. George Yager

271) Wednesday, March 27, 2002 My g-grandfather, B.A. (Bejamin Azariah Aldridge) was definately in a cavalry unit out of Miss. (10th Calvary, Co. H???), I have documents showing that he was captured while with Ham's Reg. held in a place called Ft. Wayne, released, and apparently rejoined with Baxter's brigade. There is also a news clipping, showing and mentioning him attending a reunion in Miss, circa 1909 of CSA vets. My problem is I just can't locate anything on either of these units. I have plenty of proof that he was there, even a lawsuit he filed on his father's (Nathanial Madison Aldridge) behalf, for reperations for his property (denied of course) in Miss. Can't think of the county now something. Ha! Anyway, if you ever come up with anything, I'd sure appreciate a heads up. DON ALDRIDGE

270) Thursday, March 28, 2002 I cannot find any information on the 1st Ky Mtd. Inf. I think they were Confederate troops, but I'm not positive. Do you have any information?

269) How do I find the roster for the 36th infantry...Hillsboro Rebels? Carolyn Stastny

268) Greetings! I have a memoir written by an ancestor of mine which chronicles his experience in the civil war. It is approximately 50 pages. I would like to see it published as it is a great record of the War, and a wonderful "bird's eye view". Jeremiah's most moving experience was when he received word that President Lincoln had been assassinated. Jerry was also wounded. I would be appreciate it if anyone would give me some feedback on this subject. I think that it is an important piece of history, and I think it should be shared. Write me at

267) My ggrandfather from Texas fought with C0.A Sheco's Chickasaw Volunteers, formed in 1864. I would like any sources to lead me to the battles, or areas they fought. I checked the roster of this Battalion and C.M. Faulkner was on it. Thank you Sue Todd

266) Hello, Today I found the graves of 3 civil war soldiers in a cow pasture, 1 of the stones was broken and laying on the ground. There was Thomas Burch 47th KY INF Co., C, Sgt. F.L.Goins 2nd TN INF. Co. E , and Benjamin Parker 8th KY INF. Co. A. I have taken photos of these graves, if there is someone on your list who wants a copy, they can email me at William Smith

265) Two Pennsylvanians won the Congressional Medal of Honor during a battle in Virginia at a place called Paine's Crossroads. Do you know where this is and what the dates where of this engagement. Thanks Jim or Jim Lingg

264) Wednesday, January 02, 2002 My name is William Layhue and I,im looking for info on my grt grt grt grandfathers regiment im a reanactor in louisiana who has been trying to keep history in the lives of true confederates im in need of all info on the above regiment to start up the group that my ancestor for so many years fought for. need flag info and uniform details that the soldiers wore and carried . if u can help in any way it would be the upmost importance to myself and my collegues to keep this great unit alive once more . please respond, as will be waiting ......your obediant servant Cpt. William Layhue

263) Sunday, December 02, 2001 Hello, I am trying to solve a mystery concerning my g g grandfather. On Jan 13, 1865, he was murdered near his home near New Market, AL. It has been told that he was killed for "giving information to the Union". it has also been told that a certain neighbor whom he had been having alot of disagreements over the property lines,set him up by telling some renegades that he was a traitor knowing that they would kill him. His death is mentioned in the book "in Song and Sorrow, a Daily Journal of Thomas Hart Benton McCain of the 86th Indiana Voluntary Infantry" by Richard and Geraldine Rue, on page 223. The tombstone at his grave is about six fet high and bears the inscription " Shedrick Golden, born July 4, 1809, died Jan 13, 1865. He was taken off and murdered for maintaining the Union and the Constitution of the United States." It has been told that the Union forced the townspeople to bury him at his brother-in-law's family cemetary to spite them since they were a very Pro-Confederacy family by the name of BRAGG. I am interested in finding out ANY infomation or sources for information on this. I have been told that the "Oficail Record of the War of the Rebellion" might give some clues but do not have access to it. Any help would GREATLY be appreciated. Thank you, Jean Cooper

262) Friday, January 04, 2002 I am looking for the circumstances that surrounded the death of Wm. I. Hall who was my great uncle. This is one of the stories handed down through the generations. He was a confederate soldier,lived in Marion Co. Ky. in a place called Sulphur Creek. He was home on leave and was delivering some moonshine whiskey to a Mr Miller. There were some guerrillas present at Mr Miller's homeand they rode after Hall when he left and they hung him on a tree near Sulphur Springs. The date was November 11, 1864. He is buried in St Vincent de Paul Cemetery in New Hope, Ky. His parents were George W. and Delphenia Bryant/Bryan. I did find a William I Hall that was in the 10th Ky Cavalry. Don't know whether It was him or not. Any information would be appreciated. Elsie Nevitt Miles. My address is

261) (normally don't add requests outside of civil war , but here's a neat request! Help her out if possible!! thanks, ROn..Monday, January 07, 2002 To Whom It May Concern: I am writing you in regard to my grandfather, Army Sgt. Riley, Charles Rowland. 1917-1919. A Dr. A. J. Plotke recommended I contact you in reference to my search of information and documentation. Information I have received from the National Archives and Records Administration, Ship Manifests. My grandfather, SGT. Charles R. Riley, Serial # 1720647, sailed to France from Hoboken, New Jersey, aboard the SS MERCURY April 23, 1918. The 302ND Sanitation train is mentioned on the Manifest. At the bottom of the Passenger List of Organizations And Casuals, it too has an asterisk bottom right of page, and: N.Y.C.= New York City written out by hand. On his return, April 24, 1919, from BREST, FRANCE, aboard the USS PRESIDENT GRANT bound for CAMP MILLS Hoboken, New Jersey. Port of arrival date May 6, 1919. He is listed with the 308 Ambulance Company as: SGT. Riley, Charles R. 1,720,647. 308 AMB CO. 302ND SAN.TR. At the time of arrival his mother Dora is listed, and he living in Renovo, Pennsylvania. I am in need of research materials in regard to his service, documents, re: CAMP MILLS, the ships he sailed to and from France on. Also, I am the only living family member left to my knowledge and I wish to honor my grandfather with a proper head stone, and the award of any medals he was entitled, to which I believe a Purple Heart would be one, and perhaps a Chevron. He had no funeral, no service, when he died in 1970. I did not locate his grave until nearly two years ago. He is buried in Duncansville, Pennsylvania. He died at the local Veterans Hospital. I wish to commemerate and honor his service, along with my memory of him as he had well earned. It would be of great appreciation if you would possibly assist me in my on going search. Sincerely, Louretta (Bernhard) Hicks Charles Granddaughter

260) Sunday, January 20, 2002 I have been research the Shelton/Laurel Massacre and a the victims of the massacre It is know that Lt.Col Keith and his man of about two hunderd man kill and tortured old man and young boys and also a 85 year old woman and a 70 year old woman and a young mother of an infant child was tied in the swon to a tree and the baby placed in the doorway of the cabin, The baby died and the young mother had gone insane. I would like to info on the killing as David Shelton one of the victims was my GGGrandfather and maybe one of his son. The Shelton Laurel Massacre did not be come a Major Incident of the Civil War, Although the newspaper and periodicals of that period gave many eye witness accounts of what had take place... I would say it was "Cold Blooded Murder" "Butchery" Yes my family was a part of the union, But woman and young mother was not as was the young boys murder out side of Knoxville by Keith as a young boy pleaded with the soldiers for his life but was kill he was 15 year old. So as you see I have some of the info, but would like to find some the kill of 19 Jan 1863 the time David Shelton was kill at the age of 50 year old... I thank you Shirley Shelton Houston

259) Monday, January 21, 2002 Dear Sir I am currently resercing the history of the 8th Ala.Inf.Regt.With particular reference to Company I (Emerald Guard),also the other regiments in their brigade. I already have Hilary Herberts history of the regiment for any help or pionters i would be grateful. Yours sincerly Cameron W. Robinson (Northern Ireland)

258) Monday, January 21, 2002 I'm helping a friend research an ancestor, and the unit he served in. The soldier was a Confederate that served in "Milton's Battalion" of Missouri, and he was killed in battle at Corinth, MS , Oct. 3, 1862. I can't seem to locate any sites on Milton's Battalion. Was there an alternate designation ? Thanks! Greg

257) Wednesday, January 23, 2002 Greeting, I am trying to do some research on the 66th New York Volunteer Infantry. Do you know if there ever was a regimental history published for that particular Regiment? Where might the original records of that Regiment be located at (any ideas?) I am trying to do some research in the 66th New York's monument, located in the Wheat field at Gettysburg. Specifically, I am looking for information on the bronze tablet on the reverse side of the monument (are you familiar with it?) It shows 2 former combatants shaking hands. There may be some Masonic connection to the tablet. Any help (suggestions, ideas) you can provide me with would be greatly appreciated. Very Truly Yours Mike McCabe, Hammonton, NJ

256) Saturday, January 26, 2002 Looking for all the information on William Finley he served in Co.E 14th ALA ...he was from chambers county I would like pictures and all the information you have this is part of my family roots............Denise Duncan

255) Thursday, January 31, 2002. I am writing a book on the 29th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Regiment, and if anyone has any information they would like included or would like to share, such as letters, diaries, reminiscenses, photos or anything pertaining to the men of this regiment it would be appreciated. The book will have, in chronological order, correspondence, reports and statistics from the OR Vols., camp locations, letters, reminiscenses, a complete roster, military records and genealogical information on each soldier ( as much as I am able to obtain). I am presently researching each company's county history for this information. If you would like to help, please email me at


253) Monday, December 17, 2001 I am searching for any information on a supposed "Camp Pendleton" during the Civil War. It was a Confederate winter camp reportedly located in southern tidewater Virginia somewhere between Bacon's Castle and Smithfield in the vicinity of the Surry County and Isle of Wight County borderline, on the southern bank of the James River. This would have been in the winter of 1861-1862 timeframe. I can't find any further information on it's existence or exact location. One of my Confederate ancestors died of illness there in January of 1862, and supposedly he was buried there. Thanks, and if you know of any additional information on the existence of this site, please email me at: Ira.T.Orrell

252) Tuesday, December 18, 2001 - Ron, I found a North Carolina,Hillsboro Military Academy, cuff button, in good condition,about 70% guilt in tact, this fall while metal detecting,I can't seem to find any information about the button, could you point me to a place to get some history on the Academy and where I might find some info on the value of the button,this button is no longer in my possession,just curious as to it's history and value,as I was told it was a rare find, thank you for your time. Dennis Boutilier, Stoneham, Maine.



250) Friday, December 07, 2001 Dear Sirs: What a wonderful find! I am new to your website and am very excited to happen upon all your hard work. We are tracking Civil War soldiers buried in Hillsdale, MI and have found several. We held our first cemetery tour honoring 11 soldiers and nurses who served. There are around 200 buried in one cemetery so we are looking for information on others...Thank you for your efforts. sincerely, Deanna Gaberdiel

249) Sunday, September 16, 2001. I live in Mi. and just received one of the ancestral Grandfather's Civil War Record and Pension record from archives of La. I have been trying to locate information via web that would help me understand a little the roll he played in the Civil War as far as his Battlion history. His pension records says "I enlisted in Capt Canfield's Co A in Clark's Batallion Summer of 1862. I contracted piles & diareha in 1864 whil in the service & am badly rupturate so that I am unable to work all from the affects of exposure & working on the forts above Alexandria." He is listed in the Confederate Index as Co. I Cons. Cres. Regt. La. Inf. and enlisted July 1862 and served his three years. Was in a hospital in Alexandria and one in Jefferson Tex. Paroled Jun 8, 1865. Can you give me a little history of what his unit did or where I might find some info. Thanks, Nora.

248) Tuesday, September 25, 2001 My great-grand father was an original member of the Ross Brigade. I have read much of them this summer since I grew interested in learning more about my family. I have photos of him and so on, and I have feelings about these matters and what manner of men these were. Based on what my grandfather and father were like I can deduce what my great-grandfather and great-great grandfather were like and I know what "I" am like. I would like to track down descendents of other members of the Ross brigade and talk to them, ask them about their lives and the lives of the generations in between them and the Civil War. I might even write a book on these children of members of the Ross Brigade. I was wondering if you knew of any organizations that has any of them still grouped together. I know that after the Civil War there was this ROss Brigade Association. I know that they have their flag on display in a case at Texas A & M. But I have not gotten a good idea on how to find other living persons associated with that band of heros. Barbara Finney

247) Sunday, August 12, 2001 Hi Ron, I was wondering if you might be able to identify a relic I dug up a few days ago. I will describe it best I can. It looks like a thin copper lid or cover for something, about 2-3/4" in diameter, and about 1/8" high when lying flat on a table. In the center of the lid is the American Eagle clutching olive branches in it's right claws and arrows in it's left. A shield covers it's chest, with horizontal stripes over vertical ones. Eagle wing tip to wing tip is 1-1/2". A banner over its head has the phrase "E Pluribus Unum". Directly over that there is a circle of eleven "loaves" surrounding thirteen stars emitting rays of light. The stars form a pattern of five rows. The top row has one star; the second row has four; the third row has three; the fourth row has four; and the bottom row has one. Directly above stars and loaves is printed the words "U.S. ARMY". A 2" narrow, raised circle surrounds all the eagle, stars, loaves, banner, and printing. Around the outermost diameter of the lid, the edge is a 1/8" wide circle of raised metal. I call the relic a "lid" because it has a broken hinge at the "top" above the words "U.S. Army". The eagle, etc is not a painting or drawing, but is a stamping from the backside. Someone suggested this to be a top for a compass or signal mirror. Any info would be appreciated thanx, TED. Theodore Langlois

246) Wednesday, August 15, 2001 Dear sirs: My name is Rosemary Hernandez. I live in Modesto, CA. Tel. (209)544-6723 I am interested in acquiring information about the pass that Clara Barton obtained directly from President Abraham Lincoln, giving her permission to go out to the battlefield to nurse the wounded. Thank you, Rosemary


244) Sunday, August 12, 2001 Seeking more specific info. on the location and actions of regiments involved in this reardguard action. I know it took place south of the city near the Martinsburg Pike & the road leading to Front Royal. The 15th, 10th, & 4th NJ Inf, and the 3rd NJ cavalry (often known by its nickname "The Butterflies"). were the Union forces forming this rearguard. They formed up about 2pm as Sheridan's force pulled out of town toward Berryville. About 4pm skirmishers form Breckenridge advanced on this rearguard, fell back, & about 6pm Breckenridge advanced his brigade. Sometime after the rearguard withdrew thru the city. Ancestors of mine were in the 15th; & Thomas Sharp of the 3rd from my hometown here of Millville NJ was killed in the streets of Winchester. I want to find more specificly than I now know of the actions of these NJ reg'ts & their locations, & if possible rheir movements thru Winchester when they withdrew. Thanks.

243) Monday, June 04, 2001 Does anybody know where I might find a color picture/phot off the colors of the 12th New Hampshire Regiment for the cover of a book I have published? Are the flags archived/displayed anywhere in Concord? (I have a black and white photo of the the colors, but cannot tell from the photo the colors of the regimental and state flags.) If anyone knows, I would be very grateful to you! Jeayn Musgrove Pickering-Fahey

242) Saturday, June 16, 2001 I would like to know where I could obtain detail plans for various field guns gattling gun and limbers.I have made thevParrot riffle and a limber from plans I found in a hobby magazine.I would like to make further other models that I might put on the market.Also the scale of these models required by collectors Thanking you in advance Tom Harrison

241) Thursday, June 14, 2001 To Whom it may concern, I am a friend of Mr. Joe Tankersley who owns the property in Central, S.C. that a reenactment was held on this past April. Joe called me up and told me that he met a Mr. Goins who gave him some information regarding reenactments. He has misplaced it and he very much wants to contact Mr. Goins. Can you help us? I am told that he is with the 10th N.C. Thank you very much. Gregg J. Farrier Liberty, S.C.

240) Tuesday, June 12, 2001 - I am seeking the regiment designation(s) and related military service information for DAVID ANDREW PRIDE who entered the service of Ham's Battalion, Mississippi State Troops in 1863. He then transferred with his state troop unit to the Confederate Army in May 1864. A pension application submitted 40 years later stated that he was in the "11th Mississippi" when it surrendered in May 1865. This regiment is believed to be the 11th Cavalry Regiment which was formed during the spring of 1864 using Perrin's Battalion State Cavalry as its nucleus. The pension application also stated that his unit was in "Armstrong's Brigade, Chalmer's Division of Forrest's Cavalry." Thank you for your assistance. Lisa Beth Powell Texas Chemicals Division Building 13-4 PH: (903) 237-6444 FAX: (903) 237-5213

239) Sunday, June 03, 2001 On may 10, 1865 general james w. wilson of the union army stormed through columbus georgia taking my great, great, great, great grand father prisoner. at the same time he took 75 bales of sea island cotton and 500 dollars in 50 dollar gold pieces. they eventually took the cotton to pensacola fl. and put it on a ship destined for liverpool england. the english paid the u s goverment 58 cents a pound or $21,750.00. my GGGG grandmother julia b. fuss and my GGGG grandfather took a train to washington dc where they were told by then president johnson to go back to atlanta and get themselves and attorney as they had a legitmate claim. i have the claim number where it was filed at the fulton county courthouse. years went by and i have several copies of letters going back and forth but the claim was never paid. some of my relatives reattempted to collect on the claim in 1934 to no avail. i do however have copies of newpaper reports where to families one in macon georgia and one in st joseph la. who did infact get their money for items taken during the war. the dates i think are around 1915. i even have a copy of the atlanta journal date april 1, 1934 that states GEORGIANS SUE FOR WAR COTTON. the interest in 1934 was calculated at $120,060.00. i cant imagine what it is today. i would appreciate if theirs anyone out their that could advise me where to go fo help. thanks beforehand, joe davis

238) Thursday, June 28, 2001 I am searching for information on my ancestors who were living in Oak Ridge, Morehouse Parish during the Civil War. My gggrandfather was Abraham Kelly, he was a doctor and owned a wholesale grocery business. I have recently learned that he was shot in the arm an subsequently lost his arm when he went out on a call. I have a copy of an interview with my great uncle who reports that Union troops destroyed all of the syrup and other foodstuffs in the warehouse of the wholesale grocery business. I would like to know if you know of an online site that would have information about Morehouse Parish during the Civil War. Thanks in advance, Sally Kelly Etebari

237) Monday, June 04, 2001 Hi My name is Deann Grissom and I my mother and I are looking for Information on her Great grandfather who disappeared so long ago that no one has been able to track him down. His name was John Burns and although we dont think he was a soldier in the Civil War we saw a program on the history channel that talked of a John Burns who helped one side fight and his spirit is beleived to have been seen on the battle grounds by several people since then. His first wife's name was Mallissie Jane Williams. If you know anything please let me know at .

236) Monday, May 07, 2001 I'm seeking descendants of soldiers who served in Company I, 13th North Carolina Troops for exchange of information. This unit was commanded by two of my kinsmen: 1st Lt. William H. Winchester (Chancellorsville and Gettysburg) and Capt. Roland S. Williams (Appomattox Court House). RReed

235) Tuesday, May 08, 2001. I am reserarching Captain William Jefferson Head who served with as 'A' company commander in the 35th Georgia Volunteer Infantry. He is listed in the Haralson County, Georgia census of 1860. Is anyone else researching this subject? If so please contact my E-mail for info exchange. Elsa Head

234) Tuesday, May 01, 2001 I am trying to find information about a Confederate soldier from middle TN named William Frank Herron that was sent to Nashville, TN prison for murdering a man. Then Pres. Johnson commuted his sentence to be hung TO life in prison. Mr. Herron did not know of that yet and he dressed as a women and escaped prison and fled to Texas. 40 Years later, an appeal was made to Pres. Theodore Roosevelt and he gave Mr. Herron a pardon. I would like to locate the court records for this case and the prison records of the charges against him and his escape. Any clues appreciated. William Frank Herron served in the 24th Regiment, TN Infantry . Thank you. Virginia L. Keefer

233) Thursday, May 03, 2001 Have searched long and hard for any available information on my great grandfather, Dr. Murphy, who was a physician and surgeon at a hospital in Richmond during the Civil War. Don't know his full name, but do know he returned to Winston-Salem, NC, after the conflict and remained there for the remainder of his life. Dr. Murphy had a son, Lyman Clements Murphy, who also was a physician. Living family members say that Dr. Murphy, Sr. was "head" of a hospital in Richmond, but they don't know which hospital. Would appreciate, so much, any information you might be able to come up with concerning Dr. Murphy. I have tried many avenues in quest of reliable information, but to no avail. Sincerely, George V. Long

232) Friday, May 04, 2001. Hello, I live in Washington State and am researching a book on the 107th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment. I am looking for photos of members, their diaries, journals, letters, newspaper articles, etc., If you can help me, or if you can forward this to anyone you think might be able to help me, I would really appreciate it a lot! Thanks again, Charles F. Bryant II

231) Sunday, April 22, 2001. I'm looking for information on the 5th Texas Mounted Volunteers or more better known as Sibley's Texas Brigade. I've come across some good resources but I was looking for more information on Co. D, this company was sent to Fort Stanton after the Battle of Valverde and ran into some Indian problems with the Apache, and I've ran into conflicting records on their recovery of four Federal cannon at Fort Stanton. Several men were killed in skirmishes with these Indians. Also, I haven't located much information on the Brigade after they retreated out of New Mexico. The major resource that keeps getting referred to is "Campaign from Santa Fe to the Mississippi (Sherveport, Louisiana, 1865; rpt., Houston: Stagecoach Press, 1961)." Any help would be appreciated. Please reply to Marvin

230) April 23, 2001. Trying to locate a photograph of Phillip Jayne, Company E, 11th New Jersey Volunteers. Any help would be appreciated. John Fischer.

229) Wednesday, April 25, 2001 My son-in-law had a relative in Co.a, Independent Exempt unit from West Virginia.Can you tell us what type of unit this was and what there function was? Any light you may be able to shed on this mystery will be appreciated. Warren Steiner

228) Wednesday, March 21, 2001 My g-grandfather, Joseph Emile Gautreaux, came from Houma, Terribonne Parish, Louisiana. According to family records, Joseph enlisted in Kings and Bulls Battery, 14th Louisiana Regiment. I can find nothing on such a CSA battery. I'd be much obliged for any assist. Thank you, ...Robert R. Allison...

227) Thursday, March 22, 2001 My 2 great grandfathers and other relatives were with the 10th Missouri Infantry CSA and fought in the Battle of Prairie Grove. My grandfather, John Vincent, was killed there and perhaps the other, Montgomery B. Rose, was seriously injured or perhaps killed in the battle. I visited the CSA cemetery there and saw very few markings on the tombstones. The Park official told me the records were destroyed by fire, and the only other records are buried beneath the high monument of the cemetery. I have searched the internet in vain for details concerning the battle - what CSA units were involved, their commanding officers, the identity of those killed, etc. Even Shelby Foote in his Civil War volumes makes very slight mention of the battle. I am looking for a book or website or other information that covers CSA involvement in the Battle of Prairie Grove. Can you help me? Farrel N. Vincent

226) Wednesday, March 28, 2001 Hi there My name is Lindsay David Greenock (Mr) and I am in the process of writing my family tree and I am currently gathering information on all military records for my family. I stay in Scotland, UK and have been researching the American Civil War records as we I have ancestors who emigrated to the USA some time ago. I found a J.W. Greenock who served in the 22nd North Carolina Regiment. His details are a bit sparse and I was wondering if there were any other sources of information that might be of help ? For information one of my ancestors attempted to join a Confederate warship whilst it was docked in Glasgow, Scotland but his sister stopped him from joining. I have an extract from another family history I can share with you if interested. Regards Lindsay D. Greenock.

225) Friday, March 30, 2001 Grt Grt Grt Grandfather Died July 2nd 1863 in the battle for "culps' Hill," searching for his picture or picture of NYVI Co D as a group. He is buried at Gettysburg- left behind sons age 4 & 6 form Elmira New York, was a cigar maker. Any help appreciated. Full Name "Venable Wesley." Many thanks for any info, D. (Wesley) James

224) Sunday, April 01, 2001 I am looking for my GGGrandfather. His name is Pinkney Watson and was from Alabama. He was with the AL 33rd Inf. Co. B. I was told by my Grandmother that he was killed in the War. I have no idea where he might have been buried and would really would like to try and get these questions answered. I have a roster of Confederate Soldiers 1861-1865 with him listed. He is listed as Pinkney G. Watson. Any help and assistance would be deeply appreciated by my whole family. Thanks in advance Brenda Freeman Tolbert

223) Saturday, April 07, 2001 My name is Connie Cason. I love to learn all I can about the Civil War and the the Georgians that fought in it. I am now trying to locate any information I can on a certain gentleman by the name of Sgt. Thomas Jefferson Rushin. Born: 1837 in Marion Co., GA. Died: Sept. 17, 1862 in Sharpsburg, MD during the Battle of Antietam. He is buried in Hagerstown, MD. His father is Joel Franklin Rushin and his mother is Elizabeth Brooks. So far this all I have found. If you have any other information or know where I can find it, please let me know. Thank you for your time. Sincerely, Connie M. Cason

222) Monday, January 29, 2001 - I am an ever learning civil war enthusiast that just discovered that a relative of mine was in the war. Let me tell you first off, that I live in the Ringgold area and am familiar with the battlesites and am learning mere and more of the battles for Chattanooga. It truly fascinates me that I have lived my entire life here and was oblivious to the impact that our local history had on the face of the war. The person I am inquiring about was in a regiment that is hard to find anything about. He is my great-great grandfather, George H. Dunn, of the 6th Regiment of the Tennessee Calvary. Discharged in July 26, 1865 at the age of 24 as a Private. My mother has a copy of the discharge papers and I would like to know where and when they saw battle. It would be so cool if we have walked the same ground here. He was from west Tennessee, probably from Weakly County. My mom was unsure of wherer he was from, but that is where her family is from, so I assume he would be from the same general area. If you could help me find out any information I would greatly appreciate it. Sincerely, Ronnie Schaeffer

221) Saturday, January 27, 2001 Looking for complete roster of 44th GA Regiment Please send to all help appreciated

220) Saturday, January 27, 2001 I am researching George E. Dixon who was the last captain of the CSS HL Hunley submarine. I know he was in the 21st Alabama, but he is originally from Kentucky. I found one small bit of information that said Kentucky offered soldiers to Alabama, but can not locate that information again. Have you heard of anything such as this? Do you have any further information on Lt. Dixon? Any information would be very helpful and much appreciated. Amy McLawhorn


218) March 11, 2001 Greetings! My name is Melody Moorehouse and I am a reporter for the newspaper in Sheridan, Arkansas. The Civil War Battle of Jenkins' Ferry was fought here in our area on April 30, 1864. An Arkansas history organization is leading an effort to preserve this battlefield and have it protected by the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism (there is a state park, but the battlfield is not included or protected in the park system). I'm writing a series of articles on the Battle of Jenkins' Ferry and of the group's preservation effort to protect this historic battleground. One of the articles I would like to write centers on the pontoon bridge that was erected at the ferry crossing and then destroyed by Steele's troops on his retreat back to Little Rock. I am trying to locate any information about this bridge, which was assigned to the care of the 24th Missouri Infantry, Company K. Do you know where I could locate any information on this bridge, its destruction and the pontoon divsion? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! Melody Moorehouse Sheridan Headlight

217) Wednesday, March 10, 2001 Can anyone tell me where Kalamara Heights was located around Washington DC and where it would be on today's map? Union troops were camped there in 1861 in the defense of Washington DC. I've looked at the Official Atlas, but have not been able to find it. Thanks,Susan Biedron

216) Tuesday, March 10, 2001First of all, I know that I speak for so many people in thanking you for providing all of the Virginia Historical Marker information! This information is invaluable! I was dismayed to find that there isn't a marker for Fort Powhatan (Hood's) mentioned in the OR, the ORN, Edmund Ruffin's diaries, etc. I believe it was situated below City Point somewhere, but I don't know exactly where. Was it in Chesterfield County, Prince George County, etc.? How many miles down from City Point? Is the area available for people to visit or is it on private property, etc. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Madeleine Eckert

215) Sunday, February 25, 2001 Does anyone have any information on a calvary unit: the 64th. Virginia calvary.I cannot find any records on this unit. I have a civil war era muzzle loading shotgun with the designation 64 th. Virginia Calvary stamped into the buttstock. Also has some sort of brass medallion under the stamping. SAXON is the maker of the firearm, appears to be British. Does anyone have any help on this unit, please?

214) I am looking for information on Simon Bechtol born Nov 18, 1840. In 1861 he enlisted in Company A, First Ohio Squadron and served for one year. In August 1862 he reenlisted in Company A, 118th Reg., Ohio Vol. Inf. He fought in the battles of Mossy Creek, Buzzard's Roost, Snake Creek Gap, siege of Atlanta, siege of Knoxville, battle of Loudon, siege of Nashville, Chattanooga, Duck River; Franklin, where he was shot through the arm and received two sabre cuts; siege of Fort Andrew, where he was wounded by the flying fragments of a shell andother battles that I don't know. He received an honorable discharge on June 24, 1865.

213) Saturday, January 06, 2001- Hi Ron, I'm looking for anyone who had kin that fought with the 47th Virginia Infantry, and any information on battle letters written by a Sergeant John W. Watson-47th Va. Any help will be MOST WELCOMED!! ALSO anyone who lives in Stafford that had family back in the civil war my E MAIL IS MARK E BEARD or

212) Thursday, January 04, 2001-I am researching a South Carolina company that enlisted in the 25th Mississippi Regiment, which I think was also called the 1st Mississippi Valley Regiment, and which changed its name to the 2nd Confederate Regiment in early 1862. This company was called the Allen Guards, was from Barnwell District, S.C. and was commanded by T.H. Mangum. The company was attached to Johnson Hagood's 1st S.C. Volunteer Regiment in early 1861. When the governor of S.C. asked the men to volunteer for service in the C.S.P.A. after Fort Sumter, most of Hagood's Regiment refused. However, the Allen Guards almost unanimously volunteeered their services to the Confederate government, and they were attached to the 25th Miss. Regiment. Mangum became Major of the regiment, and there my knowledge stops. Is there a regimental history of the 25th MS?? Stories in my family go that one of my relatives from Barnwel! l District was wounded at Shiloh, where there were no organized bodies of S.C. troops engaged, except possibly the Allen Guards. I have sent for the Compiled Service Records, but found your website and thought I would ask for help. Thanks so much! Bob Seigler

211) Sunday, December 31, 2000 Dear Ron, My name is Elizabeth (Findley) Dolan-Mankin. I am trying to trace my ggg grandfather. He fought for the Union army, and according to notes from my now deceased grandfather, Kenneth Findley, is buried somewhere in or around Bolivar, TN. He supposedly died of typhoid. His wife may have died at the same time from typhoid as well. He originally came from the north. Possibly Illinois or Pennsylvania. After his death, his children were then raised by slaves who were I think owned by a family named "Stockton" possibly from the same area. The earliest documented account of our family is then of his son John, born 1854, who came to Nebraska at age 18 in 1872. Because he was raised by slaves, and because I am not sure where to look for records I am totally stuck. My grandfather, was fascinated his entire life with the Civil War and would have loved to have known who this person was. I have tried to access some information over the internet and have found possibly three individuals who seem as though they may be related. William Findley d. 1866 buried in Memphis cemetary. Samuel Findley d. 1865 buried in Memphis cemetary. James A. Findley d. 9/30/1866 PVT Co A 2 BN 16 US Infantry. Can you help me with any additional information on the above individuals or give me suggestions on how to trace this further? I really appreciate your time and help! Thanks, Liz Dolan-Mankin

210) Saturday, December 23, 2000-Texas Marine Department. Can anybody help with this? I'm researching the naval actions off the Texas coast, 1861 - 1865 and need to know more about the CS Army's Texas Marine Department or Texas Marine Brigade. I've tracked down the vessels that served in it but now need the officers and warrant officers; so far as I can tell, there was no register of officers for the TMD published. Does anybody know better? Or can anybody suggest a listing of CS Army officers that would clearly identify those serving with the TMD? I know it's a popular area with re-enactors. (PS - Remember all the kind help that we Brits so generously and unselfishly gave to the Confederate efforts at sea out of the goodness of our hearts). Many thanks, Gerry Witt Gerald

209) Thursday, December 21, 2000-My name is Patrick T. Connolly and a native of New Orleans Louisiana. I am trying desperately to find information on a relative of mine that fought and died in the Civil War. On his tomb here in New Orleans it reads; 1st Louisiana Regiment J.P. Connolly 1st Lieutenant Died 2nd Battle of Manassas 8/29/1862 If you could provide me with any information concerning this person or a web site or individual that could help me find who he was or how he died would be so greatly appreciated. Patrick T. Connolly

208) 8th Kentucky Regimental Mounted Infantry, CSA Company F Hankins, Albert - Enlisted at Hopkinsville, Christian County, Ky in August 1861; was a 4th Sergeant; he lived in Hopkins Co., Ky.; he never came home after the war; it has been said by family, which has been handed down by word of mouth, that he fought in the Battle of Hopkinsville, Ky. in 1865 and was killed; would appreciate any information.

207) Monday, December 18, 2000. Thomas Nathan Borne, was my great great grandfather, he was a scout for the virginia confederate army, i was wondering, if you ever run across his name, while fixing your website, if you ever happen to find something on him, please let me know, he had many kids, one with the name of Nina Borne, he was married to a cherokee woman from north carolina, thank you

206) Saturday, December 16, 2000, 4th Virginia Infantry, Montgomery Highlanders. I'm looking for info on the Montgomery Highlanders, particularly info on their uniforms, equipment, campaigns, etc. Several great and great-great grandfathers served with the Montgomery Highlanders.

205) Thursday, December 14, 2000 I'm looking for the grave location of Henry Maxey of Co. "C" 44th Georgia Infantry. He was wounded and killed the 7th of may 1863. Chancellorsville Va. he was my Great great Grandfather and his grave location is unknow, any help would be app. thanks John Maxey

204) Wednesday, November 15, 2000 I am need information on Kittrell Springs Hotel, Vance, County, Kittrell, North Carolina (near Henderson, NC) The Hotel was turned into a hospital during the Civil War. A Confederate Cemetery nearby serves as a resting place for 52 soldiers from the states of NC, SC VA, Ga. The dates of deaths reveal that the first was on August 1, 1864 and the last on April 15, 1865. I am trying to find information on the possibility Vance County being the home site of a Civil War Training Group. Can you tell me where I can find more information. Your help would be greatly apprecaited, Thanking you, Nancy Wilson

203) Wednesday, November 15, 2000 Company I, 35th Georgia Infantry, CSA Pratt, Charles F. private September 25, 1861 . Detailed Hospital Steward December 8, 1861 . Roll for February 28, 1865 , last on file, shows him "Absent without leave in Chattooga County, Ga. since February 18, 1865 ." No later record. This was my Great Great Grandfather. Aunt Lena Pratt passed on tragically, but gave this information to my son Benjamin Pratt for a school report a few years ago. She said he was wounded at Chickamauga and returned home to recuperate just before the surrender. I'm wondering why the discrepancy in account. Were some seperated from their units in that battle? Write me back any way. Leonard D. Pratt -- Lincoln, NE

202) Wednesday, December 06, 2000 Just wanted to give you a little more history on George Washington Williams in case I did not find it within the 30-45 days. I am doing research on the great soldier, clergyman, legislator and historian George Washington Williams, who joined the United States Colored Troops in 1864 and served in operations against Petersburg and Richmond. After the war's end, Williams was stationed in Texas, but crossed the border in 1865 to fight with the Mexican republican forces that overthrew the emperor Maximilian. He returned to the U.S. Army in 1867, served with the Tenth Cavalry, an all black unit at Fort Arbuckle, Indian Territory. He was discharged after being shot through the left lung. He graduated from Newton Theological Institution in 1874 and married Sarah Sterret of Chicago. He was installed as pastor of The Twelfth Baptist Church in Boston and later wrote and published "History of the Twelfth Baptist Church", "History of the Negro Race in America: Negroes as Slaves, Soldiers, and as Citizens", and "A History of the Negro Troops in the War of the Rebellion". In 1885, President Chester Arthur appointed Williams minister to Haiti, was sworn in by U.S. Senate, but before he could assume post, President Grover Cleveland appointed someone else. He was also the first African American legislator to serve in the Ohio House of Representatives in 1879. In that regard, there is a George Washington Williams Memorial Room and a bust being dedicated in his honor at the Ohio State Capitol Building. I am searching the web to find any descendants of this great American to participate in the unveiling ceremonies in October, 2001. The historian John Hope Franklin wrote the biography of George Washington Williams. Williams died August 2, 1891 during his travels to England and is buried in Blackpool, England. I misquoted and said he was in Liverpool. However, he was born to a free black laborer Thomas Williams and Ellen Rouse in Bedford Springs, Pennsylvania October 16, 1849. Apprently, he had siblings somewhere in California, and later a son (name unknown). John Hope Franklin discovered that his ex-wife Sarah died in Washington D.C. (don't know the year-or if she remarried). But no history was left regarding his son. I understand that the Mormons Church of Latter Day Saints has microfilm, but I'm digging there also. If you have any information regarding my search that could be helpful, it would be greatly appreciated.

201) Monday, November 13, 2000 Hi, I am President of the Algiers Historical Society (Louisiana) and researching Union troops in Algiers/New Orleans in the Civil War. Any info. or leads would be greatly appreciated. Am in the process of writing an article for our newsletter on Union troops in Algiers. Thanking y'all in anticipation, Cheers, Kevin Herridge 1-888-842-2747

200) I am writing a regimental history on the 11th Tennessee Infantry, C.S.A. (Cheatham's Division) I am looking for any information such as diaries, letters, photos, etc. of members of this regiment. I would appreciate any help. Todd Cathey



199) I have a question in relation to researching my family genealogy. my great-grandfather ezekiel edward YOUNG was born in VA but lived in KC, MO from 1875 to 1897 at his death. he signed in at two different CA reunions--1891he listed his unit as Frost's Brigade; 1895 he listed the unit as Cap. Stephen Ragan's. He is buried in Forest Hill Cemetery in KC near Jo Shelby's grave among other CA soldiers. Unverified sources say that this plot of land is where part of the Battle of Westport was fought and only men in that battle and/or men who fought with Shelby are buried there with him. There is another Ezekiel Young who was the Capt. of the 37th Cav. Co. I of VA who resigned his post in 1864 citing he was a citizen of MO and wanted to join Gen. Price in that state. I am trying to connect my grt-grdf to this Capt. from VA and/or verify his service in MO. Do you know what regiment numbers were in Frost's Brigade? I assume this is Daniel M. Frost's group as he, too, fought under Shelby. Do you know any sources that would help me? Thanks so much, kathy young moran

198) My name is William C. Kirkham and the reason that I am writing you is to request any information that you might have about the Union Gun or the Coffee Mill Gun (Wilson Agers design) that was used by the north and south durring the civil war. The reenacting group that I am a member of would like to construct one for use durring our reenactments. E-Mail Click here to email or P.O.Box 106 Goodhope Illinois 61438 Phone (309)456-3749

197) I have come across the letters of two brothers who fought with the 139th New York Infantry. Both brothers were killed the same day. A family relative typed and made a booklet of the letters. As no regimental history was ever made of the 139th these letters give a look as to where the regiment was and what it did. I told the owner of the letters that he should seek to have them published. Could you please give me advice as to how I could get someone to look over the manuscript? Thank You, Paul Infranco

196) Friday, September 08, 2000 I'm currently in the process of publishing the annotated English translation of "Un Revenant" (English title "One Came Back") published in 1884 by Rémi Tremblay, veteran of the 14th US regulars. I'm interested both in sharing Rémi's eyewitness reports on the Battles of the Wilderness, Cold Harbor, Petersburg and Libby Prison as well as receiving more information about the 14th Regulars in the period from Fall, 1863-1865. I have Rémi's military papers, his post-war correspondance with Major Edmond Mallet as well as Rémi's other comments about the common soldier's life, battle scenes and sounds. Margaret S. Langford

195) Hello. I'm looking for a roster of men mustered into the 1st Conn. Heavy Artillery, especially those stationed at Fort Richardson in Washington, D.C. I am also looking for any and all info regarding regiment from 1862-65. For some reason, this is one of the most difficult regiments to research though I know (am I correct?) they served under McClellan and were instrumental during the Peninsula Campaign. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you in advance for your timely response; Jennifer Brownstone Kopp Reporter, Cape May Star and Wave Newspaper and Managing Editor,

194) Subject: Civil War in New Mexico and Colorado Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 Would like to get in touch with any historians interested in the lonesome little part of the Civil War that took place in New Mexico and especially Colorado. Paul McClendon 2630 Caminito Carlitos Santa Fe, NM 87505

193) Subject: USS Monitor - Fri, 18 Aug 2000. I am looking for information on finding crew lists for the USS Monitor, during the Civil War. Especially relating to a crew member with the last name of Thurston, probably from Manteno twp., Illinois. Return any info to Dirk Holtman or Thank you

192) Subject: Federal steamers West Point and George Peabody Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2000-Seeking info. on where over 70 men are buried that lost their lives on Aug 13, 1862, when the Federal steamers George Peabody and West Point collided in the Potomac River. Would any one know the cemetery? My gr-gr-grandfather lost his life there! He is not buried in a national cemetery, it has to be a private one.Thanks for any help. e-mail me at Burma

191) Subject: 16TH Battalion Georgia Calvery Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 I am having a difficult time finding anything on this unit. Do you have any information or suggestions on where to go. William Davis was my great great grandfather and we believe died fighting at Bulls Gap Tenn. Thank You, Ron Beever 3829 Chestatee Cutoff Gainesville, Georgia 30506

190) Battle of Cornith, MS. Date: Sun, 18 Jun 2000 06-18-2000 I am looking for info pertaining to the Battle of Corinth and the U.S. 17th Iowa Infantry involvement under Hamilton's Division, in which the 17th Iowa captured the Colors of the C.S. 40th Mississippi Infantry, when the 40th MS. & Prices Corps were falling back from Town the 17th Iowa engaged during a Flank attack upon the 40th MS., capturing their Colors, on October 04, 1862. Would the Iowa historical Society still possess the 40th Colors? If not, what documentation do we know of indicating the whereabouts of this Flag? Any info or related publications would be greatly appreciated! Sincerely, John and Joyce (Henson) Zoch Seaford

188) 29th Connecticut Infantry Colored Date: Wed, 14 Jun 2000 I am the curator of the Historical Society of the Town of Greenwich and am looking for information on African American men from Greenwich who served in the 29th. In particular members of the Green and Peterson families. I am also looking for any suriving objects from the 29th. If you have any information please let me know. Kathy Craughwell-Varda

187) Subject: 1st Sergeant William M Johnson 23rd Reg. Inf. Missouri Volunteers Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 We are looking for information about our ancestor,William M. Johnson who enlisted on October 15,1861 in Ringgold County Iowa. Served with the 23rd Reg. Inf. of the Missouri Volunteers, under Captain Marion Cave.Captain Marion Cave signed his discharge on Dec. 29,1864 in Savanah,Georgia.William M. Johnson was born in Putnam County,Indiana in 1837. We believe he returned to Ringgold County , Iowa after the war. If you have information about William M. Johnson please contact us at

186) Subject: William B. Hooper Date: Wed, 07 Jun 2000 I'm the municipal historian of Windham, a town in eastern Connecticut. I often conduct tours of the Willimantic (the industrial city in the colonial town of Windham) cemetery, and a highlight is the grave of Quarter Master Sergeant William B. Hooper, a Congressional Medal of Honor winner whilst a member of Company L of the First New Jersey Cavalry. The attachment is a picture of his and the family grave. Cooper was a local boy, but he died at Caldera, Chile, in 1870, aged 29. I'm conducting research into that interesting facet. He won the Medal by his actions at Chamberlain's Creek, VA just 10 days before Appomatox. I'm intrigued from the book review on your web site that the First New Jersey commander was Sir Percy Wyndham -- just a coincidence I'm sure (?) that Hooper was born in Windham -- and from the fact that the First NJ was a crack unit. Any information on Hooper would be greatly appreciated, particularly on the unit's action where his valor was rewarded. Tom Beardsley Windham's History Web
Click here for image

185) Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 I am a writer also and have recently begun delving into my ancestry. I want to write my great grandfather's story, but at this time have very little to go on. Wish me luck! I am a descendent of James Crockett Price, of the 21st Regiment of VA. Calvary and am looking for more information on him and his regiment. Any help would be appreciated! Katherine McDilda 11761 Moneta Road Moneta, Virginia 24121 540-297-9337 540-297-5902 Fax

184) Subject: Fire Tables and Accuracy Test Results for Civil War Artillery Date: Fri, 21 Jul 2000 I am interested in locating as complete a listing of Fire Tables (usually stored in Limber Chests - depicts Range by Shell Type, charge, and Elevation) for each of the ordnance types at Gettysburg. Most likely, this would be some reproduction of an 1850s war Department ballistics test. The repeatibility of hits at the various ranges would be perfect. My purpose is to create a very realistic simulation of the battle and this includes randomization of the hits by artillery. Thanks for taking time to respond. Steve Miller work (256)730-6333 My e-mail address at home is :"Miller, Steve (Stephan W)"

183) Subject: Grandfather: I am searching for any information on my grandfather William Henry Brack or could be spelled Brock. He was born on 6/5/1840 in Henry Co. Ga. He served in the Civil War and was captured by the yankees and was treated badly according to what my mother told us. He married Nancy Crossley in Greene Co. Ga. on 3/12/1871. Any information at all would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 7/21/2000

182) Subject: Date: Sat, 22 Jul 2000 I was wondering if you had any information on Co. B 158 New York Inf. Reg. My husband had a grandfather which served with this company. All we know is that : Benjamin F. Timpson Co. B 158 New York Inf. Reg. recruited from Brooklyn Kings Co. area mustered in Nov. 10 and 11 1862 at Norfolk Va mustered out Jun 30 1865 at Richmond Va Colonels were : Francis B. Spinola James Jourdan and William H McNary we are looking for any information as to the regiment history or battles that this regiment fought at. Thank you for any help it is greatly appreciated Marie Antal

181) Co K, Unit 33 Alabama Infantry Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 Hope you can point me in the right direction: I can't find anything on this unit. Looking for this individual: Gabriel F. Kettner Box 000374, Roll 0024, Record 00002758 Co. K, Unit 33 Alabama Infantry, Private

180) Subject: Civil War Units Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 Where can I find information on the Sixth Mississippi Cavalry Company A? Captain:Dr J.M.Mitchell I didnt see it listed. Thanks

179) Subject: SC 5th calvary Date: Sun, 25 Jun 2000 I'm looking for my gg-grandfather Thomas Middleton Balentine might be spelled Ballentine. from the Charleston area of SC. According to family stories he joined the cavalry when he was 16yrs. and it took him 10yrs. to get back home. I have one report that that he was captured at Stoney Creek, Va about 20 mile south of Petersburg , Va on the RR where Butler's Brigrade maintained a camp for disabled horses. Also another source say's he died in the war. He was born in SC maybe Charlston or Georgetown on Sept.7, 1845. Any info about him would be greatly & gratiously recieved. Thanks Carole

178) Subject: Mississippi State Troops Date: Thu, 22 Jun 2000 I'm looking for info on the Mississippi Home Guards AKA State Troops. My gg-grandfather was in the the 3rd Batt., MS State Troops from '62-'63, culminating in the siege of Vicksburg. He was paroled and went home. Anyway, is there any source info on these State battalions? Any notes on arms, uniforms, etc. that you might have found? Julia Ray Winona, MS

177) Subject: Illinois 5th Infantry Date: Tue, 20 Jun 2000 I'm trying to find information regarding a lapel button ( I believe ) it is about the size of a dime with an attachment on the backside that would fit through a button slot, the front side has Illinois at top and Infantry at bottom and has a small star on each side near the outer rim the center has a five point star with a white enameled 5 in it's center and is set against a rayed background, the reverse portion say's "Braxmar New York", and I believe it to be made of bronze. My problem is that I have been unable to find anything on infantry regiment's from Illinois with numerical lower than 7. Thank you in advance for any and all information. Blaine Anderson

176) Subject: Civil War-Battle of Petersburg Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 I am interested in the 11th South Carolina Infantry Battalion (9th South Carolina Volunteers) My great-great grandfather Thomas Hamilton, died on 18 June 1864 in the battle of Petersburg. I can't find very much information about this unit. Do you have any information on where to look? Thank You, Mike Peters

175) Subject: 178-189-192nd Ohio Infantry Units Date: Sun, 09 Jul 2000. I have been trying to research my Great Grandfather's infantry regiments and to find Rosters for them with little success. I find Louis Stempfly listed as serving with the 192nd Ohio Infantry and Albin Irey serving with the 178th and the 189th Ohio Infantry but have been able to find very little info about these two great grandfathers. Any suggestions or direction would be greatly appreciated. All I know of Louis Stempfly is that he lived in Hamilton and Butler Counties at one time or another. Albin Irey was from Columbiana County. Thanks if you can help Peggy Stempfly

174) Subject: 43 North Carolina Infantry-Company G-Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000. I am searching for any info that I may find regarding the subject above. My great great grandfather Alexander H. Beddingfield was a member of that unit and company. Any suggestions on where to start will be appreciated. I have a photo of him and letters that he wrote but nothing after he left for the war. He died in Gordansville, Va in 1863. Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated Chuck Beddingfield (formerly of Wake County..NC) PO Box 923 Starkville, MS 39760-0923 662-323-7103

173) Subject: Autryville, NC Site Date: Mon, 10 Jul 2000 I am interested in any information on an alleged incident that took place on the South or Black River near Autryville, Sampson county, NC. Probably, I'm guessing this alleged incident took place late in the war since Averasboro and Bentonville are very nearby to this site. The info I have thus far came from a website dealing with Civil War relics and alleged treasures. This incident involves a Confederate wagon train of supplies that was captured by Union forces near Autryville and then scuttled by pushing all the wagons and supplies into the "South Black River". Only later was it discovered or revealed that one of the wagons contained $350,000.00 in silver coins which also went into the river. Well, to me it would seem that the supplies would be captured and used and not pushed into a do you have any info on this? What I now know is that there is already one hole in the story. "South Black River" South River and Black River are both in Sampson county near Autryville. Just wonderin'......... Timothy Bates

172) Subject: Bragg and Ashley Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 I am searching for information about Lewis Ashley, who served in the 7th WV. Cavalry(union) and Milton Bragg who served in the 60th Va. Infantry(confederacy). They were both my great-grandfather. Thank You, Marsha King

171)Subject: David Johnson Melvin Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000-Ron, I'm trying to locate David Johnson Melvin Co. I (or Co.1) 51st North Carolina Infantry. I've just started to try to put together my family tree. Not having a lot of luck with this one. All the information about his unit was told to me by relatives and I do appreciate any help that I can get in finding him. Thanks The Torrington Company 615 Torrington Drive Dahlonega, Ga (706) 864-7691 ext. 282

170) Subject: 16th Georgia Date: Fri, 14 Jul 2000 From: "Rick Woods" 16th Georgia infantry: If anyone has any information, please let me know at

169) Subject: 44th N Carolina-Sat, 10 Jun 2000. I am doing research and I am trying to find the history of a certain 44th N Carolina. I didn't see the unit on your website but was wondering if you could give me some insight on the regiment, whether they may have stayed in the state, disbanded into another regiment, etc. I appreciate your help and am looking forward to your reply. Scott Jankowski

168) Thursday, 15 Jun 2000 GEORGIA ANCESTOR AT GETTYSBURG? Published author is seeking copies of war-time images/photos of Georgians that were documented casualties (killed, wounded, captured, missing) at Gettysburg, Pa., July 1-5, 1863, for use in my upcoming book,"Georgia At Gettysburg". Copies of Georgia soldier letters, reminiscences, stories, etc. regarding the Gettysburg experience also wanted. Please contact: Greg C. White, 3101 Mills Ridge Dr., Canton, GA 30114 Email:

167) Subject: Delawareans in the Confederacy-Fri, 16 Jun 2000-My Wife, Joyce and I are researching native Delawareans who enlisted or fought for the Confederacy. Most of Southern Delaware was Southern Sympathetic before the War and Southern Delaware had Confederate Enlistment's (Early Period) at our County Seat of Georgetown, DE, before Lincoln Ran Our Governor Ross and Southern Sympathizers out of our State. Delaware became a Police State for the remainder of the war. Do you have any info on Delawareans in Virginia Units? Searching Grave Sites here in Laurel, Delaware, I have found a Virginia Solider, his stone reads: Aaron B. Francis - CO. K 17 VA. INF. CSA May 14, 1842 April 18, 1920. His stone resembles that of one donated by the Veterans Administration. Also their are other family Surnames of Francis buried along side him in this Grave Yard. Was he a Delawarean? Any Help or related Publications would be greatly appreciated! Thank You, John and Joyce (Henson) Zoch, 1126 Airport Road, Seaford, Delaware 19973-4402 Member: 2nd Maryland Co. H ,(P.A.C.S.) U.D.C. Chapter 114 Harvard County, Maryland

166) Subject: Seeking info. on Terry's 4th Ark. battalion (infantry)-Fri, 16 Jun 2000. My grandfather served in the CSA having enlisted in Clark Couunty, Arkansas in the spring of 1861. His name was Frame Wood Stegall (1838) Byhalia. MS. His battalion in subject row was Terry's 4th ' later consolidated into McNairs 4th Arkansas Regiment at Corinth Ms. I have been unable to follow his regiments activities except that he was discharged at Camp Douglas Illinois, after Lee's surrender. Can you give info re the travels of the 4th(Terry's) battalion? Thanks for the opportunity to seek this info. Roy Stegall , Scottsdale Az. email

165) Fri, 16 Jun 2000 - My great grandfather was Benjamin Smith Smylie. He was in the 1st Louisiana Calvary. The only information I have is that he was a POW. He was captured in Citronelle, Alabama at the end of the war. I do not have his enlistment date or the name of where he was imprisoned. He is listed on some of the muster rolls of the Morgans Rangers, but is not listed on some. I would like to know more about his military history and the history of his regiment. Sincerely, Jean Smylie Bell

164) Sat, 13 May 2000 I am looking for information on William Wesley Caldwell, 13th inf, co.E. There are conflicting ages and spellings. The family name is Caldwell (also buried under Caldwell) in the L.A. National Cemetery. He is listed in 13th MI inf register as William W. Colwell, age 18 from Cass Co. Any information you can give would be appreciated. Susan Clark at or (fax) 630-832-6064. Address is 710 North Kenilworth, Glen Ellyn, IL 60137.Thank you - Susan Clark

163) Suject: Sam Hilderbrand Confederate Guerilla: Tue, 9 May 2000 Do you have any idea of anyone that would have some sort of record on how many books were written on this man. I'm trying to purchase as many different copies of these books as I can. There's one that is a paper back by an unknown author titled Sam Hidebrand Rides Again. The most recent was by Brehain and I believe it was just called Sam Hilderbrand Confederate Guerilla. Im an avid collecter of the American West and Sam was my great-great grandfather. His daughter and my great grand-mother Rebbecca lived to be in her 90's and told me stories about how they used to hide out. Jim Valle

162) Subject: Co. "K"-14th North Carolina Regiment, Thu, 25 May 2000 - According to a book entitled "Pattern of Timeless Moments" by Mable Lassiter, my great, great grandfather resided in Montgomery County, NC until he enlisted in the 14th Regiment, Co. "K" in Wake County on July 16, 1862. He died in Lynchburh, Va in Dec. 1862 of congestion of lungs. His name was Noah W. Morgan.I have been unable to find anything on him such as roster of unit. Can you point me in the right direction. I am assuming that he was buried in Lynchburg as his wife took infant son and moved to Kentucky. I don't believe they would have had the money to get his body back to Montgomery Co. Are there Confederate Cemeteries in Lynchburg?Any information would be appreciated. Gary Smith "Gary W. Smith"

161) Subject: 56th VA Infantry Fri, 26 May 2000 - I am interested in the 56th Virginia Infantry. I have just recently discovered that I may have no less than 4 relatives that fought in that unit. I am very certain there are more. All were natives of Charlotte County, VA. Their names were Elijah W. Clark (wounded and died at parents home in 1864). Elijah's brother William H. Clark (died of thypoid in 1861). Their cousin William Woodson Berkley (wounded at Gaines Mill, taken POW at Amelia CH), and my mystery man, John M. Smith. John Smith died in Chattanooga, TN on March 28, 1862. Chattanooga?! I didn't think this unit fought in that battle and wasn't the battle of Chattanooga much later in the war? Could he have been a POW and was incarcerated at Chattanooga? I would love the answer to the uestion or any interesting trivia about the unit that I can pass on to my sons.Thank you!

160) Subject: Civil War Soldiers help needed please. Date: Thu, 4 May 2000. I am trying to help a friend find 2 of his ancestors who possibly served in the war between the states. He is a native of Arkansas where his family was from but is now living in Georgia where I live. His ancestors names were: Isiah Stanford Morton & Charleston John McIvene (who died in Saline Co Arkansas). If you would be so kind to look in the roster Index to see if these names are listed we would be greatful. This would give him a lead to see if he needed to order their military records. Thanks Marie Parks

159) Subject: Major General William Hugh Keim Date: Sat, 6 May. I am trying to locate any information on Major General William Hugh Keim. Militia Officer, Politican, U.S. Congressman, Surveyor General of Pennsylvania. War Service 1861 as Major General of Pennsylvania volunteers, was second in command to Patterson in the Shenandoah Valley. In December 1861 was appointed Brig General of Volunteers Command 2nd Bde Casey's Divn IV Corps. At Williamsburg died of campfever. "Mary Keim "

158) Subject: Civil War Soldiers Burials in NJ Wed, 05 Apr 2000. I have been involved in a 10+ years project to locate and document all Civil War Veterans buried in New Jersey. North, South, Black, White, Women, and Children. If they served we want to find them. If you know of CW soldiers buried in NJ please contact me with as much of the following information as known: Name, date of death, military service information, cemetery name, and cemetery town. Bob MacAvoy,

157) Mon, 27 Mar 2000 I have a relative who is buried in a family graveyard here in Tigerville , SC. His headstone is in bad shape but Elias Forest can be read and 122 Regt. Volunteers can also. Can you please tell me something about this unit or maybe even him.

156) Mon, 27 Mar 2000 Sir, my g.g.g.GRAND FATHIER was A.M.GUIN he fought with the 26th Alabama Co. I, he enlisted with his father and brothers. He fought in all the major battles, was captured twice and was shot up in GETTYSBURG. His brother was too and was a POW at Point Lookout prison . They had a younger bother ISAHA GUIN that died in 1865. Their dad Asa Guin III died 1864 and was buried in his uniform. The reason I am writing is I can't find the roster where Asa enlisted. The rest I have found but cannot even find his grave. They enlisted in Frenbank,Alabama, drilled and went to war from there. Please if you can help me find the roster or any thing you can on Asa or the early enlistments of the 26th Ala. ASA was 40 at the time of enlistment any information will help put a closure and maybe find his grave. Thanks for your time and understanding Billy C.Morris,

155) Tue, 28 Mar 2000 How might I find out more about Co. D, 10 Texas Cavalry, Locke's Regiment? I have someone who is not in the pension lists, but was indexed as in this regiment as a Private/Private. His name is D. D. Merritt (Daniel Dunkley Merritt). I would like to know when he served, was he a POW, if he died in battle and if so which, when did he inlist, what battles did he serve in, who were his compadres, etc. Any ideas? Lee Ann Gerhart, Anchorage, AK

154) Wed, 29 Mar 2000 My family has held that our great grandfather, Captain William Niles, went off to fight for the Confederacy and never returned. Our Great Grandmother then took up with a Wardlaw Barnes and the family, along with Niles' son, took on the Barnes name. This has been clouded over the years, but the matriarch of the family ties us in with John C. Calhoun of S.C. and also the Cherokee Nation from the mountains of NC. SC records do not reflect a William Niles, much less a Captain William Niles. The Archives in Columbia show that a William Niles enlisted as a private in the 7th Georgia Infantry. I noticed in the websight I visited that the 7th wasn't mentioned. Have I hit a dead end? Is there anything else you can tell me? I am under the assumption that he lived in the mountains, and therefore would have fought for any one of the States in the lower Appalachia Region. I would appreciate any help. Sincerely, Eric Barnes

153) On July 24th, 1863 my great Grandfather, Lt George A. Chandler and Capt. Samuel H Pillsbury of the 5th Maine Infantry were captured near White Plains Virginia, and sent to Libby Prison in Richmond, VA, arriving there on July 30th 1863. I am writing a book on George Chandler. I am trying to find out who captured him. I know that Mosby was in the area as was J.E.B Stuart's Division. Any information or leads that you can give me will be greatly appreciated. I am also interested in communication with anyone researching the 5th Maine. Chuck Heath, Alexandria, VA, posted on January 31, 2000.

152) Subject: 36th Pennsylvania Infantry Volunteers, Seventh Reserves Regiment. I believe that the Seventh Reserves may have been the federalized name for the 36th Pennsylvania. Both sides of my family had members in this unit. They enlisted for a three years their company and was mostly from Luzerne County in Pennsylvania. My paternal gggrandfather was Nathan Kleintob. He enlisted in 1861 as a fifer. However, after the Battle of Dranesville, Virginia, he was promoted to the commissioned rank of Principal Musician of his Regimental Band. He served his whole enlistment and saw action in many battles including Chancellorsville and Antietam. I am curious just why he was promoted after Dranesville. No one in the family knows. Can you assist me in this research and will you please post this query on your bulletin board? Thank you. Derr Kleintob Hillsboro, Oregon Kathleen Kleintob Mon, 27 Dec 1999 14:36:51 -0800

151) Civil War Query: I am looking for information on the Altamaha Scouts, Company I, 25th Georgia Infantry with the Army of Tenessee and the Liberty Rangers, 11th Battallion, 47th Georgia Infantry with the Army of Tenessee. I am also looking for information on the 23rd South Carolina Infantry, Company E. Any help is appreciated! Tue, 28 Dec 1999


150) How about 42nd Missouri infantry? I have two grandfathers from different lines who served in the same regiment. It was the 42nd Missouri infantry, Co. D. What is the history of this group of men? If you know I'd live to hear from you. I'm exhausting myself trying to find out! Thanks a mil! Lorie Castro Tue, 28 Dec 1999

149) Does anyone have information about the 1st Alabama and Tennessee Vedette Calvary U.S.A.? I am seeking information about Company H which was organized at Stevenson and Bridgeport, Alabama between September 10, 1863 and April 26, 1864. I believe that my great great grandfather and his son were both in this unit.If you can help please e-mail Terry at Thanks. Fri, 31 Dec 1999

148) I am in process of writing new history of the 9th Connecticut Infantry, interested in corresponding with anyone researching this regiment. Joe Kelly 12/15/99

147) Iam looking for the roster of the 8th Florida Company A. Can you tell me where I can locate this information. Ken Wilson 12/15/99

146) Subject: Researching Connecticut Cavalry Date: Sat, 13 Nov 1999 1st Connecticut Cavalry Volunteers I am heavily involved in the search for primary or secondary material pertaining to the 1st Connecticut Cavalry Volunteers. I am in the process of writing its regimental history and am looking for letters, diaries, images, and any information you might have related to this hard-fought combat outfit and may wish to include in the history. Please contact Bob at Any information is appreciated.

145) Subject: Civil War Information Date: Mon, 15 Nov 1999 I am looking for a unit that consisted (all or partially) of men from Shelby Co. Alabama. The unit was called Selden-Lovelace Alabama Battery. Do you have anything on this unit or is it known by another name? Thank you Debbie Henderson

144) Subject: REB Soldiers Date: Thu, 25 Nov 1999 I ordered a book from you a few day back and we talked about the following. My GG G/Father, William Lindsay Coppedge, Capt. Co. K 7th Texas Inf. died of chronic diarrhea in Afton Alabama. which was in Barbour county. I am trying to locate his grave site. This fellow came to Texas in the early 1850 with a J. Clark and founded a school of higher education in Mury League or now Upshur Co. The next person is GG Uncle Charles Fisher Covey, Pvt 1st Tex. Inf. [Co. D I think] he was killed May 7th 1862 at Eltham's Landing Va. Some say West Point Va. Any help or Information on these two boys eill be greatly appreciated. Robert Wm Newsom Box 128 Ore City,Texas e-mail Robert W. Newsom"

143) Subject: Missing Great- Great Grandfather Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 In 1864, my great-great grandfather disappeared and is thought to have been in the civil war. No one knows for sure. It is thought that he might have been in the 5th Ala Calvary? Someone even came up with the story that he might have been killed at White Surlfor Springs near Athens. Al. Well his grandaughter did not know this and I don't know where they got this. I have seen no evidence of either one. His name was Henry Sandlin. He was born in Morgan County, Al in 1834. He married Mary Jane Poteete. They had 3 children. Amy Elizabeth, my great grandmother. There was 2 others. One son, I don't remember his name. No-one knew what had happened to him until 5 or 6 years ago some of his grandchildren contacted us from California. They said that Mary remarried and the step-father was so mean to them that he left Ala as soon as possible. My uncle and a cousin put up a memorial for him at Hopewell Cemetary near Danville, Al next to his parents. I asked them point blank where they got this information. There was a HR Sandlin in the 5th Alabama Calavry. They think that this is him. I don't know if it is or not. But the funny thing is he had a younger brother (John J. Sandlin aka Jack who was in the 5th Ala cal. If this is him or was why did no one know what unit he was in. If, you have any idea's as to how we might figure this out I'd appreicate it. Any suggestions would be welcome. My e-mail address ia as follows: "brenda s culp"


141) Subject: A humble but earnest request for info on the 4th Texas Cav. Date: Mon, 8 Nov 1999. In a recent dive into my family history I came upon a relative of mine who served in the Civil War. Alas I can find little of his units history or of any thing else of the matter concerning him. Here is what I have so far. "The records show that Thomas Wilbur Williams, private, Company K "Ford’s Company", "Green’s Regiment", 4th Texas Cavalry, Confederate States Army, enlisted March 5, 1863. The last company roll on file dated February 29, 1864 reports him present. No later record showing him present in the military has been found to date. Both Thomas (Pension No. 14893) and his second wife Helen (Pension No. 17458) , filed for pension in 1909 and 1910. Both of their pension records can be found in the Texas State Library and Archives Commission located in Austin." This is what I have in my revision of one part of my families history. Can you please help me in finding out my dear ancestors units history? I would be forever in your debt. Sincerest Regards Conrad Dean Williams

140) Subject: Info on a gentelman in the 5`th Ill.Cav. Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 HELLO. My name is John and I `m looking for some information on a person who was in the 5`th Illinois Cavalry. All I have to go on are his initials, his company and the town Believe he was from. I hope you can help me out. S.M.E. Are his initials. Co. H. V . Illinois Cav. Doniphan Mo 1862. Any info you have on this person would be a great help. Thanks

139) Subject: 17th NC Regiment Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1999 Looking for information on the 17th NC Reg (company H). In particular Private Warner Gordon Bailey, Jr. from Everettes, NC. Any info or search advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Scott Please respond back to "Douglas, Scott"

138) Subject: William Harrison Lambert Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 I am trying to find a copy of the speech my ancestor William H. Lambert composed and spoke in Arlington. He was a member of the 33rd Regiment of NJ and went from a captain to a major. He was awrded with the Congressional Medal of Honor for his achievements during the course of the Civil War. This speech or any information regarding William H. Lambert would be greatly appreciated. Chris Lambert

137) Subject: My Great Grandfather Date: Fri, 19 Nov 1999 I am interested in obtaining information about Archibald Freeman, a member of the New York Infantry during the Civil War. He was awarded the Medal of Honor for capturing an enemy flag near Spotslyvania, Va, or at least I believe this is correct. I am interested in finding information about his family and background. He was born near Newburg, New York in 1847. Any help you can provide will be appreciated. Jerry Johnson

136) Subject: 154 OHIO VOL. INFANTRY - Date: Sat, 20 Nov 1999 I am looking for information related to the 154th Ohio Vol. Inf. when in service near "New Creek", WV, (now Keyser, WV) (Wilson, David)

135) Subject: 10th Georgia Battalion. I am putting together a history of the 10th Georgia Infantry Battalion and searching for any information such as diaries, letters, etc. The companies of the battalion were raised in the counties of Macon, Bibb, Sumter and Worth. Would like to hear from any descendents who have information on individual soldiers in this battalion.-------Dennis Miller 9/25/99

134) My great-grandfather Charles Weitfle was a photographer with the 1st Division, 6th Corps (Northern Armies), and took many CDV photos of the soldiers. So far, I have been able to collect only 3 of his Civil War CDV's.....they all say "Weitfle & Wright" on the back. Can you help me to possibly find people who might have some of his CDV's? If I can't buy them, I would at least like to get nice color copies. Also, his brother Adolph Weitfle served a 3 year enlistment with the 1st NJ Vol. Calvary, 1st Regiment, Company L. Your site has given me the title of 2 books that sound very interesting. I'm going to try to locate copies of these 2 books. Thanks. Paul Weitfle Cincinnati OH. 9/25/99

133) I am writing a book on the 29th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry Regiment, and if anyone has any information they would like included or would like to share, such as letters, diaries, reminiscenses, photos or anything pertaining to the men of this regiment it would be appreciated. The book will have, in chronological order, correspondence, reports and statistics from the OR Vols., camp locations, letters, reminiscenses, a complete roster, military records and genealogical information on each soldier (as much as I am able to obtain). I am presently researching each company's county history for this information. If you would like to help, please email me at 9/15/99

132) Can anyone help me with the following incident described in "Another Job Done" by Dianne Peck in May 1996? "The Civil War was a violent period in Benton County History. Several times throughout this book, you will hear of the notorious "Smith Brothers", John and Nathan, infamous bushwhackers. There was the bloody day that the Union Home Guard headed south from Cole Camp, determined to put an end to this pairs terror. On Ross Creek they rode up to Dempsey Sumner's cabin (a father-in-law to one of the brothers). When Mr. Sumners stepped from the cabin he was shot. He died in his own front yard, an unarmed, old man." Dempsey Sumners was my gggggradfather!! Can anyone tell me more that this about Dempsey, the Home Guard or the Smith Brothers? Thanks, Linda Hertert 9/1/99

131) Confederate military justice re civilians - Looking for sources of info regarding administration of justice to civilians of the Confederate States (particularly South Carolina) under Confederate martial law and especially after the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus. Interests extend to range of jurisdiction, responsibility of the military; composition and operation of military courts, military commissions, etc. The number and nature of crimes committed by civilians that would fall under military purview and operation of military law vis-a-vis civil law. Particularly need to know the identity of the various South Carolina military districts, geographic range covered by each, and name of provost marshal in 1865. Please contact Jill M. Myers at Thanks! 9/1/99

130) I would be grateful for any information or where to find information on list of crew of CSS Shenandoah at time of arrival in Liverpool, England, November 1865. Thank you. Alan Lafferty 9/1/99

129) Looking for cavalry information on Confederate and Union horsemen skirmishing during the last month of the war in North Carolina. Units include 1st, 3rd, 51st Alabama Cav., 4th and 6th Tenn. Cav. and 8th and 11th Texas Cav.. Federal units include 9th and 10th Ohio Cav., 9th Michigan, 92nd Illinois Mtd., 8th Ind. Cav., and 9th Pennsylvania Cav.. This information is going to go in a book concerning this long neglected period in the war. Any letters or diaries from men in these units will more than appreciated. For more information check out my web site or contact me at Thanks, Ernest Dollar. 9/1/99

 128) Dear friend, My grandfather had got "Roll of Honor" 1919. Branch of Service-C.C. 14th. U.S. Infantry.He entered July, 1st 1918. and honorably discharged Febr. 4th 1919.Please help me to find more information about him (Stevo V. Glomazich, Steve S. Glomazic(grandson) Montenegro - Yugoslavia glomazic, glulo@cg.yu 8/31/99

127) I am looking for information regarding the 1st GA Militia, Co. K;preferably rosters. I am looking for information on a William Henry Warr, who is an ancestor of mine. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Lela Hogan

126) I am looking for books or people with good information about the battle at Fort Davidson, MO, especially but also other Civil War battles and skrimishes that took place in mid-Missouri. I am also interested in old maps of the area, abandoned towns in the area, and ghost stories (true or legendary) regarding Civil War battles near and at Fort Davidson. Please contact me at Thank you 8/21/99

125) Partisan Rangers (Co F 13th Battn LA) - I've searched your terrific site and cannot find any information on the Partisan Rangers. My gggrandfather (James A. Fincher) enlisted in Jan. 1862 and served with them from July 25, 1862, until June 1863, yet I'm having difficulty in finding references to this unit. If you have any information or a suggestion where to look, I would certainly appreciate it. Thank you. Gloria Rouse 8/20/99

124) Company C, 49th VA Cavalry Willis, A. C. (killed) Young Willis was captured at Gaines' Cross Roads on the evening of October 13th, 1864, and in retaliation for the cold blooded murder of a Union soldier by two of Mosby's men (in retaliation for the execution of 6 of Mosby's men by General George Custer), General William H. Powell not only burned the house and barn and all the outbuildings on Mr. Chancellor's premises, he also hung poor Willis. At first, Powell was unsure whether the Yankees would hang him, shoot him, or cut his throat. They ended up hanging him about 11 o'clock a.m. on a large poplar tree standing by the roadside on the Marlow farm, Rappahannock County, and his body was taken down by Messrs. John P. Ricketts, Robert Deatherage and William Bowling, and carried to the Baptist Church in the town of Flint Hill; he was buried the following day. On his breast a card was found, saying that he was hung in retaliation for a Union soldier said to have been killed by one of Mosby's command.

2. Rappahannock County roadside markers

(J26) ALBERT GALLATIN WILLIS - A ministerial student, aged 20, of Colonel John S. Mosby's command, he was hanged nearby on October 14, 1864 by the U.S. 2nnd Cavalry (W.Va.)in reprisal for the alleged murder of a U.S. soldier by Mosby's men. Of two captured, one was to be hanged. Willis was offered chaplain's exemption, but he refused to doom his companion, a married man. Professing his Christian readiness to die, he prayed for his executioners. (Route 522, 5.5 miles north of Flint Hill).

These both refer to the same man, and it would be appropriate to make them consistent. Willis had been a seminary student, and volunteered to be hanged to save another soldier who was captured with him. While researching in the VSL in Richmond last May, I found a Reunion Journal published by the Willis, Gordon, Garnett and Allied Families' Association. I sent the Rappahannock County Historical Society copies of an article from Volume 1, Number 4 (1970) of the Reunion Journal that contains much information about the Albert Gallatin Willis marker on Route 522, and the history of Willis' capture and execution which occasioned the marker. The Willis Chapel in Flint Hill is named for Albert Gallatin Willis. I am sure that if you asked the Society to send you a copy, they would be glad to do so.

Michael. My great-grandfather, William Franklin Willis (1827-1907), enlisted 15 November 1863 in Company C, Sixth Regiment, Virginia Cavalry, company commanded by Captain Charles M. Kemper. He was paroled 15 June 1865 at Winchester, Virginia. Family history says he was a demolition expert, and that he was in the "fight at Ashby's Gap." Prior to joining the Sixth Virginia Cavalry, William Franklin Willis also may have served with the 49th Virginia Infantry (although the records do not confirm such service) -- on her pension application in 1908, William Franklin Willis' widow, Mary Catherine (Miller) Willis, stated: "his [William F. Willis's] Capt. was Wm. J. Williams, 49th Regiment, he after joined Cavalry Co." Do you have any idea what the "fight at Ashby's Gap" might refer to? Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Michael Willis Freeland 8/15/99

123) I have found an artifact at Franklin battlefield in Tenn. It's imade of iron and shaped like a wheel. it's almost two inches in looks like a rusted rollerskate wheel, but it has four holes on the side that are equally spaced out . They all meet in the middle where a whole is in it .The Inside of it has threads. On the outside where the whole isn' on, there's a lump in the middle. If you know wkat this thing is, please email me back. (matthew allred)

122) My wife's gg grandfather, Calvin Ward, was a 3rd Sgt in Company B of the 18th NC Infantry. His military muster papers I received from the National Archives indicate he was wounded at Gettysburg, sent to Wilmington Army/Navy Hospital to recover, and then for the duration of the war he served in the Enlistment Department tracking down deserters. I am trying to determine on which day of the Battle of Gettysburg he was wounded. Is there any way to determine where Co. B was engaged during the battle? Also, I believe that the 18th NC Infantry was responsible for the shooting of Stone Wall Jackson when Jackson ill-advisedly tried to ride thru their picket lines at night. Do you know if it was ever determined by investigation which soldiers of the 18th actually fired the fatal shots? Was an official investigation made, and is it available today? Thanks for any help you can give. Ernie Wentrcek 8/15/99

121) Do you have any record of a steamer called the general lyons which sank off Cape Hatteras with released prisoners from libby prison? I can find nothing in any books or on the web, but family history says a relative of ours died then. 8/5/99

120) Sir, my name is Ron Goodwin, (I am also privileged to be Captain Silas R. Goodwin, commanding Company D, Seventeenth Mississippi Infantry, Marshall County Rough and Readies, Barksdale's Brigade) and I am in the process of compiling a history of the Seventeenth Mississippi Infantry. If you would be so kind as to place a link to our reenacting unit, at I would be most greatful. Also if you have any way of telling people about my efforts, and allowing me to request information from diaries, letters, etc. regarding the 17th, again, ti would be most appreciated. Thank you, Ron Goodwin or

119) Subject: William LANIER (1810-99). I am seeking information about William LANIER (1810-99, who was born in Washington, NC, and died in Philadelphia, PA. His father was William LANIER; his mother Betsy WESTCOTT. LANIER the younger was a truck farmer iniladelphia (residence at Maiden Lane) who made enough money to endow the Historical Society of Pennsylvania with several thousand dollars for the purchase of books relating to NC history. I am working on the assumption that Lanier gained his wealth during the Civil War. I would appreciate any help or suggestions. East Carolina University Thank you. John Patterson 7/22/99

118) I know you will probably ignore this, but I need help. I was recently on a trip to Australia and while there, spotted a small oil painting that was painted by a certain ' M. Protias '. The painting was done on April 10th, 1863. Upon looking at the back of the painting I found that it had been sent to England in 1863, to a certain Lord or Lady, whose name eludes me at this moment. Also, I am looking for any official documents on the 49th New York Volunteers. This would be very nice. If you are not willing to sell them, I can possibly trade some things or if you would like to send me some pictures, it would also be appreciated. Third, and I think last, I would like any information on woodworking/woodworkers in the civil war. I am a reenactor and my father is a period woodworker. Information on dress, customs or orders. Thank you. I can be reached at 7/22/99. (P.S. I don't try to ignore anybody - intentionally!!!).. J

117) Roster of prisioners at Rock Island Prison, Illinois? I have a great uncle who was a prisioner at Rock Island Prison. He was released at the end of the war. I can find lists of confederate soldiers who died there, but no record of those who didn't. How do I go about finding information on John White from Alabama. Thank you. "Michael & Suzan Goff" . 7/21/99

116) Ron - appreciate your acknowledgement of my query re Iredell Blues. New query --- ABRAHAM EARNHART killed in action on July 1, 1862 in the battle of Malvern Hill, Va. He was in the NC lst artillery, 10th State Troops, Company D. Any information on this man or his unit? cthreatt of Hopewell, Va. Thanks from

115) 56th Regiment, Georgia Volunteer Infantry. I am hoping that you can help me locate information on this regiment. I have found the regiment listed with these companies: A (Campbell County and Coweta County) B (Carroll County) C (Carroll County) E (Hall County) F (Cobb County) G (Fulton County) H (Carroll County) I (Carroll County and Coweta County) K (Heard County). I am particularly interested in the Carroll County companies. I have a copy of my great-great-grandfather's parole in Atlanta on May 7, 1865. He was listed as Private of the 56 Regiment of Ga Vols. His name was James Bryant Smith. He was born and died in Carroll County. I cannot find any information on this regiment other than that shown above. I feel certain given the place of his birth and death that he served in one of the companies out of Carroll County. Any help you can provide in pointing me toward resources for this regiment would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Joan LEE ATWOOD Savannah, GA 6/23/99

114) I read with interest the article on the net about the Civil War in Indian Territory. Very interesting and well writen. My question is this. Do you have any pictures of the uniforms of these confederate troops. My son recently found an old button on the property that has been in one Indian family since allotted their Indian land. I have not been able to find anyone to identify the button as civil war. It is handmade copper with a shank braised on the back. It has the numbers 2 and 7 on the front with a Large C and I thru the C sitting between the two numbers. If you have any info on the dress of the Confederate Indian soldiers would you please be kind enough to look closely at the buttons for me. This button was on Choctaw alloted land. Martha Scearce, 6/23/99

113) Could you possibly tell me where I might find information on a militia group that was formed and was called the 'French Brigade Militia'? I am trying to do a family search and am looking for a member of the Michel Family. The individual I am looking for would be my gggrandfather. I think his name was Luc (or Luke) Michel. There are 2 Michels listed; the first is listed as a Sgt. in the 8th Co. 2nd Regiment of the French Brigade Mil and the other iis listed as a Pvt. in the 1st Co., 1st Regiment of the French Brigade Mil. I located the information through a web site called Acadians in Grey. Thanks for your time. Andrea Scott, 6/25/99

112) My great grandfather, his brother, and two brothers-in -law to-be all enlisted in the Iowa 33rd, Company "G." My g grandfather's name was Delano Myers, his brother's name was Holland Myers and Delano's future wife's (Harriett Elize Moore) two brothers' names were Alexander and Nathan Moore. I have been able to gather some information on all four of these men, especially my g grandfather. I have some great tintype pics of all of them that I would be willing to share with descendants. I also have Delano's discharge paper (sorry, not for sale). I am interested in obtaining any information on his company such as pictures of other men, information on the company, and would be happy to e-mail with descendents of any of these men. Thank you. Bev 6/25/99

111) I am interested in obtaining info on NJ 3rd Cavalry.Also any Photos that may exist. Would you know of any resources that might be available. I am researching my gr-gr-gr-grandfather Sergeant John C Bogert who was killed April 3 1865 at Taylors Plantation in VA.He was mustered into "F" Co. NJ 3rd Cavalry. Thank you, Betty Bogert Henken (May 15, 1999)

110) My great grandfather's brother was a private in the Mississippi Volunteers 1st Mounted Rifles of the 1st Brigade, Calvary Division, organized at Memphis in 1864, the only white regiment from Mississippi that fought for the union with battles and skirmishes primarily in Mississippi and stationed at Memphis. I am trying to obtain more specifc information about the various companies and other regimental organization. Also more detail on their actions. I know that they were a part of a force under General Arnold Smith and his battles swith General Forrest and later with General Benjamin Grierson , along the Mobile and Ohio RR. My Email is

100) I need information on Steele's company that mustered in in Charleston SC 1861 or 1862 My grandfather's last name was TURBEVILLE. Also Union army doctor. Dr. John LUNNEY who served with 2nd Army Corps Hancock's, Virginia. He enlisted after medical school in 1864. Thanks in advance for any help. F.W.Breuer.

109) 36th Georgia Infantry (Broyles's ) Company G. I am looking for information about my gg grandfather Samuel Henry Fisher and the Confederate Unit in which he served. Samuel Henry Fisher was born in Cocke County, Tennessee, in 1831, but served in a Georgia Confederate unit. I would like to know about his outfit and the battles it was involved in. Thank you very much. (4/25/99) Sincerely yours,

109a) I am trying to find information about a skirmish in the vicinity of Autryville, North Carolina. I have researched the Civil War on the internet and at my local library, I can find no mention of this battle. If you have any information or know where I may find it I would be grateful. Thank you, Lisa Smith, "L.Smith" "L.Smith"

108) Darryl L. Bowers Looking for a copy of the "History of the First New York Dragoons," by Reverend James Bownes, first released in 1900. Please reply directly to Jeff Lafferty at

107) 5-11-99 I have saw the items listed in the Horse Soldiers catalog a few years ago. Bill Clark of the Picket Post in Gettysburg, business not in business anymore, had a oak display case of items belonging to Major Morgan. The items included a photograph of Major Morgan and his wife, a list of items for his company and his rank bars from his uniform. Mr. Clark at that time allowed me to photograph those photos because I am currently researching Company K, 3rd Maine Infantry. Also in the process I am looking for letters of members of the regiment and photographs of the same. Good Luck in your family project. Daniel Bartlett

106) Would like any info on the 58th Va Volunteer Infantry, Company B. Especially wanting a replica of the flag they fought under. However, any info will be welcome. Contact at Walter Butterworth at

105) I have a photo of my great grandfather in uniform and a written statement in an old family bible. His name was James Craig (private) Co. (C) 5th regiment Ohio Volunteer Cavalry. I've been unable to find any written records to his the above unit.Please advise. I also have in my possesion a set of pewter like salt and pepper shakers. I was told many years ago that these were his. Stamped on the bottom of these 2 inch tall x 2inch wide shakers is an imprint V.M. CO. 200. Each shaker has a small handle on its side with a rounded dent on the opposite side of the handle. Could you please tell me something about these shakers at jda282@AOL.COM

104) We are trying to locate a Civil War Diary for Capt. Jacob McClure, 2nd Reg. US Sharpshooters, Company D, Maine. His rifle and diary were for sale in the 1970s by the firearms dealer, "Old Sarge". The rifle was bought but not the diary because of lack of funds. Can you give me some guidelines as to where to search for this diary? Thank you. Regards, D. Jackson/T. Pitman, 46356 Columbus Drive #1304, Lexington Park, MD 20653, USA. Tel: 301 862 2437

103) Hello, I am currently doing research for a book I am writing on the 18th KentuckyInfantry Volunteers, U.S.A.. I am looking for any information that may help in this regard. Information like diaries, letters, photos, etc. of members of this regiment would be most helpful.

102) Hi Ron, I enjoy your website. I am the founding commander of the Capt.Weeden D. Gay Camp, #1771 Sons of Confederate Veterans in Clay City, Ky. I am trying to help an applicant with his lineage for membership. I need a Crable or Wiseman from the Shenandoah Co. Va. area. I found Pvt. M.O. Crable in Co.C, 43rd Batt. Va. Cav. Could you tell me where Co. C was mustered in and possibly what his initials stand for? He was the only Crable that I could find in Va. and I was not able to find any Wisemans. Any help you could lend would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, David Jones,

101) My ggrandfather was in Co. B, 6th Regiment South Carolina Infrantry, which was reformed around 1863. He enlisted in York County . Is there a book the 6th is in or a book written about them. I know they fought under Longstreet at Campbell's Station (Battle of Knoxville, Tennessee), where he was wounded, and at Petersburg where he was wounded again, and he is on a list of soldiers surrendered at Appomattox. Any information or contacts will be welcomed. Keep up the good work I enjoyed the site to a high degree. Calvin Nicholson, 108 Rosewood, Palestine, Texas 75801


99) Looking for a roster of the men in Quantrills Raiders. Especially a man by the name of Mr. Brown. John G. Nash, Jr. HELP@MMPHOTO.COM

98) Colonel Ben Beall was the commander of the 1st Dragoons during the year 1861. He had served in the Dragoons since 1836. I am seeking information on him and his son Lt. Lloyd Beall, 1st US Cav, who joined the South and served as a non- com is an artillery unit. Any information would be appreciated. Wil Gorendeld

97) I am currently doing research on the 97th Penna. Infantry Regiment. The men from this regiment primarily came from Chester and Delaware counties in Pennsylvania. If you have any letters, diaries or photos that you want to sell or share please contact me. I am willing to pay all copying costs as well as postage for this material. I am always willing to buy anything related to this regiment. Also seeking contacts with such material. FRANK VATTELANA JR. contact me at

96) Webmaster, I recently have begun reenacting with the 71st PA/ 1st CA. We are a fledgling unit and are very curious about our history. If you have any information, or may know someone who does, on the 71st PA/ 1st CA could u please send it to me here at Thank you very much for your time and anything you can send would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Brian Endlein CW Reenacter from Oregon looking for info on GGgrandfather who fought with 4TH ARKANSAS VOLUNTEERS CALVARY CO. F. Enlisted Mar 28, 64 Released Jun 10, 1865. I have pension papers, so info should be correct. His name is Pvt. General Marion Hughes (Hughs). Thank you for any help.

95) I am trying to find a history of the 7th Fla. Vol. Infantry regiment and or the south Fla. Rifles Co. "B". We were almost wiped out at Missionary ridge and reformed into 1st Fla. Consolidated with almost every other Fla. unit on the ridge. Your help is greatly needed and would be welcomed. Thanks. Your Humble Servant, Wesley H. Frank, 2450 Arizona St. West Melbourne, Fl. C.S.A. Federal Occupation Code 32904-6113

94) Each year my dad's side of the family has it's reunion near Pilot Knob, Missour. Naturally, I have visited the Natl monument and battlefield there many times. Currently I am trying to gather photo images of Col. James Wilson in order to produce a painting that would be presented to the museum. If anyone has images or source info that they would be willing to share I would be grateful. Also, there are other Wilson's listed as part of the Federal roster for the action at Fort Davidson. I am looking for family ties so if anyone has any pertinent info and would be willing to share I would appreciate the help. Thank you for your attention. John Wilson

93) Could you direct me where I can find info. concerning a civil war ship called the "U.S.S. Commodore Perry"? I am trying to find the roster of the crew/officers (Pilot) of this ship. I have been told the following info- she was a gunboat patrolling the chesapeake waters, in Va. A reincarnated civil vessel, and an old N.Y. ferryboat (Where at in NY & who owned her, I don't know). The U.S.S. Com Perry was outfitted for naval service with a 11' dahlgren on the port side & a 100 lb. Parrot Rifle on the stern. She had a very active career on the East Coast, capturing 7 enemy vessels in 1862 in the N.C. sounds. Can you help me with my quest? Thank you, Bonnie T. Smith

92) I am looking for more information regarding a Sharps carbine that was originally issued to the 1st Maryland Cavalry but was captured by the 2nd SC Cavalry and kept by Sgt. Woodward Barnwell (later Pvt.) until he was captured by the 26th Regiment USCT in the Parris Island area. The last known activity of Barnwell was after he had been assigned to McPhersonville headquarters of the 3rd SC Cavalry under Charles I. Colcock. Barnwell was sent out to scout the Union activity at Parris Island and reported his observations in June of 1864 which COlcock reported to Major Gen. McLaws by letter dated June 25, 1864. After that I have nothing except the gun came into the possession of Captain George England, Company F who gave it to his grandson. England told his grandson that he was on a corduroy road near Hilton Head when he ran into seven Confederate scouts (including Barnwell) who surrendered to his flankers in the woods. This occurred after Barnwell's scouting of Parris Island but Barnwell was listed as AWOL since August 30, 1864 in the 2nd Regt Co. H muster roll. Can you help? Marian Pearcy

91) Seeking any information such as diaries, letters, memoirs, etc., regarding the 8th Missouri Cavalry Regiment, Marmaduke's Brigade, for proposed book. Any and all information appreciated. Jim McGhee, at

90) I've tried everywhere and can't find a copy of the following book. Please contact me if you have a copy for sale. Thanks, Bill Morrison..45th Pennsylvania, The History of the 45th Pennsylvania Veteran Volunteer Infantry, by Allen Albert. Originally published in 1912. Thanks Ron for all your help. Bill at

89) I am seeking any and all information on the 123d and 169th New York Volunteers and am willing to share what I have. Also would love to contact relatives or interested parties of both units Bob Farrell,

88) I am seeking any and all information regarding the 62nd PA volunteer Infantry. Primary source material being the most important finds....... Please Email Gordon Sheaffer at: Chet

87) I am looking for some information on the Battle of Picacho Pass, Arizona that took place on April 15, 1962 between Captain Sherod Hunter of the 1st Califonia Cavalry and Brigadier General James H. Carleton. If anyone has any sites that you could recommend where I can get some more information other than that on the Picacho Peak State Park, I would appreciate it. Sincerely, Megan Kind, at

86) I would like to have some information on the Confederate Marshal's Service. I am not sure if this was a real agency. If anyone can help I would appreciate it. Also if there are any known badges of this mysterious agency, please e-mail me, Chris A. Umfress, at Thanks

85) I am doing extensive research on the Chicago Board of Trade Battery.I am especially interested in any documents ,manuscripts, pictures, letters, etc. on the men of this Battery and their life after the war.Any help would be appreciated. Earl Young at

84) Trying to locate any photographic image, tinplate, engraving, woodcut, photograph, etc. of the First Cape Lookout Lighthouse, North Carolina, during the Civil War era.. Your help or that of viewers of your great website would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, Ed Sansseverino, at

83) My relative Hilliary Thomas GARNER fought with the 54th Reg N.C. Company G. He was mustered as a private and reached the rank of 1st Sargent before he was killed on June 15, 1862. The place and time of death was not recorded according to the book "NC Troops Vol 13 Infantry" but his will has a notation at the bottom that he died at Camp Mangum. Do you have any ideas how I can further my search- Where was the 54th regiment around this date and what was camp Mangum? Thanks for any help in advance. Cheers,

82) I appreciate the information reguarding the 187 New York. I have been researching regiment for two years and I am need of letters, diaries or pictures from this unit. If you are aware of any please drop me a line. Thank you for your time. Charles Meadows, at

81) Looking for the Carl Bornemann 41st NY Regiment book. Have had no luck in locating the book. I would like to get four copies of the the book. One for myself, my dad, and each of my two brothers. My great-great grandfather served in the 41st NY an survived the War but not too much else is known about him except that he is buried NYC. If there are other potential resources that I might exploit please contact me. I appreciate your assistance. Thank you. John Christman,


80) Looking for any information on Soloman Lafayette Clark. He was my great-great-grandfather. Soloman was from Tennessee, and fought in Atlanta GA. area where he met my Great-great-grandmother Minerva Ann Patilla who was a Southern Belle serving water to the wounded soldiers. Soloman left Atlanta and after the war came back and married Minerva. While living in Atlanta, they had one son Robert Henley Clark, who died in infancy. They moved back to Tennessee, where they lived until they passed away 4 days of each other. They are listed in the 1870 census of Humphries county TN. Soloman had a brother John H. Clark but I don't know if he fought in Civil War. His father was James Clark wife Trancy of TN. James was born in NC moved to TN. Any information on Soloman Lafayette Clark, what battles he was in what rank what company anthing would be most helpful. Thanks Paula Smith

79) Looking for letters, diaries and primary resources for the 43rd Tennessee Infantry, CSA, as part of research for a book on same. Please e-mail George Martin at

78) Looking to purchase a copy of the 1987 reprint of "History of the First Minnesota Volunteers". Matt,

77) Looking to purchase a copy of the book: "History of the Seventeenth Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteer Cavalry or the One Hundred and Sixty-second in the Line of Pennsylvania Volunteer Regiments, War to Suppress the Rebellion 1861-1865" compiled by Henry P. Moyer (Lebanon, Pennsylvania, 1911). Edmund Russell,

76) I am searching for my g-grandfather's discharge papers that were stolen from a home in New Hampshire and possibly taken to the west coast. It would mean a lot to me to get them back. His name was Albert Melvin--served as a private in Co. A; 2nd Mass. Heavy Art. He mustered in-June 29,1863. Discharged May 26, 1865. Would appreciate any help on this matter. Thank you.

75) I am a former member of the 10th Tennessee, Company D, and would like to get back in touch with them. If anyone has information about this group or knows people in the group have them e-mail me thanks.

74) My Great Grandfather served in the 73rd NC Regiment 18th Brigade. His name was James Stadler Hill from MT. Airy. He is listed as a Major. Do you have any information on the 73rd and what they did during the war? I know that they were mostly a home guard unit. Please let me know any info you may have on the unit. Thank you, Tom Hill,

73) I am an avid minatures gamer who has recreated Co. B Wheat's Battalion in 25mm. along with a good portion of the rest of the battalion. The only historical detail I lack is an accurate and complete descrtiption or drawing or picture of the Battalion's flag. The only description I have is from the book "Stonewall in the Valley" and only describes the motto "As Gentle as" and pictures a lamb. No color scheme is described or other details given. Any assistance you could render in this matter would be greatly appriecated. Patrick D. Callahan, at

72) I'm interested in a photo and the history of the Merrimac. My grandfather, who was a seapilot in Sweden in the late 1800's and the early 1900's brought home a picture of the same ship from one of his trips to the US. During a recent break-in, this picture was stolen while the picture of the Monitor was left behind. My mom, now in her 80's and living in Sweden would very much appreciate a replacement of the Merrimac photo. Thanks, Alan Levett at

71) I am in the process of writing a regimental history for the 12th Pa. Cav. I would appreciate the opportunity to obtain copies of any letters or diaries concerning this unit, and am willing to pay for copies or purchase originals. Also interested in purchasing identified artifacts from that regiment or from the 119th Pa. Inf. Please contact me at

70) Looking for letters, diaries and primary resources for the 77th New York as part of research for a book on same. Please e-mail Bob Morrow at

69) Do you have any info about this unit? Deanele's Regt., Choctaw Warriors, Co. D. I assume that they were from Alabama/Georgia. Thank you, Dave Gorak,

68) I am trying to find some more information on my g-g grandfather's Civil War service. He enlisted on 13. Feb 1864 in Paducah, KY, in Company K, 12th Regiment, Kentucky Cavalry Volunteers (US), at the age of 19. Pension records indicate that on 30. Sept 1864, he was captured by Confederates at "Duvalls Ford in Tennessee." Prisoner of War records also indicte that he was taken to Petersburg, VA, and then to Richmond for confinement on 10. Oct 1864. Following his parole he was enrolled in Company B, 16th Kentucky Cavalry Volunteers. The 16th and 12th had been consolidated on or about 30. December 1864, while he had been a POW. I trying to find out about the regiments, where they fought, and most of all, where "Duvalls Ford" is? I have recently found a Devault's Branch Road in Sullivan County, TN that crosses what is now Boone Lake, but have not received any information from Sullivan County about any skirmishes in their county or if they are familiar with a "Devault's Ford." Any help would be appreciated. Thank you in advance. Stephen Phelps,

67) I am seeking information related to Edward Chambers Craig. He lived at Rosewood, a plantation at Port Walthal Junction north of Petersburg, VA. Plantation of some 300+ acres also included the Chester Hotel. A copy of the deed is on file at the Chesterfield County Courthouse. Two sons, George Edward Craig (1st Virginia Inf Reg) and John Anthony Craig (21st Virginia Inf Reg) served and survived the war. George Edward Craig moved to Henderson Kentucky after the War and is buried there. His tombstone lists him as "Major" though I have been unable to find any military records. Family stories indicate that he was in the "Quartermasters" and that he was involved in "Recruitment (Conscription?)". I have been unable to locate any records of employees or members of Quartermaster Batallion of Richmond or Petersburg. His obituary also lists him as as "Major". He served one term in the Kentucky legislature. I am interested in any means of verifying his service to the Confederacy, pictures of him, Rosewood, the Chester Hotel, etc. or

66) I am seeking information in regard to Hoosiers that fought for the Confederacy. Any help would be appreciated. Don Martin, 1st NC Cav., Co. H ANV,

65) I am looking for information on John W. Collins. Served with Confederate officers Pettigrew, Pender, Hill, and Jackson, and Brown's Cavalry. Reportedly was with Morgan on raid to Ohio. Anyone with information please e-mail me at TMCGRATH@OHIOLINKS.COM This was my Great Grandfather, died March 1923

64) Am seeking a book, "Early Life and Personal Reminiscences of General William T. Sherman," by a Capt. W. McCrory, published 1891. Anyone with same please contact -- Jim Strang
Update: You can strike entry number 64 -- we found the book (actually, a chapter in another book, but that's the way research goes) at the Kent State University library. thanks for your help! Jim Strang

63) Requesting information regarding the service of my direct relation who commanded the 64th Va Mounted Inf Reg, COL Cambell Slemp. As a Major in the Army today, I am highly interested in preserving this heritage. Any assistance you may be able to provide would be sincerely appreciated. Warm Regards, Timothy S. Slemp, Major, Special Forces, US Army, Ft Campbell, Ky. MAJOR Timothy S. Slemp" at

62) I am looking for a copy of a poem titled " Sheridan's Ride" written by Thomas B. Read. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Thomas Garland, at

61) Seeking any information on Sarah Jane Perkins and her husband. She was captured at the Battle of Spotsylvania and kept in the Point Lookout Prison. She had her baby while a prisoner. She was listed as coming from Virginia and being in the Artillery, according to the PLPOW website. We thought women usually remained behind the lines as nurses, etc. Sincerely, Nancy Howard at

60) According to Shelby Foote, during Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg, two Confederate soldiers actually reached the stone wall, were helped across by Union soldiers, and taken as prisoners. Does anyone know the names of these two Confederate soldiers, and whatever became of them? Also, is there a list of names of the Confederate POW's that took oath to serve the Union? I'm interested in the names of those soldiers from Rock Island Prison. Thanks for your help. Dawn D. Harold, at

58) I am looking for any information on The Hale War Rocket and its launcher. I am looking for information such as: a) production numbers, b) units used by, c) battles used in, d) types of launchers and e)any other information. Please E-mail me at Thanks, Harry Holloway
59) I am a re-enactor with the 11th Indiana Cavalry Regiment, Company D. Would like to know what uniforms the 11th Indiana cavalry units wore? Any help greatly appreciated.

57) Hello, from Oregon. Do you know where I can get a regimental History of the 4th. La. Inf.? We have a La. Drummer from this regiment buried in our area, he is lying in an unmarked grave! We really would like to fix this wrong! Any info on Drummer Thomas Pierce woul be appreciated. Thanks, Shirley at

56) Several of my gg grandparents, uncles, etc fought, died or were captured for the southern cause. I have a quick question. On my ggf's civil war records it shows him as a private sergeant. What does this mean? Was he a private or a sergeant? He was in Co. K, 31st Mississippi Inf. Volunteers, along with his brother. Bob Beauchamp at

Reply: Dear Sir, 06-18-2000 In case you had not received a response to your question Private / Sergeant! My Wife's GG Grandfather also had a similar situation on his Muster Roll. He enlisted and was voted 1st Sergeant, then after being wounded in Battle at Corinth, he was promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. The very first cover page of his muster roll list 1st Sergeant / 2ND Lieutenant. I believe this is what you are seeing on your paper work! Incidentally, our Ancestor was with the 40th Mississippi Infantry Vol., Company - H, (Parrott's Rifles). Most of our Family and several of these original 100 men in Company H, were from the Leake County, Good Hope, Yazoo County Area of Mississippi. Ron Mosocco has listed the 40th, given by myself and wife Joyce, on his Regimental web site. I will be forwarding the list of men that entered into the 40th Co. H , to Ron in the near future, for posting on his web site, so all may share in the proud history of Mississippi. I realize now that my Genealogist had discovered a whole book on the 40th Regiment, but I had requested only info on Company H. She may still be able to find this info for Ron if he is willing to hire her services. She is a CG. in the State of Mississippi, and had several Ancestors also in Company H. Southernly, John and Joyce (Henson) Zoch 1126 Airport Road Seaford, Delaware 19973-4402

55) Trying to locate a rifle carried by my gggfather, Jacob G. Miller of the 152nd PA Vols, 3rd PA Heavy Artillery, Company G. Believe it has G or J Miller (Mueller) carved in the stock. It may have been sold at auction from the Valley Forge, PA area in the mid 1960's. Any info. on the gun or how to continue the search would be greatly appreciated. Matt Fricker, fricker@ComCat.COM

54) Searching for William Ayre, a Confederate soldier in the 16th Mississippi Infantry Regiment. Thanks,

53) 1st New York (Lincoln) Cavalry and 14th Brooklyn New York State Militia! Need info. for genealogical research and publication of Civil War Diary of Alfred H. Voorhees. Please e-mail me! Annie Tobin: or

52) I'm looking for one of the walking canes that were made from the CSS Virginia (often called the "Merrimac.") I will need to verify the authenticity of the cane. (My mother's grandfather served on the ship.) email Mabry Tyson at Tyson@AI.SRI.COM

51) I need some help. Our family tree lists a Amon Tipton Plowman (Ploughman) that was with the Mississippi Marine Brigade. Was this a real unit and do you know if it was Union or Confederate? I hope it was a Confederate Unit. Any help would be of great help. Thanks, Gerry Messmer.


50) Searching for some letters written by Major/Captain William C. Morgan, 3rd Maine Volunteer Infantry, written to his wife, Amanda. In the fall, 1993, the Horse Soldier in Gettysburg sold 12 letters and some memorabilia through their catalog. Through the cooperation of the Horse Soldier and by some advertising, I have managed to get copies of 6 of the 12 letters. I will pay a good but fair price for copies of each of the other 6. Morgan was related to my family, and I have several items that belonged to him, including 2 excellent photos. I will include copies of both pictures, plus some fascinating bio info. on Morgan with each letter I purchase. Thanks, Tim Johnson,

49) Need information on the 5th Maryland or the Light Fifth from Baltimore. I am a re-enactor and am creating a Confederate Artillery Piece. Thanks, Patrick Benda, Annapolis, MD.

48) Looking for any information regading Goostree family members who were in the Civil War, expecially from Sumner or Robertson County, TN. Please e-mail me, Diane Goostree Baker

47) Looking for information on the 41st Georgia. If you have any ideas of where I may find this info, please e-mail me. Thanks, Dean Schneitmen (SCV East TN Brigade Commander)

46) I am searching for my GGGF's military records. He was a resident of Charleston, SC and fought for the Confederacy. He was involved with the ironclads, and was either a sailor or helped build the ships. (He was a wheelwright/blacksmith). His 2nd wife was from Virginia, so he may have been involved with the ironclads of either SC or VA. Any suggestions? Mary Ann Mooney at or

45) Looking for detailed information on the "Doctors' Line" through Maryland. Who were some of the members from what counties and who or how did they transfer information to Virginia? Specifically through Prince Georges County and Charles County.
Also looking for information relating to the activities of Anna Olivia Floyd of Rose Hill, Charles County, Maryland. She was touted as a spy, i.e. road through the town on horse-back delivering secret messages. She was a very small woman and crippled. What can anybody tell me? Interested in any Maryland spy activities for the Confederacy. Guy M. Hayes at

44) Individual with CW group in Wisconsin that re-enact 10th Tennessee, Company D. Interested in info. about uniforms during the period 1863-1865. We see alot of the Columbus depot grey jean type shell jackets with blue trim, etc. Would like to know what color of grey jean wool would be suggested. Light or dark in color? Is there a suggested Sutler? We now have 40 individuals on our roster, but 20 to 30 make the events. Please help us. Thanks, Ralph Geigner, 721 Claggett Ave., Waupun, WI 53963 or e-mail Ralph at

43) Looking for plans, specs, dimensions, pattern, etc. in order to construct a one man Johnny Reb tent. Any suggestions, contact Raymond McManus at or or

42) Graduate student writing doctoral dissertation is seeking diaries or papers of African Americans who served in the Union Navy during the Civil War. If able to assist, please e-mail, (the 2nd "l" in unlgrad1 is the number "l"

41) Looking for information on Civil War Chaplains - Union & Confederate What they did, uniforms, who they were, etc. Thanks. Please respond to Ralph Sherman Sulser, Chaplain, Dept. of Ohio, SUVCW,

40) Individual is in the process of compiling a regimental history of the 13th Georgia Infantry, C.S.A. Anyone having letters, poems, pictures, etc. connected to the 13th GA is invited to send copies to be included in the book. Send to Capt. Steve Johnson, 13th GA Reg. Inf. (reenacted) at


39) Was the USS Vermont a Civil War era ship? If so, when was it decommissioned? Does anybody have any specific dates regarding this vessel? Please contact Steve Ruggeri at

38) Solomon Woolsey was in the 10th Missouri Cavalry, CSA. Any books on this regiment, please contact Charles Woolsey at

37) Individual need help in location information on the 44th Mississippi Company D. Contact Bob Davis, 13105C NW 8th Ave., Vancouver, WA 98685. (360) 574-1624, or e-mail him at

36) A patron is looking for a picture of the flag of the 16th Connecticut Infantry of the Civil War. Please help out here by responding to Mary Cooper, Adult Services Librarian, Brookfield Public Library,

35) Where can obtain comprehensive list of Civil War Medal of Honor winners? Also there was WWI US Army Tank Training Post ("Camp Colt") on or near Gettysburg. Need boundaries of the camp and what physical impact was made by the tank activities. Contact Robyn Dowsett or
Answer: Claude Gunnersen replies as follows: "The book Deeds of Honor," how American heroes won the Medal of Honor as taken from records in the US Archives, was edited by W.F. Beyer and O.F. Keydel; published in 2 volumes by the Perrin-Keydel Company, Detroit, Michigan, in 1907, this set of books are very scare and hard to find, although I understand a reprint is now available in print and is available at select bookstores. I have an original set and would be willing to assist." (Special thanks to Claude for his assistance).

(2nd reply: Dear Sir, The book entitled "Above and Beyond: A History of the Medal of Honor from the Civil War to Vietnam,"covers the Civil War period on pages 316 through 324. This is an alphabetical listing of recipients by their last names, rank, first name and middle initial and gives the battle in parentheses. The list is further divided into Army, Marines and Navy individual recipients. The book's copyright date was 1985 by Sammler Kabinett Inc. The Library of Congress card number is 85-071367. It was published by the Boston Publishing Company. The Civil War section of the book was written by William C. Davis, the thirteen year editor of the Civil War Times Illustrated and is the author or editor of more than a dozen books on the Civil War. I was fortunate to find my volume in a thrift store six years ago for only $5.00 which was a steal. I have since seen it in book sales for several times the amount I paid. Good hunting! Respectfully, H. Derr Kleintob Hillsboro, OR (double thanks!)

34) Former National Park Service Historian and Civil War Author is in the process of revising his book on the Battle of Cedar Creek for republication. Is now disabled and homebound and is in great need of primary accounts of W.VA and VA units which took part in the 1864 Valley Campaign. Looking for diaries, newspaper articles, memoirs, letters, etc. to give West Virginian boys their due at Hupp's Hill (Oct. 13th) and Cedar Creek (Oct. 19th, 1864). If you can help, contact Theodore C. Mahr at

34a) Looking for any Manuscript or Newspaper sources dealing with the Battle of Cedar Creek, VA., October, 1864. Also, any like cavalry sources dealing with the Cavalry Battles of the Overland Campaign near Richmond, Virginia, from May through July, 1864. Please e-mail Ted Mahr at:

33) Looking for info. on GGGF, John L. Thomas, born 1820, Georgia, husband of Belinda F. Thomas. John died in Civil War. No other info. Please help by emailing Sue Howard

32) Looking for records of the 1st Tennessee Cavalry, CSA, esp. James Henry Hendricks, enlisted in Tenn?, was later imprisioned at Rock Island, Ill. Email Ed Burke at

31) Individual currently writing a history of the 6th Kentucky Volunteer Infantry (Union) and is seeking access to diaries, letters and photos of members of this regiment. Also seeking information for acquaintances writing histories of the 32nd Indiana Infantry and 10th Kentucky Infantry (Union.) E-mail to Joe Reinhart at

30) Individual in search of a rare copy of G. Martin Hardin's 1888 regimental history on the 12th Pennsylvania Reserves. If you know of an available copy, please e-mail Bob Ehrhart at

29) Interested in purchasing a copy of an original book of the 52nd Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry. E-mail Paul Cooper at

28) Looking for correspondence from those that have information or interests in the 116th Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry.. Write to Captain Mike Mullaney at

27) Author is currently working on compiling an illustrated, comprehensive, biographical and service register of the commissioned and warrant officers of the Confederate States Navy, Marine Corps, Revenue Service, Mississippi River Defense Fleet, Texas Marine Department, and the several independent state navies of 1861. Looking for descendants and collectors to provide family information, vital statistics, and images. Will cover the costs of copy prints and credit every donor in the text. Contact Dave Sullivan at

26) Please help with information on the South Carolina Palmetto Artillery Battery. Our group has adopted the monument at Gettysburg National Park. 2 guns need repair--mostly painting to preserve them. Also monument marker needs paint. Thanks, Frank Viola at

25) Trying to locate additional information on the 9th Texas Infantry (Maxey's) and it's history. Looking for campaigns/engagements, etc. Please help! E-mail David Merzbacher at

24) Jose Roberto Vanorden Vieira is searching for additional information about the emmigration of people from Georgia to Brazil. Anything will be very grateful. Especially looking for the Pyles family descendants. E-mail Reply: "Frank Mcmullins was born in Walker Co., Ga.. At an early age moved to Texas with his family. After the Civil War he with a number of others scouted an area around Sao Palo Brazil, after the war founded an area to settle. Receiving a grant, he and his party returned to Texas. Dr. George Barnsley of Kingston, Ga. joined the party as the groups doctor. George Barnsley's father was a very wealthy man and had huge land holdings and home with a grandformal garden about the house. The walls of the home are still standing. The land was bought by, I believe a German Prince, several years ago. He restored the gardens to its former glory and invited the Barnsley descendants of the confederate colony "Americana Brazil," to participate in the grand dedication. I have newspaper clippings of the event. Also a letter from William F. Pyles - 1915 which stated the "North American immigrants at Vila Americana at one time numbered near 100 families but had diminished at least half in the forty odd years." a book that should be of great interest to you in ,named The Elusive Eden, Frank McMullans confederate colony in Brazil, written by William Clark Griggs, University of Texas Press, Austin Texas. Glad to help Confederately yours, Marion "Hunky" Patty 1708 Kenemer Dr Rocky Face, GA 30740 706/673-4142 email to my son in law :

23) Lost a great uncle at Camp Advance Regimental Hospital in Virginia. Has anybody heard of this? Can you help? E-mail

22) Looking for info. on the 28th Regiment New Jersey Volunteers. Please respond directly to Chaplain Carolann Kucharz at

21) Seeking any and all information available on the Georgia 10th Battalion, Company C. Grandfather buried at Andersonville was in this unit for 4 years. Sergeant, then Lieutenant John R. Williams. E-mail Ken Williams at

20) Looking for information on the Confederate Cavalry Camp named "Camp Withers." It was supposed to be located in or near present day "Gulf Shores" Alabama. Please respond to Tom Matthews at

19) Seeking info. on the Ohio Unit raised in 1861 at Mount Gilead, OH. Mt. Gilead is the county seat of Morrow County and is in north central Ohio, about 40 miles north of Columbus. Ggfather, Philemon Armstrong, claims to have enlisted there and served 3 1/2 years. He would have been 11 yrs. old at the time of his enlistment. He was buried with recognition of the local GAR post in Yakima, WA, 1910. Suspect he was a drummer boy who may have followed his father and older brothers into the war. Father's name was William F. Armstrong; brothers' names were Joshua and Philander. Any info. please contact Dr. Robert E. Armstrong, Houston, TX at

18) Searching for great great grandfather William Chapel Stephens' involvement in the Civil War. May have enlisted near Danielsville, Madison County, Ga. Might have been in the following service: Co. E. 94th GA;Co F, 7 Bttln. Ga. Cav.;Co. A, 1 Ga. Inf.;Co. H 2nd Ha Militia;Co. I, 7 Ga;Co. F. 13th Ga;Deadevelpers, Co. 4th Ga Cav;Co. G, 11 Ga. Cav;Dorough's Battln' Ga Battery;please help here.

Answer: There was a William Stephens that was in Company F, 13th Georgia Infantry. It appears he also had a brother who signed up at the same time. His name was E.C. Stephens. (thanks to Steve Johnson for submitting this info. to me).

17) Looking for info. or a book on the 12th Alabama Cavalry, and Thomas Haas. Write to

16) Grandfather was Francis "Frank" Rasberry Chandler, Jr., in his records it appears to say "Served in Civil War, Pvt. Co. C, 1st Battalion Trans Miss Cavalry. Paroled at Shreveport, LA, June 7, 1865. Anybody who can help with this info. write Dale W. Johnson at

15) Individual interested in information on the Dallas Battery Artillery. Write to Geir

14) Grandfather was Francis "Frank" Rasberry Chandler, Jr., in his records it appears to say "Served in Civil War, Pvt. Co. C, 1st Battalion Trans Miss Cavalry. Paroled at Shreveport, LA, June 7, 1865. Anybody who can help with this info. write Dale W. Johnson at

13) Need info. on Commodore Isaac Newton Brown-builder & Captain of the CSS Arkansas Ironclad Ram. He also invented the 1st naval mine (torpedo). Looking for plans, specs. on the CSS Arkansas. Also looking for info. on decorated canes made from saplings from the Roundtops and presented to Gettysburg veterans ater the war.
Answer: A set of 1/4 inch scale plans for this ship may be obtained from the Smithsonian Collection of Warship Plans, Number 295. Can write for cost to: Naval Section, Division of Armed Forces History, Room 4011 Mail Stop 620, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution, Washington, DC 20560. (many thanks to Gerald Buckley for his help..

Reply: writes that his relative was on the Union ironclads Louisville and Cincinnati and witnessed firsthand commander Brown's famous blockade run. He has transcribed 24 of his letters detailing his experiences as a carpenter and mess cook for 10 months he served on the Union gunboats. Included in these are his accounts of the Arkansas run and the days which followed. Anyone wishing for more information themselves or who may info. on the Union gunboats Louisville or Cincinnati or the Mound City Hospital, please e-mail directly to

12) Looking for information on Levi Gentry, served in Wayne County's Co. F, 47th Missouri Infantry. If you can help, please e-mail Steve Helmer at

11) Individual interested in the history of the 1st Georgia Cavalry, as this was the regiment of my grandfather, William Allen Coleman of Carrollton, Georgia. Little has been written on this regiment, and am curious to know if it existed under another unit designation prior to its organization in 1862 because my 2nd grandfather enlisted in the latter part of 1861. Are there any existing books or references to this unit? Please help E. Coleman, Jr. at

10) Looking for info. on the owner/s of land in Andersonville, GA taken/given up for the building of the Andersonville Prison. I have heard the family name of Singletary may have owned property in this area and am trying to find what info. I can. Email info. to Wesley A. Smith at Reply: Wesley, I saw your query on the Civil War Bulletin Board. The following is from "Portals to Hell: Military Prisons of the Civil War", by Lonnie R. Speer. "Captain Winder found what he thought was a perfect location in southwest central Georgia, at Station Number 8 along the Georgia Southwestern Railroad. The site was easily accessable by train, the area was abundant in grain and produce, and it was a long distance from the seat of war. A local resident, Benjamin Dykes, who also owned and operated the area's sawmill and gristmill, offered a beautiful site for the prison, just a mile and a half east of the railroad line, that was heavily wooded with pine and oak, with the ground sloping down on both sides to a wide stream, a branch of Sweet Water Creek." ( DAN R SLAGLE)

9) I am looking for information on the 8th Ky. Calvery Company K., 4th Regiment is what is listed on William R. Thompson military papers. (aka. W.M. and Wm. R.) I would like to know as much info I can get on the Unit, as to where and when and to what battles it may have been in. The Kentucky civil war page skips the 8th calvery? Many very old civil war Roster books usually give a detailed description of each unit. But these are hard to come by for our of staters. This would be what I am looking for. I am trying to put together a story on this family to add to my Thompson genealogy book I am putting together. William was born KY and fought for the South, his brother Benedick my relative, was in the Thralls battery Ark. confederate light artillery. for some time before being listed as a deserter, but because he was captured and put into Rock Island prison. He later became a "galvanized Yankee" into Co. D. 2nd Reg. of U.S. Vol. Another brother fought for the North and all three of these boys, father fought for the Union from Iowa. So I am trying to see and would presume they may have fought against each other in certain battles! Thanks any help you can give me on the 8th KY

8) 4/9/99 This is all that I have on my grandfather. I do have a copy of his military service, but it only has vouchers and a record of his Court Martial and his return to service. The last one says he was paroled with General Lee at Appomattox Court House, Virginia April 9, 1865 where General Lee surrendered to General Grant.

He died at age 73 at 4:40 o'clock. He lived in the Connelly's Chapel neighborhood near Loray, N.C. The 8 day clock that I (Lacy Udell Weston, Jr.) have was given to me by my mother after dad's death. Granddaddy and Grandmother Weston (William Sidney and Salinda Catherine) started housekeeping with this clock in 1865.

Confederate Service: William Sidney Weston, Private, a member of Company B, 22nd Regiment, North Carolina Infantry, CSA, resided in Iredell County and enlisted in McDowell County, North Carolina at age of 19; May 8, 1861. Deserted in October 1862. Court-martialed on or about February 18, 1863. Returned to duty on an unspecified date prior to August 1, 1863. Present or accounted for until paroled at Appomattox Court House, Virginia April 9, 1865 where General Lee surrendered to General Grant. He served as a blacksmith on detached service. Family legend says William replaced the shoes on Robert E. Lee's horse, Traveler. Ref: Confederate service information on file at NC State Archives, Raleigh; A History and Genealogical Record of the Stevenson Family from 1748 to 1979; and family tradition.

Mr. W.S. Weston

Copied from an article in the Statesville Newspaper on 4-27-1915

Mr. W. S. Weston died Sunday afternoon at his home at Loray. He had been in failing health for several months. The funeral and interment took place at Loray yesterday afternoon. Rev. C. S. Cashwell of Statesville conducted the funeral. Mr. Weston was a native of this county and with the exception of the time spent in the service of the Confederate army his entire life was spent in the county. He was a blacksmith by trade and was known as one of the best workmen in his line. Mr. Weston was about 73 years old and is survived by his wife and ten children, including Rev. E. L. Weston of Burgaw, Rev. Lacy Weston, who is a student at Wake Forest College. Mr. Victor Weston of High Point, Mr. John Weston of this county, Mrs. Shell of Lenoir, Mrs. Wm. Bost of Statesville. Mrs. S. P. Shell of Loray. A son and daughter live in Tacoma, Wash.

Copied from William Sidney Weston's tombstone located at Concord Presbyterian Church Cemetery in Loray, North Carolina.

William S. Weston Co. B, 22 N.C. INF CSA APR 1842 - APR 1915 and wife Salinda C. JUL. 1847 - AUG 1928Father is building a detailed model of the USS Kearsage and needs to know if at anytime the bottom half of the hull was ever copper or metal plated. It so, what years did it have the plating? Email at: or call 972-498-6012. Lacy U Weston, Jr. 117 Kenwood Circle Gadsden, Alabama 35904-3639 Phone 256-547-83034 E-mail

7) James R. Malcom, is my great-great grandfather. I have search in Civil War Rosters that I can find on the internet. I have been unable to locate the name of James R. Malcom. I know he was in the Civil War because of the stories hand down threw Grandparent and also he has a Civil War tomestone on his grave. On the tomestone is the name Carlton Artillery. If you could help me , I would be eternal greatfull. Thank you, Vida Tyndall 770-786-0050 2985 Dixie Rd. Covington, Georgia 30014  4/1/99

6) I am writing a book on the 17th Georgia Volunteer Infantry Regiment, and if anyone has any information they would like included or would like to share, such as letters, diaries, reminiscenses, photos or anything pertaining to the men of this regiment it would be appreciated. The book will have, in chronological order, correspondence, reports and statistics from the OR Vols., camp locations, letters, reminiscenses, a complete roster, military records and genealogical information on each soldier ( as much as I am able to obtain). I am presently researching each company's county history for this information. If you would like to help, please email me at  4/1/99

5) I am trying to find info on my g-g-g-grandfather (John W. Huff) I am told he served in the Civil War (Massoc Co. , Metropolis,Ill.) and that he died in 1859 while serving duty . His death was due to a measles outbreak which hit is camp. I would like to know the date of his death and what his rank etc. was. I don"t seem to be having much luck in doing so. Any help wuld be so appreciated. Thanks, Alice, 4/1/99

4) 71st NY Volunteers. I have a uniforn and the buttons on it have 71 with a wreath around it. I have done some research and found out that it is from the 71st NY volunteer Infantry. I am looking for some information about this regiment I know that they were out of fort Scott Staten Island, but thats all I could find out can you help me? Thank you. (Joyce Triplett). 1/25/99

3) Looking for info on Charles Willis and/or the 4th Virginia (Black Horse) Cavalry, Company H in which he served. Please contact Jeff Staines at 1/10/99

2) Re: R.S. Parker, Sutler, 3rd NY CAV. My hobby is Civil War Relic Hunting. I recently recovered a Sutler's Token of brass that is stamped: "R.S. PARKER, SUTLER, 3RD N.Y. CAV., 50, CTS IN GOODS," A friend researched what he could, and came up with this: A Robert S. Parker 24 yrs. old, enlisted as a private in the 13th N.Y. CAV. at Elmira, NY in May 1861. He was transferred to the 3RD NY CAV in Sep 1861, and discharged in Nov 1861, in Washington, DC due to disability. We believe that Trooper Robert S. Parker is the R.S. Parker on the token, and that after being discharged, he stayed on with his unit as their government approved Sutler. I managed to find out that the 3rd was camped in Portsmouth, VA and the surrounding area several times during the war. I recovered the token in Portsmouth, VA. I'm trying to find out for sure that the to Parkers are indeed one and the same. Is there any way that you can be of any assistance whatever in my quest? Your help is greatly appreciated. 12/15/98

1) 42nd Miss. Infantry: Where can I find information on the 42nd Miss. Infantry? My g-g-grandfather joined that regiment and served all through Virginia, until he was wounded (lost his right arm) and captured at Gettysburg. But two visits to Gettysburg have turned up little more than the slightest mention of this regiment having been there. Any idea why? "Chris Morgan" 8/21/99

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