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Mississippi Department of Archives and History Website

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New! View this old Newspaper Article of Marine Band - Private R. P. Scott - General John R. Sadler Acclaimed ! - June 13, 1937 - Jackson, MS

Confederates Discuss Another Reunion - Homer Atkinson, United Confederate Veterans (UCV) Commander in Chief, and M.D. Vance

Vets of Sixties Hoist Flag Over Historic Capitol and Rebels Capture Jackson with Brilliant Maneuver (part 1)

part 2 Rebs Capture Jackson - also, Few of State's Aging Veterans Attend and Vets Pay Tribute to Sainted Dead; UVC 'Carries On' (part 1)

part 2-Vets Pay Tribute and Tired Old Men in Gray Hear Dim 'Assembly' including Private W.E. Dark of Winnfield, LA and a picture of O.R. Gilette, Shreveport, LA dancing a 'jig' and Lee's Grey Army to March Again on Gettysburg!

part 2 of Lee' Grey Army and Confederates Favor Joint Reunion in 1938, inc. J.A. Glenn, Commander of the Army of Tenessee, General Harless, Dr. Baylis H. Earle, McWhorter Milner, Clifton Ratliff - and Blue and Gray Veterans Plan Joint Reunion with J.M. Claypool, and Old Boys in Gray Agree to Meet Again at Gettysburg,

June 12-15, 1937 Jackson, Mississippi United Confederate Veterans Reunion (James W. Langley) (for your personal viewing only

As Memphians Paid Honors to Confederate Dead - including R. E. Bullington, of Forrest's Cavalry and J.R. Newsome, of Featherstone's Mississippi Brigade - 1937 (for your personal viewing only)

Mississippi is Honored by Confederate Reunion-part 1
click here for part 2

Read the Confederate Reunion at Jackson, Mississippi, 75 years later, on June 9, 1939- Part 1 (Owned by R.A. Mosocco, owner of this Website, for personal viewing only! Unauthorized distribution of this is strictly prohibited!)
click here for part 2
click here for part 3

Read about the Mystery Poem, written by Major S.A. Jonas, at Powhatan Hotel, Richmond, VA, a few days after he was paroled as a member of the staff of Lieut. General Stephen D. Lee, with Johnson's Army at High Point, near Greensborough, N.C.
click here for part 2
click here for part 3

Read about Last Lawrence Vets Observe Same Birthday - Daniel Carter Griffith, member of Company A, Stubb's Battalion and Wood's Cavalry and Hugh M. Smith of Colonel McNair's Regiment (for your personal view only)

Military Annals of Mississippi," originally compiled by J.C. Rietti, there is a 1976 reprint by the Reprint Company, Spartansburg, South Carolina. The book contains 245 pages and includes rosters and rolls of honor of military organizations, which entered Confederate Service from the state of Mississippi. The book includes a brief synopsis of campaigns and battles in which organizations participated. This book could prove difficult to locate. Special thanks to Ron Graves, or who submitted this info. to me. Ron's special interest is the Western theater with special emphasis on the Vicksburg campaign).

Mississippi Marine Brigade Website

1st Mississippi Sharpshooters - Read the Obituary of Colonel John R. Porter, 1st Mississippi Sharpshootersr, (Owned by R.A. Mosocco, owner of this Website, for personal viewing only! Unauthorized distribution of this is strictly prohibited!)

2nd Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment Website

3rd Mississippi, "To Live and Die in Dixie, a History of the Third Mississippi Infantry, C.S.A," by H. Grady Howell, Jr. Published by Chickasaw Bayou Press, Jackson, Mississippi. Thanks to Scott W. Holmes. for making this information available to add to my website.

5th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment Website

Read the Obituary of Colonel John F. Gunter, Company A,7th Mississippi Infantry Volunteers, (Owned by R.A. Mosocco, owner of this Website, for personal viewing only! Unauthorized distribution of this is strictly prohibited!)

9th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment (Corinth Rifles) Website

Another 9th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment Website

11th Mississippi, "The Lamar Rifles - A History of Company "G", Eleventh Mississippi Regiment, C.S.A.," reprinted in 1992 by the Bonnie Blue Press of an extremely scarce title, with roster, photos, paperback costs $ 35.00.

"Duty, Honor, Valor: The Story of the Eleventh Mississippi Infantry Regiment," by Steven H. Stubbs 948 pages, published by Dancing Rabbit Press,
$75 + $4 (shipping) from: Dancing Rabbit Press 514 Poplar Ave Philadelphia, MS 39350-2554. Again, thanks to James Sontag for providing me with this information for adding to my website. "He's got good eyes" Folks like him make all of our lifes a helluva lot easier. Send him a thanks when you getta chance!

11th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment Website

Read the Obituary of Captain James Franklin Dooley, Company G, 11th Mississippi Infantry Volunteers, (Owned by R.A. Mosocco, owner of this Website, for personal use only! Unauthorized distribution of this is strictly prohibited!)

"I have been doing some research on a confederate ancestor of mine, D. F. Boswell of the 13th Mississippi Infantry Regiment. He was wounded at the battle of gettysburg, and placed in a Union hospital at Adam PA. He was a patient until his death on Oct 8, 1863. My question is how can I find records of his stay and death in this hospital? Thank you for your time. Respectfully," Edward Boswell

14th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment Website

15th Mississippi, "A Hard Trip, A History of the Fifteenth Infantry, CSA,".by Ben Wynne. Published by Wynne Mercer University Press. Book is 252 pages and costs $ 35.00. Thanks to James Sontag for providing me this information to add to my website.

15th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company D Website

16th Mississippi, "A Historical Sketch of the Quitman Guards, Company E, Sixteenth Mississippi Regiment," by members of the Quitman Guards. Published in 1866 at New Orleans, Louisiana, this book may prove hard to locate.

16th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment, "Grandfather's Journal of his service with the 16th Mississippi Infantry, Company B," by Franklin Lafayette Riley; edited by Dr. Austin C. Dobbins. The book is a detailed journal with day-to-day accounts of the unit. Published in 1988, 310 pages, costs $ 25.00.

16th Mississippi, "A Mississippi Rebel in the Army of Northern Virginia, the Civil War Memoirs of Private David Holt," edited by Thomas D. Cockrell and Michael B. Ballard. Originally released in 1925, Holt enlisted at the age of 18 in the Sixteenth Mississippi. The 16th Mississippi was engaged in numerous battles with Lee and the Confederate Army of Northern Virginia, including Chancellorsville, Shenandoah Valley and Gettsyburg. Holt saw action in most of the major battles. His descriptions are among the most graphic, dramatic, and poignant written by any soldier. He was captured near Petersburg, Virginia in August, 1864. Reprinted in 1995 by the Louisiana State University Press, 354 pages, with photos, maps, costs $ 35.00.

17th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment, "A Life for the Confederacy as Recorded in the Pocket Diaries of Private Robert A. Moore, Company "G," Seventeenth Mississippi Regiment, Confederate Guards, Holly Springs, Mississippi," by Robert A. Moore, of the 17th Mississippi. Originally published in 1959 by McGowatt Mercer, reprinted by Broadfoot Publishing, Moore's candid observations end abruptly with his death at Chickamauga. 182 pages, with index, photos, rosters, costs $ 25.00.

17th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment Re-enactor's Website

19th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment

19th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment, the Diary of Albert L. Peel, Adjutant, 19th Mississippi

20th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment - .was organized during the late summer of 1861 with men from Bolivar, Monroe, Noxubee, Adams, Scott, Carroll, and Newton counties. The unit moved to Virginia, then Tennessee where in February, 1862, it was captured at Fort Donelson. In this engagement it lost 19 killed and 60 wounded of the 31 officers and 469 men present. The regiment was exchanged and asigned to Tilghman's and J. Adams' Brigade, Department of Mississippi and East Louisiana. For a time it served in the Vicksburg area, then transferred to the Army of the Tennessee. Placed in J. Adams' and Lowry's Brigade, the 20th was involved in the Atlanta and Tennessee Campaigns and ended the war in North Carolina. Only a remnant surrendered on April 26, 1865. Its commanders were Colonels William N. Brown and D.R. Russell; Lieutenant Colonels D.H. Maury, Horace H. Miller, and Walter A. Rorer; and Majors William M. Chatfield, Thomas B. Graham, and C.K. Massey."

The 20th Miss. was captured on February 16 and held until April, 1862. In April, 65 it was consolidated and designated the 15th Miss Infantry, but the war was essentially over that same month.

In addition to their involvement at Fort Donelson, they were also involved in the battles at Fort Pemberton, Vicksburg, Champion Hill, Jackson, Meridian, Atlanta, New Hope Church, Peach Tree Creek, Ezra Church, Atlanta Siege, Jonesboro, Franklin, Nashville, the Carolinas campaign, and Bentonville.

There does not seem to be much (if any) information written about the 20th Mississippi. [Ron Mosocco's note==isn't this sad.. who's going to write this regimental history] These boys are waiting for you. Again, thanks to Brian Heintzelman Salado, Texas (

20th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment Website

Read about Lt. Col. John H. Sims, Jr., commander of the 21st Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Read about Sgt. Maj. William E. Sims of the 21st Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment

Sgt Maj. W. E. Sims's military records

Jesse Sims's letter about the Battle of Cedar Creek, reporting the death of Lt. Col. John Sims and the capture of W. E. Sims

26th Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment Website

30th Mississippi C.S.A. Volunteer Infantry Regiment Website

31st Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment Website

32nd Mississippi Volunteer Infantry Regiment, Company G Website

Roll of the Mt. Zion Guards, 36th Mississippi Infantry:
Company A- This is a roster of the original members of the Guard, with wives and number of children in many cases and the home of enrollment
The unit was formed in the early months of 1862
They fought in battles at:
Corinth (April-June, 1862)
Farmington (May 1862)
Iuka (September, 1862)
Corinth (Oct. 3-4, 1862)
Vicksburg (Campaign and Siege, May,1863-July 4, 1863)
Atlanta Campaign (May-September, 1864)
New Hope Church
Lattimer's Mills
Kennesaw Mountain
Smyrna Campground
Chattahoochee River
Peach Tree Creek
Ezra Church
Atlanta Siege
Jonesboro (August 31-Sept. 1, 1864)
Lovejoy's Station (Sept. 2-5, 1864)
Allatoona (Oct.5, 1864)
Nashville, Tennessee (November 30, 1864-December 16, 1864
The retreat to Mississippi as the often bloodied rear guard; then two weeks after Appomattox, the 36th suffered their last defeat at Fort Blakely, Alabama. Listed Officers were Drury J. Brown, Colonel; Edward Brown, Lieutenant-Colonel; S.G. Harper, Lieutenant Colonel; Charles P. Partin, Major; William W. Witherspoon, Major; Alexander Yates, Major. Captain T.J. Christman was the Commanding Officer of Company A. T.J. Chrisman, Captain, wife and 1 child, Copiah T. C. Dicell, 1st Lieutenant, wife and 5 children, Lawrence J.W. Pierce, 2nd Lieutenaant, 3 childdren, Copiah J.JH. Little, 3rd Lieutenant, Copiah B. B. Day, 1st Sergeant, wife, Copiah J.J. Embry, 2nd Sergeant, wife, 2 children, Copiah J.T. Thompson, 3rd Sergeant, wife, 5 children, Copiah C.S.S. Dicell, 4th Sergeant, wife, 4 children, Copiah J. M. White, 5th Sergeant, wife, 4 children, Copiah A. Simmons, 1st Corporal, wife, children?, Copiah A. H. Perkins, 2nd Corporal, wife, children?, Copiah D.S. Cannon, 3rd Corporal, wife, 2 children, Lawrence Henry Thompson, 4th Corporal, wife, 6 children. Copiah. Surrendered by Lt. Richard Taylor, commanding the Department of Alabama, Mississippi, and East Louisiana, at Citronelle, Alabama, on May 4, 1865
thanks to for providing this information to me for use on my website. Thanks, Sam!

40th Mississippi, "Company H"(6-15-00) "Our Genealogist had discovered an untitled book in the Mississippi archives while researching our ancestor in the 40th Missippi Volunteers. We have a copy of all 100 men of the 40th Co. H, including my wife's GreatGreatGrandfather William D. Henson, who was wounded at Corinth, their flag taken by an Ohio Regiment and their Captain Killed. William was promoted from 1st Sergeant. to 2nd Lieuteant and even commanded his Company from April 1864 through at least August 1864 as we see on his muster roll "signs as commanding his Company" until his capture on April 12, 1865 during the Carolina Campaign, also have a CSA Special Requisition-(#40), signed by William D. Henson "Commanding the Company", signed May 03, 1864, which states: " I have in my Company Fourteen men entirely destitute of tents or shelter". Approved by Col. W.B. Colbert; 40 MS. Reg. & (signed by our old Seaford, Delaware Prewar School Teacher); Lt. General Lenordious Polk." Sincerely, John and Joyce (Henson) Zoch 1126 Airport Road, Seaford, Delaware 19973-4402 Thanks to John & Joyce for forwarding this information to me for use on my website.

Looking for all information concerning 40th Mississippi Infantry, Company G. My great-great grandfather was George W. Sowell, born in Mississippi but living in Texas when the Civil War started, but returned to Mississippi to join. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks, Mel Collins

43rd Mississippi, "The Gentle Rebel: The Civil War Letters of 1st Lieutenant William H. Berryhill, Company D, 43rd Mississippi Volunteers," by William H. Berryhill, 170 page, paperback reprint costs $ 15.00.

46th Mississippi, "Blood and Sacrifice: The Civil War Journal of a Confederate Soldier, Company B, 46th Mississippi Volunteers," by William Pitt Chambers. Edited by Richard A. Baumgartner. Roster, this 281 page 1993 issue costs around $ 22.00.



1st Mississippi Cavalry Reserves - I am trying to locate my Great-Great Grandfather, John Wesley (Pvt John W.) Williams who served in the 1st MS Cav. Reserves. I haven't had any success finding his unit or their history so when I saw this website I decided to take a chance that you might be able to help me. I found this information in "For Dixie Land I'll Take My Stand!" by H. Grady Howell, Jr. I was told that he enlisted 16 Apr 1864 in Shubuta, Clarke County, MS, in Company H, First Cav Rserves , Campt Richard McGriff's Co, McNair's Battalion. Roll of POWs date 17 May 1865, lists Pvt J.W. Williams of the above military organization, a resident of Wayne County, MS. I am a member of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, Mary Curtis Chapter 17th VA Regiment, Alexandria VA. Looking forward to hearing from you or anyone that might be able to advise me of how to get the information I need to document and learn more about my Confederate Ancestor. Thank you! Jan Pearson Coxey

5th Mississippi Cavalry, Company A Website

18th Mississippi Cavalry - Read the Obituary of "General" R. E. Bullington, Company K (Owned by R.A. Mosocco, owner of this Website, for personal viewing only! Unauthorized distribution of this is strictly prohibited!)




Hudson's Mississippi Artillery, "The Civil War Diary of Joseph Garey, Hudson's Battery, Mississippi Volunteers," by Joseph Garey, edited by David A. Welker and published by Thomas Publications, Joseph Garey was raised in Pennsylvania but fought for the Confederacy as a member of Hudson's Battery of Mississippi Artillery. This book is a rare daily account of life in this unit in the Western Theater. 128 page paperback, costs $ 12.00.

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