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Hiya Fellow Civil War {Buff] er I mean "Enthusiast .!" This section of my website will help those who are dedicated in searching for your long lost relatives. By now, you should have spent time researching places such as the National Archives, (finding his pension records; don't forget the superior L.D.S. branches, i.e. the Church of the Latter Day Saints, by the Mormon Religious Denomination) or perhaps the family Bible; maybe you remember those conversations you had with your (g)grandfather when you were just a child; or word of mouth stories passed down through the family. In either case, you are now pretty sure that your great great great grandpappy or uncle, etc. fought in the American War for Southern Independence.

Perhaps grandfather talked about the "War to Preserve the Union." [by the way, he WAS right you know. Just took hundred of thousands young boys to prove this - alas - they never had the chance to enjoy a full life that now this Country of ours has to offer. Let us all pay homage to those who gave their young lives so we can now live to an old age - "they never had a chance you see."] If you are lucky enough, you inherited his "sharpshooter" - passed down from your spouse's 2nd cousin who..........!!

Within the last 7 years I have helped over a 150,000+ (if you keep following us here, it's like the "GOLDEN ARCHES." When I first posted my website I helped over 100 folks here.

Now, we're cruisin' and havin' fun. Let's see how many we can eventually help before it's time to pass the torch. IN the meantime, let's get back to work!

Back to your seach..... Hopefully, you've been fortunate to have been able to narrow down your search to that particular battle regiment that he fought with.

Now where do you go to find more information on him? You may already checked the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion, of which I have compiled my own book from; the most detailed reference material ever assembled on the war.

After the Official Records..... [and assuming you've ordered a copy of my book before it goes out of print] one of the best sources to learn more about your relative is if a "regimental history" was written on that particular unit (or perhaps two or three) that he served with.

He may have "jined up" with one, but subsequently transferred to another... Perhaps his regiment was discontinued or merged with another as the war dragged on;

Perhaps his regiment was so decimated by battle casualities and disease that it no longer was an effective fighting force - only to be phased out or merged with another (normally newer) regiment.

Perhpas he signed up with another regiment when his original term of enlistment was up, or after he was sent home to recover from battle wounds or sickness.

Well, here you will find what I have set out to accomplish -- List here a full and comprehensive accounting of ALL Regimental Histories that have been published since the end of hostilities. (and letters from the common foot soldier in the ranks).

Whenever possible, I will include a book review of a title. Others have been gracious enough to e-mail me information they have on certain regiments and units. In addition, when aware, I have included the cost of at least one vendor who has the book in stock. Just remember that a book costing less than $ 20.00 now-a-days is probably in paperback.

You should be aware that there are numerous regimental histories that have been written by actual Civil War veterans. These 100+ year old first edition regimental histories may be very scare to acquire and indeed, in some instances, quite expensive. But as time mosies on, it may prove to be a better investment than the "stock market" we all hear and read about. (remember you can create a new company tomorrow - you can't duplicate a first edition-signed by a Civil War Vet before the turn of the Century). It still amazes me that they are still so many of these books available on the open market.... Books written over 100 years ago...!!

Others have been recently re-printed and available in satisfactory supply. Still others have been recently published for the first time by contemporary civil war enthusiasts or perhaps by someone who is using their grandfather's diary and/or letters to write a history for the first time. Sometimes you wil find a Civil War re-enactor compiling a history of the regiment they honor.

Instead of including the names of retailers, you can e-mail us if you have a specific question regarding the availability of such book, or if you have any specific questions regarding a particular regiment.. This is part of my original concept to keep advertising from my website. I decided years ago not to accept promotions to send you to others sites that will sell you something. Keeping my website commercial free (for the most part as I still promote my own book and truley wish you would purchase a copy before I either run out of them or run out of life). I hope I sell out first before the latter.!!

In addition, I have been linking our website up to other Civil War websites. Our intent is to connect to Websites containing Regimental Histories (as well as other select sites) worthy of visiting as well as other Civil War sites that are a must go see.

IF you have a website that we should be linking to, please E-mail us.. In addition to those visiting us, if you find a link is "BROKEN", please let us know so we can remove those sites who are quick to join us, but quicker to leave us..

It is quite frustrating to spend time linking to sites who soon are no longer around!! :( In the meantime, I hope you enjoy our site.. Write us if you have info. to add. So go have some fun..

AND will find among this section of my website numerous newspaper articles AND PHOTOS of the LAST CIVIL WAR VETERANS... This is my contibution to those looking for Civil War history untold or not in every Commercial Civil War book... Most of these came from a Civil War Veteran (and a Mosby boy to boot!) --spending his last days of life on this earth collecting EVERY article pertaining to the Civil War as both he and the rest of his commadres eventually all departed our world--we now only have 'history' to grasp. It was never my intent to make a "fortune" off these articles and photos." I only post a disclaimer on my site. I don't want anybody else make such off my photos either.... I am sure you all can understand. None of these .jpg articles, photos, stories, etc. can be reproduced without the expressed written consent by me, the owner.

Go search now and have fun spending hours on my website - Please give me back feedback on how to improve my site..... I am always here listening!

Write us now.

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