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Read about James Hamaker, 3rd Wound at Gettysburg Proves fatal to Aged Vet! (Owned by R.A. Mosocco, the owner of this website for your personal viewing) 

"This Band of Brothers: Granbury's Texas Brigade, C.S.A.," by James M. McCaffrey. The book follows this Texas Brigade from the enlistment of the initial regiments throughout its history including its participation in the fighting as such events at Chickamauga, Missionary Ridge, Atlanta, and the Tennessee Campaign. Published in 1996 by the Texas A&M University Press, College Station, Texas, 272 pages, cost $ 17.00.

2nd Texas Infantry, "From Shiloh to Vicksburg," by Joseph E. Chance. Written by the great-grandson of Sergeant Charles Coleman Chance of the 2nd Texas. This regimental history includes eyewitness reports and letters of brave men who fought as part of the Army of the West and the Army of Mississippi. Much of the success of the regiment stemmed from its leaders' ability to inspire their soldiers. John C. Moore, a West Pointer who became the 1st Colonel of the 2nd Texas caused one astonished recruit to write the he had joined "a regiment of devils." Although Moore won a battlefield promotion to brigadier general during the Battle of Shiloh, the Confederate Congress never confirmed his appointment. Moore and his men suffered the mortification of being accused of cowardice at Shiloh by Brigadier General William Hardee, who commanded their brigade. This false allegation-which followed the regiment through the war-may have led to the death of Colonel William P. Rogers, who was killed while leading the 2nd Texas at the Battle of Corinth, Mississippi. Rogers was determined to prove his mettle and vindicate the regiment even at the cost of his life. After Roger's death, command of the 2nd Texas passed to Dr. Ashbel Smith, an 1828 graduate of Yale's Medical School, who, after the war, served as first chairman of the Board of Regents of the University of Texas. The regiment subsequently participated in the defense of Vicksburg and was with the army surrendered by Lieutenant General John Pemberton on July 4th , 1863. After being paroled, the men returned to Texas, and the regiment was later reorganized ,there. This book is a worthwhile addition to anyone's Civil War. Texan library. (reviewed by Norman C. Delaney, Del Mar College). Index, 216 pages, cost $ 14.00.

2nd Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment Website

4th Texas Infantry, "From Corsicana to Appomattox," by John Spencer. This Confederate Unit fought in all 38 of the brigade's engagements and 6 of the most famous battles of the war - Gaines Mill, 2nd Manassas, Antietam, Gettysburg, Chickamauga and the Wilderness. They were the men of the 4th Texas Infantry, John Bell Hood's Texas Brigade. 199 pages, 1984 issue, cost $ 25.00.

4th Texas Infantry Regiment, "A Texan in Search of a Fight," by John C. West. 189 page, 1994 reprint, cost $ 20.00.

5th Texas Infantry Regiment: "A Rebel Front and Rear: Company F, Fifth Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment, and late Company E, Eighth Texas Cavalry," by William A. Fletcher. 162 page 1985 reprint costs $ 24.00.

6th Texas Infantry Regiment: "The Civil War Diary of Charles A. Leuschner," edited by Charles D. Spurlin. Private Leuschner was a German Immigrant who fought with the Sixth Texas Infantry. His diary details some of the fiercest military action of the Civil War. 128 pages, published in 1991 by Eakin Press, with maps, rosters, costs $ 15.00.

6th Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment Website

Entire Roster of the 9th Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment Website

10th Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment Website

18th Texas Infantry Regiment: "Texans in Gray: A Regimental History of the 18th Texas Infantry, Walker's Texas Division in the Civil War, from the Firsthand Accounts by Sgt. John C. Porter, Col. Thomas G. Bonner, and Colonel William B. Ochiltree of 18th Texas Infantry" edited by James Henry Davis. Published in 1999 by Heritage Oak Press, 5349 E. 95th Street, Tulsa, OK 74137. "This book contains first hand accounts of Sgt. John C. Porter as well as accounts by Col. Thomas Bonner and letters from Col. William Beck Ochiltree. This valiant regiment fought at Vicksburg, MS, Louisiana and Arkansas during the Red River Campaign. All 1,305 men who served with the regiment are listed along with their age, company, home county, rank, and other information such as whether they were killed, wounded, or captured, or whether they were dealt any special duties such as blacksmith, wagon driver, or nurse. "This 8 1/2" by 5 1/2"book is a superb book to add to your Civil War Collection. Given the lack of CSA Regimental Histories, we must commend Jim Davis for his superior effort to add to the inferior Confederate Regimental History Saga. Within these 130 pages is an excellent tome of this valiant group of young men. Perhaps short on the overall observation of the War as this unit marched on, this book also contains 2 pages of POW's, a page of the Officers and Staff, as well as 7 pages of Sketches of Some of the Men. There is also 3 pages of bibliographies, sketches and maps within this book. This book also contains a complete roster of the 18th Texas Infantry as well as a complete index. I recommend you add this book to your Civil War Collection, before it too is no longer available. Reviewed by Ronald A. Mosocco, the owner of this website. Total 210 pages, cost $24.95, is available from the publisher listed above, and also from the author, who will autograph your copy upon request at

22nd Texas Infantry Regiment: "Once when We were Young," by Billy J. Brown. Published by the Southern Heritage Press, this 289 page historical novel is based on the experiences and battles of the Polk County, Texas Gray. "After having reviewed this book, one can obviously tell that Billy's passion and desire for details is contained throughout his novel as he brilliantly paints a thorough view of his participants that make up the core of his book. A worthy read, you should add this inexpensive book to your library. It's a good read." Reviewed by Ronald A. Mosocco, the owner of this website. Total $16.95, 289 pages, is available from the author listed above.




1st Texas Regiment of Union Cavalry: Organized at New Orleans, La., November 6, 1862. Attached to Independent Command, Dept. of the Gulf, to January, 1863. Defences of New Orleans to May, 1863. Cavalry, 19th Army Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to July, 1863. Defences of New Orleans to October, 1863. Unattached Cavalry, 13th Army Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to June, 1864. Cavalry Brigade, United States Forces, Texas, to July, 1864. District of Morganza, La., Dept. of the Gulf, to August, 1864. Cavalry Brigade, 19th Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to November, 1864. 2nd Separate Cavalry Brigade, 19th Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to December, 1864. Separate Cavalry Brigade, Reserve Corps, Dept. of the Gulf, to February, 1865. Cavalry Brigade, District of Baton Rouge, La., to July, 1865. Dept. of Texas to November, 1865.

SERVICE--Duty in the Defences of New Orleans, La., until September, 1863. Sabine Pass Expedition September 4-11. Western Louisiana ("Teche") Campaign October 3-17. Nelson's Bridge, near New Iberia, October 4. Vermillion Bayou October 9-10. Carrion Crow Bayou October 14-15. Ordered to New Orleans, La., October 17. Expedition to the Rio Grande, Texas, Oc- tober 23-December 2. Occupation of Brazos Santiago November 2, and of Brownsville November 6. Duty at Brownsville and on line of the Rio Grande until July, 1864. Rancho las Rinas June 26, 1864 (Cos. "A" and "C"). Ordered to New Orleans July, then to Morganza, La., August 6, and duty there until November. (A Detachment remained in Texas at Brownsville until January, 1865. Participated in skirmish at Palmetto Ranch September 6, 1864. Ordered to Join Regiment at Baton Rouge, La., January 27, 1865.) Operations about Morganza September 16-25, 1864. Williamsport September 16. Atchafalaya River September 17. Bayou Alabama and Morgan's Ferry September 20. Ordered to Baton Rouge November 19. Davidson's Expedition against Mobile & Ohio Railroad November 27-December 13. Ordered to Lakeport December 17. United States Forces at mouth of White River and at Baton Rouge, La., until May, 1865. Expedition to Clinton and the Comite River March 30-April 2, 1865. Ordered to Vidalia, District of Natchez, Miss., May 23, 1865, and duty there until June 29. Ordered to Military District of the Southwest and duty in Texas until November. Mustered out November 4, 1864.

I recently found a cival war era flask, whiskey flask, it is engraved: Col. Geo th Baylor 2nd Texas Calvary . **I can't guarantee it reads: Geo Th, it is in cursive and hard to make out. Do you have any info about this individual, as far as dates of service or anything at all ? this has started a new line of interest for me as a collector. Thank you for your time... Pam Lanza PO 307 Tiona, PA 16352 (3/5/04)

History and Data of the TEXAS CAVALRY BRIGADE - The Whitfield / Ross Texas Cavalry Brigade, CSA General John W. Whitfield General Lawrence S. Ross COMMANDERS

3rd Texas Cavalry Regiment, "Lone Star Defenders: A Chronicle of the Third Texas Cavalry, Ross' Brigade," by S.B. Barron. Originally published in 1908 by the Neal Publishing Company, New York, New York, this 276 page history of this valiant group of young men may be hard to locate. Good luck in your quest. 

3rd Texas Cavalry Regiment, "The Third Texas Cavalry in the Civil War," by Douglas Hale, a descendant of a member of the 3rd Texas Cavalry. The Third Texas Cavalry Regiment, recruited from 26 counties of northeastern Texas in 1861, was one of the most famous Confederate units from the Lone Star State, fighting in numerous engagements, both large and small, throughout the war, and suffering its greatest number of casualties in a single battle at Iuka on September 19, 1862, when 22 men were killed and 74 wounded. The Texans were operating as infantrymen during that battle, for in April of 1862 General Van Dorn, C.S.A. has ordered them to leave their mounts behind when they were dispatched to the defense of Corinth. The cavalrymen, chaffing under the indignity of fighting on foot, finally resorted to threats of mutiny to regain their horses... They were spared from the worst carnage by their absence at some of the West's most horrific contests; Shiloh, Chickamauga, and Stone's River. While at Pea Ridge, Corinth, and Franklin, fate intervened to spare them from being placed in crucial and hotly contested positions. (from a partial review by Dr. Ed Hagerty for the Courier Civil War Magazine). Using material gleaned from unpublished diaries and letters, Hale sensitively portrays the sufferings and private thoughts of individual cavalrymen and their commanders of one of the most famous Confederate units from the Lone Star. 1993 issue, maps, 384 pages, cost $ 29.00, from the University of Oklahoma Press. (800-627-7377).

3rd Texas Cavalry Regiment, "As It Was: Reminiscences of a Soldier of the 3rd Texas Cavalry and the 19th Louisiana Infantry," by John Douglas Cater. Introduction by T. Michael Parish. This 275 page 1990 reprint costs $ 25.00.

3rd Texas Cavalry Regiment Website

6th Texas Cavalry Regiment, "Living and Fighting with the Texas Sixth Cavalry," by Newton Asbury Keen, 6th Texas Cavalry. This heretofore, unpublished narrative by a Texas Confederate Cavalryman is perhaps one of the most interesting, realistic and informative descriptions available of Confederate military service and the war in the Western Theater. The author, Newton Asbury Keen, was a 17 year old in 1861. Born in Indiana, he moved to Texas in an early age. Keen came of age at the beginning of the war and soon saw heavy fighting at Elkhorn Tavern, and later as a distinguished Cavalryman in the bloody battle of Corinth. Keen's disparaging remarks concerning Confederate General Earl Van Dorn is an excellent example of the strong-willed opinions that the author holds. Suffering his share of illness including fevers and mumps, Keens recovered and survived the short rations and exhaustive skirmishing of the Vicksburg Campaign. His exciting and detailed accounts of combat and hair-breadth escapes fill these pages with Civil War history at its realistic best. Keen's story continues through the spring campaign of 1864 in Georgia which eventually leads to his capture and imprisonment at Camp Douglas in Chicago, Illinois. He then provides a vivid portrayal of that infamous Northern prison and all its horror and finishes with a poignant account of his gradual return to his home after being released in June, 1865. Published by Olde Soldier Books, 100 pages, cost $ 15.00.

6th Texas Cavalry Regiment Website

8th Texas Cavalry Regiment: "A Rebel Front and Rear: Company F, Fifth Texas Volunteer Infantry Regiment, and late Company E, Eighth Texas Cavalry," by William A. Fletcher. 162 page 1985 reprint costs $ 24.00.

8th Texas Cavalry Regiment, Terry's Texas Rangers Website

8th Texas Cavalry Regiment, Terry's Texas Rangers Re-Enactor's Website

9th Texas Cavalry Regiment Website

11th Texas Cavalry Regiment

(another) 11th Texas Cavalry Regiment Website

12th Texas Cavalry Regiment, "Campaigning with Parson's Texas Cavalry, C.S.A. The War Journal and Letters of the Four Orr Brothers, Twelfth Texas Cavalry Regiment,", edited by John Q. Anderson. Published in 1967 at Hillsboro, Texas, a copy costs around $ 75.00.

12th Texas Cavalry Regiment, "Between the Enemy and Texas: Parson's Texas Cavalry in the Civil War," by Anne J. Bailey. Originally published in 1989 by the Texas Christian University Press, Fort Worth, Texas, 355 pages, maps, roster, cost $ 40.00. Parson's Texas Cavalry Brigade in the Civil War was comprised of the 12th Texas, the 19th Texas, the 21st Texas and Morgan's 13th Texas Cavalry Regiments and served in the Western Theater fighting in Arkansas, Missouri, and Louisiana. The book includes detailed quotes from soldiers' letters.

13th Texas Cavalry Regiment, see info. about the 12th Texas and Parson's Texan Brigade above.

Hi from California -- I am having trouble locating information on the history of my gr-gr-grandfather's (Charles Riley Matney) Confederate unit from TX in the Civil War. From the TX State Library, I obtained and transcribed my gr-gr-grandfather's 1901 Pension Application, which describes his service with Company F, Waller's TX Cavalry. I have found a couple of different regiment numbers to which this unit was attached and would like to get a complete timeline of its service. In case it is helpful to your site, I am pasting my transcription of C.R. Matney's 1901 pension application below. Many thanks, Teri Freedman

19th Texas Cavalry Regiment, see info. about the 12th Texas and Parson's Texan Brigade above.

21st Texas Cavalry Regiment, see info. about the 12th Texas and Parson's Texan Brigade above.

Horton, Pvt. Calvin B.--captured Arkansas Post Jan.11,1863; died .-pneuomia Hickory Street Hospital (St. Louis,Mo.) Feb.24,1863 buried at Jefferson Barracks National Cementary-plot #21 0 5086--- Russell Jordan

26th Texas Cavalry Regiment, "A Sketch of the History of DeBray's Twenty-sixth Regiment of Texas Cavalry," by Xavier Blanchard DeBray. Issued in the Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume XIII, January-December, 1885. (Danny Rokyta indicated to me that there was a second printing in 1961 by Waco Village Press. Anybody with a copy to sell, please contact Danny.

27th Texas Cavalry Regiment Website

28th Texas Cavalry Regiment, "Peculiar Honor: A History of the Twenty-eighth Texas Cavalry, 1862-1865," by M. Jane Johansson, Ph. D. The author has informed me that this book is scheduled to be published in April, 1998 by the University of Arkansas Press. This paperback book costs $20.00 (plus $4.00 shipping for the first book, 50 cents shipping for each additional book). The book is approximately 195 pages and may be ordered by calling 1-800-626-0090.

29th Texas Cavalry Regiment, "Suffering to Silence, the Regimental History of the twenty-ninth Texas Cavalry, C.S.A.," by Bradford K. Felmly and John C. Grady. Copyright 1975; published by Nortex Press, P.O. Box 120, Quanah, TX, 79252. ISBN 0-89015-098-2. With 250 pages, including photos of the Officers as well as Officers' biographies, and an indexed roster of the regiment, Officers and enlisted men, 1862-1865. thanks to Ivan W. Miller for submitting this info. to us).

37th Texas C.S.A. Cavalry Re-enactors Website
Restore the Honor - Reveal the Truth Website

You are cordially invited to visit the website of Terrell's Texas Cavalry, 34th Regiment, Confederate States Army, the only historically-accurate multiracial Confederate reenactment unit, complete with new and exclusive Civil War-era embedded music. (Click on the link listed above). We ask that you visit all 21 pages, but please pay particular attention to pages recently added, revised and/or updated: "Regiment Updates," "Awards Received," "Unit History," "Historic References," "To Their Honor" (Page Two), and especially "Forgotten In Gray." From December, 1996, to December, 1997, we had the pleasure of welcoming over 17,600 visitors (approximately ten times the annual total of any other reenactor site) and have received separate awards for educational content, sound, and graphics. In addition, our unit roster has increased from five Mounted and six Dismounted troopers to 24 Mounted and 36 Dismounted troopers ...and members of our unit appeared in the TV miniseries "True Women" (although our Black and Hispanic troopers were not allowed to appear for stated reasons of "political correctness"). We enjoy mutual Web links with the 54th Massachusetts (of "Glory" fame), several African-American sites ("Lest We Forget" and "Exodus" magazines), and consider ourselves honored to be the first Confederate reenactment group ever to have the endorsement and support of a chapter of the NAACP (Jackson County, Mississippi). In addition, our unit recently became associated with a delinquent youth rehabilitation program in Texas which is targeted at Black, Hispanic and White teenagers identified as being at-risk for gang involvement. In January, 1998, MAJ Danylchuk, our Commanding Officer; SGT Edward Hall, our newest Black Sergeant via field promotion at Spring Hill, Tennessee, from General Bill Smart; and I will attend the "January Jubilee Banquet" of the Jackson County, Mississippi, Chapter of the NAACP as guest speakers. We will be presenting information on Black and other Confederates of Color, in full Confederate uniform. The President of this NAACP Chapter has previously shown her courage by endorsing and supporting the 34th Texas.
Pay us a visit...we are certain we can offer a few surprises. We celebrate the heritage of ALL Southerners. Your Obedient Servant, Michael Kelley, CAPT Commanding, Company B (Dismounted) Terrell's Texas Cavalry (34th), CSA

...your writeup for the 37th Texas Cavalry to read as follows: We invite you to visit with the 37th Texas Cavalry (Terrell's), Confederate States Army, the leading historically-accurate, multiracial Confederate reenactment unit and the primary focal point on the Web for valid research and documentation of the Forgotten Confederates - those who were not white Protestants. We have the largest, most visited Civil War reenactor web site. With 118 Web Awards to date it is the most honored Civil War site of any kind. We are not affiliated with any heritage or descendant groups. Our ranks include Caucasian, African American, Hispanic, Native American, Jewish, biracial, and female troopers. We have Co. C (Dismounted), Department of the West, in Los Angeles, California, under command of Captain Edward Aguilar. Company D (Dismounted), British Guard, has formed in Hampshire, England. Company E (Dismounted), has formed in Athens, Greece. Company F (Mounted) formed in Tasmania, Australia. Company G is forming in North Queensland, Australia. Through painstaking research and thorough, uncommented documentation we celebrate the courage, sacrifice, and heritage of ALL Southerners who had to make agonizing personal choices under impossible circumstances. Now we are proud to announce that we will be presenting artwork portraying the Forgotten Confederates. "The first law of the historian is that he shall never dare utter an untruth. The second is that he shall suppress nothing that is true. Moreover, there shall be no suspicion of partiality in his writing, or of malice." - Cicero (106-43 B.C.) We simply ask that all act upon the facts of history. Your Obedient Servant, Colonel Michael Kelley, CSA Commanding, 37th Texas Cavalry (Terrell's) "We are a band of brothers!" "I came here as a friend...let us stand together. Although we differ in color, we should not differ in sentiment." - LT Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, CSA, Memphis, Tennessee - July, 1875

Visit their website now! 37 Texas CSA Cavalry

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