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1. Information regarding the recent release of our 2nd edition of the Ultimate Civil War Reference Manual, the "Chronological Tracking of the American Civil War per the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion," ISBN 0-9641675-9-X, edited and compiled by Ronald A. Mosocco, with a foreward by Dr. Arthur W. Bergeron, Jr., through:

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"Dear Ron: I've now had time to digest your excellent work, "The Chronological Tracking Of The American Civil War Per The Official Records Of The War Of The Rebellion." It will be a treasured signed addition to my library. You can certainly know your work adds to my appreciation of not only the Civil War but of research as well. I do enjoy your personal commentary throughout the work as well. It gives the reader a feeling that the author is with the reader. This work is not just a day by day statistics chronicle. An excellent accomplishment. Like you, I have studied the photographs of Brady, Alexander, Gardner, and O'Sullivan. I'm sure you have seen George Bernard's "Photographic Views Of Sherman's Campaign," my favorite. William A. Frassanito's "Gettysburg" is equally as interesting as "Antietam, Americas Bloodiest Day." Also I must recommend the excellent maps and books by "William R. Scaife." My amateurish inclusion of the Cornell University "Official Records" site I'm very proud of. I was inspired to search hard for the "OR" by your work. I'm a little intimidated revealing to an author my beginner level computer skills and my very rusty sentence structure and punctuation ability. Now you must not stop here. Perhaps a history and photographed tour guide of your favorite campaign. Or a detailed compilation of all surviving Regimental Battle Flags and their history. Surely that would be no more difficult than the work you have published. Or the definitive history of The Marshall Tucker Band. I'll be watching and if I can be of service here it would be an honor. Take Care. My very best compliments, Don Gordon

I recently purchased two copies of your Chronological Tracking of the American Civil War per the Official Records of the War of the Rebellion. You'll be pleased to know that in showing it to some of my friends, they too wanted copies. Therefore, please send two (2) additional copies of the book to me. William P. Moran, Chino, CA

I just received my copy of the Chronological Tracking of the Civil War. Excellent book Just the right book for some easy reading during those hard winter nights. Excellent service. Exactly what was promised and more. Joe Rondeau, Whitman, MA

Just received my copy of Ronald A. Mosocco's book and just wanted to let you know that it is outstanding! Great reading and wonderful hands-on reference book. Keep up the great work and web page. Tommy Cardwell , Pinveille, LA

I must tell you, that the book is a smashing piece of work. Best Regards...Anders Edh....Sweden

I just received your book and it is a wonderful piece of work! Just had to let you know that I am pleased with it immensely. I'm shaking my head because I can't believe the low cost of a book that is surely worth many times what I paid for it. Thanks for a wonderful job, Karl E. Gansberg, Woodbridge, VA.

Received your book in fine shape today. Managed a 20 minute perusal almost immediately. While my wife did some shopping, I stayed in the pickup and took a look. One word came to mind: WOW! (Please consider that to be a compliment of the highest order!).And thanks for taking the time to sign it for me. I imagine the book will be dog-earred in short order. Brian Heintzelman, Salado, Texas

Received my copy of the above today. Excellent!! A very good investment and a fantastic effort! CONGRATULATIONS Roland Adamson, Prairiewood, Australia

I have received my copy of The Chronological Tracking of the American Civil War. My civil war collection contains over 700 books and I have the volumes of Official Records of the War of Rebellion on CD. I have utilized your publication in research in a number of areas that I have under study with the Offical Records and find that the book
to be invaluable in reducing time consuming effort in this regard. I believe The Chronological Tracking of the American Civil War to be the best research tool to come along in many years and I extend my CONGRATULATIONS to you for a FINE JOB - WELL DONE. With Best Regards Don Gowen, Decatur, Alabama

2. For those planning to visit or are interested in the Civil War fought in the Commonwealth of Virginia

3. Do you want a Question posted for Others to Read and Respond to? Perhaps you want to help out another Civil War Enthusiast? Since I can't answer all requests, I post many questions, so here's the Place to Jump to...

4. The Organization of Colonel John Singleton Mosby's 43rd Battalion Virginia Cavalry Partisan Rangers <---click here to see ENTIRE ROSTER OF MOSBY!!

click here to view the 1937 Dedication of Plaque in Fairfax

Mosby's Ancestors! Please contact me regarding your source of relics, letters, photos (especially), etc. to include in my website. Many have alread sent me info.

5. OUR MOST POPULAR WEBPAGE! We are currently amassing a directory of: EVERY KNOWN CIVIL WAR REGIMENTAL HISTORY for genealogists and enthusiasts, as well as Internet Addresses for Regimental Histories Online. Please E-mail us with the author, cost, a 100 word description of the book as well as the publishing company and address, as well as web site link if available..Thank you. We are greatful to so many who have already contributed.
Mr. Mosocco, While searching for the Civil War Regimental Histories Series (specifically 9th virginia) I happened upon this web site. I was just scanning down the page and was looking at what was on it when I just happened to come across the following: "Read the Obituary and Story of E.A. Moore, of Captain Wiley G. Coleman's Virginia Heavy Artillery (formerly Neblett's Heavy Artillery (owned by R.A.Mosocco, the owner of this web site for your personal viewing)" I am distantly related to the Coleman's and I basically only read up to that part when I clicked on it. What came up was of great discovery. Mr. Edward A. Moore is a great great uncle of mine. My grandmother remembers an Uncle Ned that was in the Civil War (she was born in 1921) but that is about it. I am doing my family history so I know for a fact that he married my great great grandmother's sister. (my great great grandparents are Benjamin Watkins Leigh Taylor and Laura A. G. Rawlings). Benjamin was in the 2nd Co H 9th Virginia. I am glad that you posted this....It gives me greater pleasure to know that I have family that was noticed. Mary E. Chidester

6. A Walk Down Civil War Memory Lane. ---- Enjoy reading these special long forgotten Newspaper Stories & Clippings---Oh, to contemplate and discover our ancients were just like us or vice versa!!... Double Click Here and get ready to spend HOURS -- ENJOY!!!!


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